12 Of The Weirdest Secrets Of World War 2

World War II was a worldwide military conflict that lasted for six years (1939-1945). Including Germany and Great Britain, the confrontation involved most of the countries that was ended up in 1940 with a series of bombings; which became known as the Battle of Britain and lasted for three and a half months.

Years after the conflict, the book Weird War Two written by the former editor of the Imperial War Museum, Peter Taylor, revealed several tactics that the British came to use during conflicts, including There are bizarre things, like the use of garlic flavored chocolates and the manufacturing of boots with the marks of the feet.

Just wondering about these unconventional ways, we are revealing a separated list of 10 unbelievable but weirdest world war 2 secrets below.

1 The SS Directly Directed A Brothel

Secrets Of World War 2

The SS (Schutzstaffel – a paramilitary organization of Adolf Hitler) managed a brothel called the Kitty Hall, located at number 11 on Giesebrechtstraße in Berlin. This dating house was generally frequented by foreign diplomats. The SS obtained sensitive information through espionage (punctuated phones, microphones, etc.) and thanks to the prostitutes themselves, instructed in the art of obtaining classified information from clients who were not very aware of what they were doing  after a couple of drinks. Undoubtedly, femme fatales proved dangerous for the Allies!

2 President Roosevelt Used The Al Capone Limousine

Secrets Of World War 2

On the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Secret Service realized that an armored vehicle was not available to transport President Roosevelt to deliver him for a congress for his famous Infamy Speech.

After covering the matter, a Secret Service agent recalled that the US Treasury had confiscated Al Capone’s armored limousine in 1931. The car was still running and could be used to take Roosevelt to Congress respecting the security measures.

3 Monopoly helped thousands of Allied prisoners of war escape from German concentration camps

Secrets Of World War 2

During World War II, Germany allowed the Red Cross to send packages to prisoners of war. Among the items sent were table games. Special Monopoly boxes with hidden elements were created to help the captives flee their fields. For example, authentic banknotes (French, German and Italian) were hidden in the typical Monopoly banknotes. A file was also hidden inside the board itself, as well as a small compass on one of the player cards. Finally, in the hotels were hidden silk maps of the field itself that served to know also the location of the east. Ingenious, right?

A file was also hidden inside the board itself, as well as a small compass on one of the player cards. Finally, hidden silk maps were kept inside the hotels of the field itself that served to know also the location of the east. Ingenious, right?

4 Nine-Days Duty Of Battleship Bismarck

Secrets Of World War 2

The battleship Bismarck, Germany’s most powerful , was built in 5 years, but lasted only 9 days at sea before being sunk by the British fleet.

5 Stool Of Animals Used As Explosives

Secrets Of World War 2

The British organization Special Operations Executive (SOE) had used animal feces to hide explosions as a way to catch opponents off guard. For that, they put the explosives wrapped in excrement in order to disguise them.

Once the London Zoo reported that it provided animal feces to the NOS. Camel dung was used in attacks against North Africa and even mule debris exploded cars in Italy.

6 Russia and Japan never signed a peace treaty with each other after the end of World War II

Secrets Of World War 2

In fact, both nations are still faced by the sovereignty of the Kuril Islands. It seems that at last, after 67 years, both sides are ready to restart negotiations, as expressed by President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

7 The last execution in the Tower of London

Secrets Of World War 2

On August 15, 1941, the German spy Josef Jakobs became the last man to be executed in the Tower of London. He was buried in an unnamed tomb and while Rudolf Hess (the last prisoner in the Tower & deputy leader of the Nazi party) is remembered, Jakobs has long been forgotten.

8 Rat Bomb Was Built In Battlefields

Secrets Of World War 2

In addition to the animal feces, another tactic adopted by British soldiers in the fight against the enemy during World War II was to put explosives in rats and to launch against other soldiers. However, the Germans eventually discovered the trick used by Britain and created more technological devices.

9 Premonition Of  Attack Was Earlier Confirmed By A Peruvian Ambassador

Kamikaze facts

Peruvian ambassador to Tokyo, Ricardo Rivera Schreiber, warned the US embassy about an imminent Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in early 1941, but did not take their message into account. The attack occurred in the month of December.

10 Painted Cows Were Employed During Dark Nights Of WW2

Secrets Of World War 2

During World War II, cities began to live in constant darkness, and lack of electricity was more of a problem for people living in countries at war. However, as a way to avoid accidents with drivers traveling at night, many farmers and villagers began to paint the cows with white stripes in order to prevent them from being hit.

11 Boots With Footprints To Trick The Opponent

Secrets Of World War 2

Instead of wearing shoes with normal soles, the British created a form of shoe that looks bizarre. They created shoes with soles that had the shape of the soles of the feet. This trick was used when Britain invaded Japan. When they disembarked from the boats, they left only the prints of the soles of the feet to avoid leaving footprints. These footprints pretend to belong from the natives.

12 Fake Tanks By Great Britain

Secrets Of World War 2

The tanks of war, also known as “armored” or “tanks”, are used during war operations, since the site gathers a system of arms. During World War II, one of the tactics used by Great Britain to mislead the German soldiers was to place, in strategic places, fake war tanks that served as baits. The armor was placed in large quantities in the prepared places so that they could be seen from the sky.