10 Unbelievable Facts About Zero Point Energy & Nothingness

This Article is originally written by American scientist Mark Comings. We are re-writing this article but all opinion and information are credited to Mark Comings.

As we come into a “new era” when it comes to understanding time, we have also entered a new era to understanding space. We understand that time is a higher dimension than the mind. When we talk about space, we generally think about the three dimensional space. However, in reality, we live in a multidimensional universe and there are endless dimensions when it comes to space. Our ordinary human consciousness, generally speaking, is only aware of three-dimensional space. However, hidden within these three dimensions, is the seal of all the other higher dimensions. Thus, for example, when we cast a shadow with our hand, this shadow has the shape of our hand, but it lacks a dimension. This shadow is on one plane, and it is in two dimensions.

1. Reality Behind The Three Dimensions System

Similarly, our bodies, and everything that moves in our three-dimensional reality, are shadows from superior dimensions. We normally think that these shadows, these projections, are real and forget that they are projected from higher dimensions. Nevertheless, in the last 30 years, science has been able to find the evidence of higher dimensions within these three dimensions. It was discovered that what we call empty space – the Nothingness – is, in fact, filled with immense potential energy.

2. Nothingness Has More Energy Than The Matter

The common idea that space is the Nothingness, the place where the matter is found, has changed to “our space”. But the Nothingness has more energy than the matter within, and, indeed, matter and nothingness are one and the same thing, there is a continuity.

3. Each Point In The Nothingness Has Infinite Energy

Zero Point Energy & Nothingness

It has been discovered that there is more energy in one cubic centimeter of Nothingness than in the whole known universe, and that any “discovery” would certainly seem invisible. It means that each point in the Nothingness has infinite energy converging at a single point. Supposing that each point of energy has infinite power that is converging from all directions to this point and, bearing in mind that this infinite energy is coming simultaneously from all directions, then there is a moment of cancellation. In other words, they cancel each other, and that is why such an amount of energy is invisible.

4. Exact Concept Of Zero Point Energy

Zero Point Energy & Nothingness

It is like, for instance, the vectors. When there is a center point, and then two vectors go in opposite directions, they are simultaneously equal and opposite, so they cancel themselves. This is exactly what happens when there is a large amount of energy: it is cancel and, therefore, it cannot see it. This universal energy cancels itself out unidirectionally. This process of unidirectional cancellation is so perfect that even an infinite amount of energy seems to be invisible in empty space and this is called zero point energy.

This idea that the space is infinitely full of energy has huge implications in the way we see the Universe. Thus, each point at which there is complete nothingness, there is, in fact, energy canceling itself perfectly. But if, at any point, the process of unidirectional cancellation is not complete, if there is a slight imbalance in the energy balance, then there is a disturbance at this point, and it is this disturbance in the unidirectional cancellation that leads to matter. Seen from this perspective, all the matter, the world itself, manifested is no more than a temporal asymmetry in the Nothingness. This allows science to prove what many wise masters have been saying for a long time: Matter and Nothingness are really the same thing. This is a scientific way of understanding what the mystic wisdom has already revealed.

In the Sutra, the heart of Buddhism, it is established that “everything is nothing and nothing is everything “. It is a somewhat mysterious assertive that is now fully understandable in terms of science because, according to the Zero Point Energy physics, all matter is nothing more than a modification of the nothingness.

5. Nothingness Is An Endless Abundant Field

Zero Point Energy & Nothingness

The implications of these perspectives are huge because, instead of considering the Nothingness as a void, completely empty, it follows that, in fact, it is an endless abundant field, and we are part of a continuum of infinite abundance. Currently, there are many people who are working to develop elaborate apparatuses which will allow us to obtain electrical energy out of Zero Point Energy, and who have managed to prove that this is possible.

It is clear that there is still a lot of resistance in revealing everything there is to know about it. Zero Point Energy science shows that the most beneficial reality is the abundance and not scarcity. Sadly, as we know, the whole world economic system is based on scarcity. Resources are scarce, and then there is fear. It is said that there is a shortage of energy and that we must compete in order to have some of these limited resources.

6. Zero Point Energy Is Present In Abundance And Free

Of course, it is exactly so if you think about energy as pure oil or atomic energy. All of these methods of producing energy pollute the environment and are quite harmful waste to ourselves and to the planet. The problem, which We personally don’t see as such, with the Zero Point Energy, is that it is plentiful and free. This technology, in fact, allows us to live in a world where we have all the energy one can possibly need, free and clean, without any harm done to the planet.

There are several people who have developed this technology but who are facing serious problems as they try to make it available. The obvious problem is that this will limit the huge profit gained from energy being scarce. We could talk for hours about this technology and the possible ways of achieving it but, in fact, we would like to focus on another aspect.

7. Our Bodies Are Asymmetric Structures In The Nothingness & Attuned To This Infinite Field Of Potential

It is better to talk about the spiritual implications of this new way of thinking about the space. The spiritual implications are even more revolutionary than the economic ones.  As human awareness rises to new levels and frequencies, these technologies will come to light and this is inevitable. The only obstacle to achieving it is human’s fear and greed, fomented by scarcity. However, as more and more people recognize the infinite abundance within themselves, it is easy to recognize the abundance pool.

The most important implication of this way of regarding space is knowing that we are connected to an infinite source, and that this infinite source is the infinite abundance of love and compassion (magnetism, cohesion). From this perspective, we can see the whole matter as crystallizations of Nothingness. Our bodies, then, are asymmetric structures in the Nothingness, which are attuned to this infinite field of potential.

What scientists call energy, the mystics call spirit and consciousness. Energy is nothing more than the surface of an immense ocean of spirituality. Then, in terms of spiritual development, the most important thing is that we need to access and connect with this field of pure potentiality in space.

It is necessary to be convinced that it is there, that it exists and that it is infinitely abundant. Our beliefs are the most important factor when it comes to building the reality in our lives. Although we live in an infinite ocean of abundance, if we cannot believe in it, then we cannot experience this abundance. Our beliefs have the power to block us and prevent us from reaching these endless fields; but if we believe that we are connected to this infinite source of love, compassion and abundance, we will discover that, in fact, we really are so and it will be possible for us to seize and channel this infinite power into our lives.

8. Zero Point Energy Can Heal Illness, Mind, Body & Even Spirit

Zero Point Energy & Nothingness

Zero point energy can heal any illness, any mind disease of the mind, body or spirit, because all sickness is no more than an imbalance between the body, mind and spirit. Science is now demonstrating scientifically what miracles mean, and, in fact, they happen every day. Our very existence is an incredible miracle. So, if we realize the miracles that are around us as we experience this moment, any other miracle will not surprise us. The intensity of energy and light that accompanies us in every moment is enormous. The emptiness is all around us, in space. And it is full of light. It is a radiant emptiness that creates all forms.

9. Photons From Nothingness Are Invisible To Our Physical Senses

In the science of quantum physics, the Nothingness constantly emits something that could be called photons from nothing. The intensity of these photons is one hundred times the light intensity from the surface of the Sun. Therefore, this is something compared to being swimming in light all the time. In the space in which we find ourselves right now, there is more light than on the Sun’s surface. And if we cannot see this through our physical senses, it is because our physical senses are tuned to capture the differences, to notice the manifestations of matter.

10. Zero Point Energy Can Handle The Paranormal Phenomena

This intense light is always present in the background and we cannot see it with our own eyes. However, people who have reached high spiritual levels, confessed to having seen enormous quantities of white light. This perception that the mystics have of this white light was considered by the traditional science as a rare chemical imbalance in the brain, because scientists could not understand that this radiant light is indeed there. Now we understand what mystics perceived was the manifestation of what really exists. In mystical states, the nervous system and the senses are synchronized so that you can see what apparently is not there.

This brilliant ever-present energy helps us explain other paranormal phenomena. Parapsychology understands that the human intent can guide these photons from nothing and that, if we can tune in well enough, we can even control these photons so that they move the matter, like telekinesis, and also allows us to understand how people who are in synch can serve as a channel for healing through their hands. In fact, these people are consciously addressing these photons from nothing in a way that they can be used to heal. However, the most important implication of this new vision of space as an infinite field is that we can divest ourselves of all our false beliefs.


All the problems in the world are a direct consequence of false beliefs and limited thinking. If we were taught we live in a finite world, with finite resources, which may not be sufficient for all of us, then it becomes a reality because whatever we believe in will soon manifests itself. It is time to change this situation. The scarcity is in the human conscience and not in the Universe. This new science of Zero Point Energy, this Nothingness which is full of infinite power, has as purpose and that purpose is to free the human mind from the concept of limitation and scarcity.

To conclude, we are very happy to be able to demonstrate that, finally, we have a science that is based on love and which will eventually cure us of our false beliefs and limitation.


Zero Point Energy, The Fuel of the Future by Thomas Valone