Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

One of the most common urban tales revolves around zombies. Although fictional, some people believe in its existence. They are normally termed as the walking dead or the living dead, movies and fiction stories have made these creatures more alive in our real life than ever before.

The nature, by which some of us have seen extensive coverage of this topic in social media, movies, and other discussion forums, has made some people believe in their reality. Today, the zombie is part of entertainment and people enjoy the fun side of these creatures.  Their history dates many years ago and their stories have evolved over time.

The word zombie is African and it means god. This was the Grand Serpent, the father of gods and was believed to look like a python.

For those who don’t know, zombies have certain traits that define them. They have evolved to have their own consistent archetype and characteristics that are testament to the following traits.

Now you have a clear what zombies look like and how they can be identified. Read on below some real life facts about the existence of zombies. While some are interesting, others are a bit scary.

Top 15 Facts About Zombies In Real Life

15 Zombies Associated With Virus Infection

haunted zombies facts

They have decomposed bodies that have been reanimated usually because of a virus infection which occurred when the body was in a general human form.

14 Physical Characteristics Of A Zombie

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The most common and well-known feature is their gait. They tend to walk at a relatively slow speed that is generally identified by their wobbly walk. They also have reduced mental functions, a strong and unending desire to consume human flesh with a particular liking to the brains which their delicacy.

13 Sensitivity Of The Zombie

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

They lack normal biological functions of the human body like sexual desires, digestion, cardiac functions or even sleep. Imagine a zombie sleeping, how would it snore? They also have an almost immortal nature or resistance to pain on their body. The only sensitive part that breathes life to their existence is the brain. This is the point at which they are vulnerable.

12 Intelligence Of Zombie

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

They also have high aggressive tendencies served by low or no intelligence. They are too fixated on their prey they tend to have no sense of recognizing a fellow zombie.

11 The Zombie Day – 8th October

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

The 8th day of the month of October is considered as a Zombie day. This is one interesting day, to see how people dress up and scare out their friends with zombie attire. Costumes are readily available and the fun is endless especially in big cities like New York.

10 Ways To Become Zombie

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

In Zombie world, there are two ways that are considered as the only ways of one becoming a zombie. One is by being cursed and one resurrects after dying, or a person is exposed to some sort of radiation or a virus.

9 Mummies Vs Zombies

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

Some people say that mummies are zombies which are not true. This is because zombies are consistently in decay mode while mummies are preserved bodies. So, the fact is mummies are zombies.

8 Ants Are Real Life Zombies

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

It is known in the scientific world that the parasitic fungus of species Ophiocordyceps turns ants into zombies. The recent study about the fungus shows that it can make several ants bite down in synchrony on the underside of the leaf which in turn leads to their death. The fungus then exits through the ant’s dead bodies.

7 Zombies Vs Vampires Vs Wolves

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

When zombies, vampires or wolves are compared, the weakest of these creatures is the zombies. This is because they are slow, dumb, easy to kill and really weak. If there was a fight between a vampire and a zombie, it’s a no-brainer. The dumb zombie would be killed before it gave a thought of throwing its first blow. Their brains are compromised and they cannot even recognize one another let alone protect themselves.

6 How To Kill A Zombie

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

To bring the end of a zombie, there are two ways to release its life. One well-known way is cutting off its head or blowing its brains off with a gun. The other way is the use of salt. According to the culture of Haiti Folklore, feeding zombies with salt restores the original person to a state free from zombie urges back to the human form. This does not mean that the person will be a normal human being; all it suggests is that the body will be dead, back to the grave.

5 You Can Create A Zombie Out Of A Dead Person

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

Since zombie stories are common Haiti, there is a law that forbids people from turning others to zombies, actually making it a crime under article 249, which stated that, in case one drugs another person, buries him as though he was dead and then digs the person up and brings him back to life, it will be considered as murder. This is one fact that, it’s a crime turn another person into a zombie in Haiti and that says it’s possible to make a zombie out of a dead person. It is believed a Voodoo witch would turn slaves into zombies after their death to prove there was no way they would escape slavery. Even in death, they would still have to work.

4 Disease That Turns Humans In To Zombie

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

There is a disease called Yaws that can actually turn people to look like zombies. This type of disease normally causes painful sores on the legs, face, arms, and feet that ooze with puss and blood. The sores on the foot can make one to walk slowly because they are really painful. Though that does not turn them into zombies, they look like them.

3 Human Vs Zombies

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

Being a zombie does not give the character any kind of powers a part from the fact that they cannot feel any kind of pain. In fact, zombies have fewer abilities than normal humans.

2 Scientific Facts About Zombies

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

Zombies normally have a trademark of their limping gait because decomposition that affects their bodies just like any other corpse would do. In addition to that, the rigor mortis causes serious muscle and tissue damage on each step that a zombie takes. Zombies bodies do not produce new cells or body tissues nor do they heal when a wound is inflicted on them. Any damage that a zombie takes is permanent. This makes the real zombie’s lifetime extremely hard; from walking fast, to slow motions, crawling and finally it becomes motionless.

1 Time Taken To Become A Zombie

Top 15 Zombies Facts In Real Life

According to theories and debates made by people who love zombies, it takes between a few minutes and several hours after death for a person to become a zombie.

There are several critics that come up with theories that zombies like the taste of human flesh because the warm human flesh has DNA that the zombie virus needs. This might be the sort of nourishment that the virus needs from the fresh blood cells. Whether this is true or not, no one knows.

There are very many facts out there about zombies, which come from various fields of study. Even though there are considered to be fictional, there have been several citing from different parts of the real world about people who actually exhibited characteristics of zombies.

Movies, zombie books and magazines, zombie holiday and cartoons based on facts about these creatures have made them become a reality in our daily lives. They are not about to be forgotten and there definitely be more new content about them.