Top 10 World’s Fastest Roller Coaster Rides – Everything’s A Blur

You feel like your head has dropped into your stomach! Everything around you is spinning faster and faster! Whoa! You just left your stomach at the top of the tracks! What in the world is going on? You are enjoying the ride of your life aboard one of the fastest roller coasters on planet Earth. These roller-coasters defy space and time as they zoom through the atmosphere. Here is a list of the 10 fastest roller coaster rides in the world:

10 Intimidator 305 – 145 km/h

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

Last but certainly not least, the tenth fastest roller coaster in the world. This roller coaster cruises at a speed of 90 miles per hour. It’s located at Kings Dominion Theme Park, Virginia, United States. This roller coaster was named after the late legendary NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt, who was known as the “Intimidator” on the racetrack. This is the fastest roller coaster ride found on the East Coast of the United States.

It travels through four hills and eight turns in total and lasts a robust three minutes long. The roller coaster opened in 2010 and was awarded the distinction as “The Best New Roller Coaster of 2010 by “Amusement Today”.

9 Leviathan – 148 km/h

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

It is the Canada’s fastest roller coaster. This ride is modeled after the Leviathan sea monster. It cruises at a healthy 92 miles per hour leaving its riders breathless. This monster is located at Canada’s Wonderland, Ontario Canada. The first drop is roughly at an 80-degree angle and is 309 ft.  straight down.

Next, the roller coaster speeds into a 183 feet camel back hill; ending in a hair-raising 115 feet hammerhead turn. You better hold on with all your might when this monster hits that last unforgettable turn! The ride lasts for three minutes and 28 seconds.

8 Millennium Force -150 km/h

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

Ohio is proud to present the eighth fastest roller coaster in the world. The “Millennium Force” is located at Cedar Point Park, Ohio, United States and was listed as the fastest roller coaster ride in the world in 2000. It rockets through its route at 93 miles per hour.

The ride lasts for 80 seconds and the riders are thrilled every second of the way. The tracks are a whopping 6595 feet long. This is the first Giga roller coaster (Reaching a height between 300ft. – 399ft.) which   travels a complete circuit. The roller coaster flies around three over-banked turns, snakes through two tunnels and glides over four hills. You will get your money’s worth out of this ride.

7 Steel Dragon 2000 – 153 km/h

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

This is Japan’s second fastest roller coaster. The ride accelerates to 95 miles per hour up the first hill which is 309 ft. The tracks reach a maximum height of 318 ft. This roller coaster boasts the longest tracks in the world. Riders are thrilled with an unusually long ride of 4 minutes.

The ride is located at Nagashima Spa Land Amusement Park, Japan. The tracks are buffered with more steel than any other roller coaster in the world. This is to keep the riders/ride safe in the event of an earthquake. The ride has two smaller hills at 210 ft. and 250 ft. respectively.

6 Fury 325 – 153 km/h

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

True to its name the “Fury 325” speeds with a vengeance down its tracks at speeds up to 95 miles per hour. This beast is located at Carowinds amusement Park, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. People who ride this roller coaster are never disappointed in the thrill the ride brings. It’s the fastest and tallest Giga roller coaster in the world and the sixth tallest overall.

It reaches a maximum height of 325 feet which anyone who is afraid of heights would definitely be safer keeping their feet planted firmly on the ground. The roller coaster travels through many high-speed turns and passes over and under the park’s main entrance.

5 Superman -118 km/h

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

Escape from Krypton- Riding this roller coaster feels like one is escaping from Krypton when the rider flies down the track at 100 miles per hour. This steel roller coaster is named after “The man of Steel”. It was slated to open in 1996 but it had so many problems surface that the ride did not open until 2011.

The roller coaster cars face backward; giving the rider a unique perspective during the adventure. Rider’s cannot help but feel they are riding on Superman’s back as they ascend the track’s highest point of 415 ft. This ride is located at the Six Flags MAGIC Mountain Park, in Valencia, California, United States. It’s worthy to be named after that famous superhero-Superman.

4 Donopa – 172 km/h

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

Is by no means a “dopey” roller coaster. This mechanical masterpiece is the fastest roller coaster ride in all of Japan. Until 2003 it was the fastest roller coaster in the world. It lost that title when “Top Thrill Dragster” was built. This roller coaster still cruises at speeds of 107 miles per hour.

Its home is in Fuji-Q Amusement Park on the island of Yamanashi.  This roller coaster can hit 107 miles per hour in 1.5 seconds.  Due to gravitational force effects on the roller coaster its acceleration is 2.7 times faster. The full length of the ride is 1189 meters which are covered in 55 seconds. The roller coaster was built in 2001.

3 Top Thrill Dragster-193 km/h

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

Rightfully named because this roller coaster is the second fastest in the United States. Cedar Point Park, Ohio, United States houses this thrilling roller coaster ride. The roller coaster reaches a top speed of 120 miles per hour in 4 seconds flat. It’s one of only two strata (A roller coaster that completes a complete oval circuit and whose length is between 400-499 ft. high) roller coasters found in the world today.

The second one (Kinga Ka) was built in New Jersey. The train roars into a 412 ft. steel hill inclined at 90 degrees. Then comes the 270-degree descent after you reach the top of that steep steel mountain incline.

2 Kingda Ka – 206 km/h

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

Kingda Ka formerly held the record for the fastest roller coaster in the world. It now comes in at number 2. This metallic monster resides at The Six Flags Great Adventure Park, New Jersey, United States. The roller coaster glides along at a healthy 128 miles per hour reaching that speed in 3.5 seconds.

The roller coaster covers 3110 feet of track in 28 seconds. The ride boasts a height of 456 ft. (the highest in the world) then tears down a steep descent of 418 ft. straight down at a steep 270-degree angle. Kinga Ka is the fastest roller coaster in the United States which is quite a feat considering the many roller coasters that are located there. Right out of the platform the ride explodes straight up a 90-degree ascent.

Before you can take your next breath (Which you left back at the station anyway!) you will swing right back down a very steep decline. This ride is not for the faint-hearted or those who are scared of heights.

1 Formula Rossa – 240 km/h

World's Fastest Roller Coaster Ride

Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster in the world. It’s located in Ferrari World Park, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The track’s theme copies the Italian race track “Autodromo Nazionale Monza”. The roller coaster flies along a 2.2-kilometer length track at an amazing heart shaking 150 miles per hour.

The ride lasts 1.32 minutes. Another astounding fact is that the roller coaster reaches its maximum speed in five seconds. The initial acceleration of 62miles per hour was reached in two seconds therefore beating the fastest commercial supercar. (As of 2014) There are four cars per roller coaster train. The cars look like “Ferrari Formula One” cars down to the finest detail. This track is the 6th largest in the world.

Concluding Thoughts

This article was written for all those thrill-seekers who enjoy riding high-speed roller coasters. You can travel to just about any spot in the world and find a roller coaster ride that travels a little faster than the rest. This is a universal theme among the nations of the world that no matter what race or nationality you are the pleasure of riding a lightening quick roller coaster is unbeatable.