10 Of The World Most Dangerous Roads: Death Road List

Most drivers might experience difficulties with certain strange road conditions. Source of danger may appear in many ways like uncontrolled driving, drinking while driving or bad whether. All these reasons may leads to unusual driving experience and even risk of death. Regardless of the uneventful journey, some circumstances on the roads itself may give sudden exposure to death.

Some roads are accepted with high death rates though having a usual road appearance. While other just exceeding the limits of hazards. And, you can get both of the characteristics even on a single road.

We are serving this list based on the death roads for experienced and white-knuckled adventurers who want to go beyond the decent driving-roads and to all the crazy drivers who do it extremely as to challenge.

1 San Isidro de General – Cartago (Costa Rica)

death road list - most dangerous roads of the world

The Pan-American Highway is well known for having several deadliest stretches, but the high road that passes through the Cartago and San Isidro de General and extends across the Costa Rican mountains is responsible for painful driving.

And if you are enough crazy to make an insane plane to blow all of driving experience on this road, get ready for the highest point there which are famous as MOUNTAIN OF DEATH (or Cerro de la Muerte in regional language).

The travelers can’t face the extremely cold whether at the Mountain of death and this place thus leads to many deaths.

The name itself fits to give the explanation of being the death road with the hurdles of steep, narrow curves, many potholes and heavy fog.

You can getting impaired and may be victim of altitude sickness with a great height of 13000 feet.

Regardless of these hazards, you should ready to face the local truck and bus drivers imprudently. Despite of the dangerous road conditions, they often drive with foolhardy and aggressive approach.

The good news is that a new paved road has been introduced as an alternative to this insane death road. This road is mainly constructed for the drivers who travel between Dominical and Quepos.

2 Grand Trunk Road – India

death road list - most dangerous roads of the world

The Grand Trunk road of the India was built by the Pashtun emperor Sher Shah Suri in the sixteenth century.

Being also famous as the GT, this road have the stretch from end to end with 1500 miles from the west of the Pakistan to the east of Bangladesh.

In the Indian subcontinents, the GT road is the source of high road over the years. Since this thoroughfares is invaded by the Indian army, and still the road is functional and convenient for trading route.

Gt is considered one of the deadliest roads in the world. Surprisingly, unpleasant heights and peril road circumstances are not the main culprit, but it is the traffic congestion that put you life at disheartening condition.

The over-passing of bicycles, buses, trucks, animals and pedestrian causes another driving headache.

If you are planning to make your next adventure trip here, be more active as possible while driving.

3 Skippers Road – New Zealand

death road list - most dangerous roads of the world

Back to the 1862, two shepherds explored gold around the Shotover river located nears the Queenstown of New Zealand inciting an sudden gold rush.

Thus, Discovered gold necessitated to create an access way in pursuit of riches.

And Skippers is the result of this pathway. It is a winding, congested and exhilaratingly road with dangerous road conditions and difficult to deal with.

Actually, the road was created by blasting of the solid rocks and carving by the Chinese workers. This road is completed in 22 years and now, it appears same as it was before.

With the massive turns and twists, Skippers passes through the deep valley with steep rocks for about the sixteen and a half miles.

Most of the time, many places are congested by the vehicles and it’s too risky to pass each other. You may see only few guardrails at some places and rest of the road is open ended. In result, any sudden nap leaves no chance for rescue or recover driving.

Skippers road is already blacklisted by many car rentals companies that won’t allow to drive there. Not all the tour guides include this terrifying road on their package. If you are willing to get some electrifying moments with a sort of risky driving with nature’s beauty, they you can give a chance to hang on the place.

4 Sichuan Tibet Highway – China

death road list - most dangerous roads of the world

It is the Sichuan – Tibet Highway of China with extremely high altitude that passes from west of Lhasa to the east of Chengdu with the length of 1500 miles. Both the southern and northern routes of China can be reached with the Sichuan – Tibet Highway.

Both options brag scenic pictures of nature, several historical monuments, many pompous rivers, amazing mountain peaks and many things that you might not expect for your adventure journey.

The highest point of the Sichuan – Tibet Highway (Que’er Mountain pass) extends upto the 20,000 feet.

Just as the other death roads, this highway is subjected to bad whether conditions, dangerous landslides and falling rocks. These circumstances lead to close the many time throughout a year.

If you want to include altitude sickness and avalanches to your next adventure trip, this high pass is an ideal deal for experiencing extremely dangerous drive.

The scenic spots and beautiful sightseeing of Sichuan – Tibet highway are additional advantages to this trip.

5 Halsema Highway – Philippines

death road list - most dangerous roads of the world

Being situated in the island of Luzon, the Halsema Highway stretches from the Bontoc to Baguio and passes through the Central Cordillera Valley of the Philippines. Moreover, it extends upto the Tuguegarao and Tabuk.

Due to the heavy rock falls and landslides, Motorists often tends to move on unfavourable places lasting for a great amount of time.

Most of the places on the road are unpaved and still the work is supposed to in progress there in the hope of improvements for better driving. Of Course, the steep slopes and hazardous conditions may kill you anytime.

The bad thing about the road is the foggy conditions accompanied with the much demanded guardrails. This leads to turn your driving more complicated on the Halsema Highway.

There is not any safety guarantee for the buses and local vehicles to traverse this route with. As per the road rules, it is almost impossible to drive but you can give a try if you plan for Halsema trip.

6 Luxor–al–Hurghada Road – Egypt

death road list - most dangerous roads of the world

Luxor is the ancient site representing the city of Thebes. The Luxor–al–Hurghada Road connects the Egyptian Red Sea resort (the town of Hurghada) with the Luxur itself. This highway pass is considered relatively safe, and declared as a paved path.

Unfortunately, terrorists and bandits often tries to undermine the sightseeings of this place, and these assured attacks turn the driver’s trouble into a big nightmare.

The shocking attacks along this high pass are enough horrific by themselves.

Most drivers turn off their headlights while driving (in order to hiding themselves from attackers) at night but this makes the condition worse by accepting this approach.

There are only two ways, either you can turn off the lights to prevent unseen bandits or drive safely with making your headlights on. Both conditions contradicts and both may proved to be hazardous for travelers.

Recently, there are many cases of accidents are found with head on collisions due to the insufficient light.

Being invisible from one threat might protect you from the miss-happening, but off course, it may put you into other threats. It is great idea for the adventurers to try Night vision eyeglasses and drive a this road with dark environment.

7 Patiopoulo–Perdikaki Road – Greece

death road list - most dangerous roads of the world

The route lies in the mountainous region (Agrafa). The route represents an unnerving image of the roads that connects Perdikaki and the Patiopoulo.

The highly experienced drivers and constant attentiveness are the two fundamental requirement for the minute safety of travelers.

Slippery gravel, loose and potholes are just enough to create great obstacle even for a smart driver. Additionally, livestock, pedestrians and other traffic will give you much distractions than you ever think.

Many parts of the passes, are much narrow and steep, seeking the utmost attention from the passengers.

The extent of insane driving begins when sharp drop-offs will start and may appear on both of the sides without any barriers.

8 Fairy Meadows Road – Pakistan

death road list - most dangerous roads of the world

The highway is located at the Nanga Parbat with the height of 26,600. Fairy Meadows is a scenic location and one-stop destinations for photographers, mountaineers and backpackers for getting familiar with high peaks and picturesque places around there.

However, approaching to the Fairy Meadows is not an too attractive options of the travelers. The long part of the journey includes long hours drive lasting about six miles on unstable road covered with gravel and blessed with the infertile hills.

You can get most of the insane fun of a usual mountain dirt trails from the village of Tato to the Rajkot bridge.

The obstacles include unpaved, steep and narrow path. The lack of guardrails would obviously increase your adventure experience or also give you nightmares.

It is common to see the vehicles roll down into the steep-walled canyon frequently.

Even you can drive at all if you have a quiet experience of death roads driving. The last part of the journey includes traveling by bus or as a pedestrian. Perhaps, these are the most thrilling experience for a insane tourists who take it as a challenge.

By far, this highway is not meant to the faint of heart but the desired location for the adventurers.

9 Nairobi – Nakuru – Eldoret Highway (Kenya)

death road list - most dangerous roads of the world

Although the Nairobi – Nakuru – Eldoret provides the better road condition for driving but it is infamous as death roads, not for the road condition, but due to imprudent drivers. Most of the accident leads to the traveler death due to the irresponsible drivers.

This is an ideal road for driving but driving with imprudent habit and off course carelessly, accompanying with drinking have inflated the death accidents to over 350 each year.

Unfortunately, if you are a adventure enthusiasts, this road is not meant for you.

10 Old Yungas Road – Bolivia

death road list - most dangerous roads of the world

As per declared by the Association for Safe International Road Travel, the most deadliest road of the world title was given to the Bolivian old Yungas Road.

The extreme twists and turns are the main recognition of this highway that lasts about forty miles. The painful driving starts between the town of Coroico in the Yungas jungle region and the capital city of La Paz.

To drive on the old Yungas Road is obviously a suicide mission when it compares to the other death roads.

Despite of the great risks, various adventure companies provides bike tours for the passengers. If you are serious about to visit this place, then don’t under-estimate the life threatening conditions.