20 Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

How would you feel while eating the food on the body of a nude model or in a weird atmosphere of hospital or especially when you are 50 meters off the ground. Various other exotic but strange options are available in the 20 most bizarre and weirdest restaurants in the world.

We can go further and visit unusual places to have a different and rewarding experience. But this post is only meant to enjoy these most eccentric restaurants, which are certainly having the most fascinating themes.

20 Twins Restaurant

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes


TYPE OF FOOD – American cuisine with Mediterranean influence

SITE – http://www.twinsworld.com/restaurant.html

When you enter the Twins Restaurant in New York, nothing seems bizarre. The beautiful hall in wood, lighting and menu are not so different. But when the request is made, things change – or rather, do not change!

All the servers are identical twins, which is surprising to see the guy who just serve it at the same time, at the next table.

The slogan of the place is appropriate: “Do you see the double before the first cocktail.”

In total, there are 38 pairs of identical twins working in the restaurant, including Lisa and Debbie Ganz – owners of this weird themed restaurant.

19 Submarino

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes


TYPE OF FOOD – Contemporary kitchen / global

SITE – http://www.grupo-jbl.com/content.aspx?co=24&t=158&c=11

The romantic atmosphere of the submarine can make the most cheesy sing “I wish I could be a fish ….” The kitchen combines delicacies like octopus with desserts that make a fame in the city of Valencia.

Apart from the incredible look of the site, the restaurant is surrounded by a giant aquarium. You might even forget about the mermaid sitting behind your back.

The submarine is located in the oceanographic park in town, but it works on independent schedules. So, be sure to get a reservation before planning a cuisine to this place.

18 Rainforest Cafe

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – London

TYPE OF FOOD – American and International cuisine

SITE – http://www.toptable.co.uk/venues/restaurants/?id=1792&spos=26

It’s all set, but who cares? The intention at the Rainforest Cafe entertain the kids and bring peace to the country. Therefore, besides the “wild” decoration, the speakers produce various sounds pertaining to a forest – including tropical storms.

Children can draw the burgers of all kinds on the tables without fear of having the chips stolen by a cheeky monkey.

Apart for the beautiful weather it has, the Rainforest Cafe is a valued part of London situated closed to the Piccadilly Circus.

17 Bomb Shelter Sports Bar & Restaurant

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes


COUNTRY – London


SITE – http://www.toptable.co.uk/venues/restaurants/?id=3937&spos=7

The gastronomic tour proposed by the Picnic includes a visit to the underground of London, more exactly where Winston Churchill kept his secret and considered his headquarter at the time of World War II.  It has a vintage museum theme where anyone can buy his food or beverage with lots of fun.

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16 Bacco DOC

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Valencia, Spain

TYPE OF FOOD – Italian Cuisine

SITE – http://www.valenciavalencia.com/restaurant-guide/ Italian-restaurants / bacco-doc-Italian-restaurant.htm

Bacco DOC closely resembles the Batcave because of the rocky walls and stalactites. But, believe me, it is bright and airy place, because the theme is entirely amazing for first time goers.

The myriads of Italian foods you may find in Bacco DOC including antipasti, lasagna and pizza without misery. The food stuff is quite different from the time when men lived in caves (lol), and remained always hungry in ancient time.

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15 Icehotel

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Sweden

TYPE OF FOOD – Contemporary kitchen

SITE – http://www.icehotel.com

If serving extreme cold is the best revenge in the world, the Ice Hotel Restaurant is the perfect place for you to take the guy.

Being located in the most famous Ice Hotel where everything is built with ice, the restaurant’s theme does not follow the same chilly styles decoration.

14 Dans Le Noir Restaurants

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Paris, London and Moscow

TYPE OF FOOD – International cuisine

SITE – http://www.danslenoir.com

They say it’s better not to know how certain foods are made. For the network of restaurants Dans Le Noir, you do not look at them. But the reasons are noble: the idea is to enjoy the float and live an experience without prejudice established by sight. That is, there is nothing image. For this, there is a room without light and windows sealed with insulfilm. In this restaurant, certainly not roll dinner by candlelight.

As you enter the dark room, guests are served and – why not? – Guided by blind waiters. Cigarettes, for obvious reasons, are prohibited on site.

13 Heart Attack Grill

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Las Vegas, USA

TYPE OF FOOD – kitchen

SITE – http://www.heartattackgrill.com

Have you ever thought of enjoying a little bowl of soup in a hospital where nurses are serving you.

Seems ugly!!  In Heart Attack Grill cafeteria, health care is not on the menu as it offers giant burgers (even quadruple!), garnered with the best fast food stuff: tons of cheddar cheese and kilos of bacon. And all brought to the table by beauties! The slogan is something like “flavor of killing.”

The uniform is just a fetishist joke. The waitresses are not real nurses. So be careful with the pressure!


Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Maldives

TYPE OF FOOD – typical local cuisine

SITE – www1.hilton.com/en_US/hi/hotel/MLEHITW-Hilton-Maldives-Resort-Spa-Rangali-Island/dining.do#2

In Ithaa, Undersea Restaurant is the part of Hilton hotels network. You may eat almost 5 meters below the sea level. Glass walls guarantee a beautiful 180 degree view of the sea creatures. The feeling is awesome as you might experienced in Finding Nemo.

Mind blowing visuals of this restaurant may be responsible for your  unusual breathing.

It is requested that reservations be made 14 days prior to guest arrival at the hotel.

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11 Restaurant Pale Blue Door

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Berlin

TYPE OF FOOD – Varied buffet

SITE – http://tonyhornecker.com/work/the-pale-blue-door/

The owner of this restaurant – Toni is responsible behind this themes restaurant. Toni is a UK designer and his creation, the Blue Door is a contemporary restaurant that uses recycled materials from the streets.

10 Nyotaimori

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes


TYPE OF FOOD – Japanese cuisine

SITE – http://www.nyotaimoriexperience.com/

Nyotaimori is a chain of Japanese restaurants. The name of the restaurant means – hand over a naked body of a women.

And that is essentially what happens once the food is served on the naked body of a model.

This has practical advantages: the sushi and sashimi acquire a temperature level very similar to the temperature of the human body and let’s consider it makes them more delicious.

It takes into account that there are three rules, that you must be accepted to enter these restaurants and treat models with good manners, do not talk to them, do not touch them or pinching, and not making any comments or any inappropriate gestures.

9 Restaurant Muru Pop Down

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Finland

TYPE OF FOOD – Varied cuisine

WEBSITE – http://popupcity.net/worlds-first-pop-down-restaurant-pops-down-in-finland/

Built in a limestone cave, customers can enjoy the cuisines 80 meters deep from the ground. The owner is a well renowned chef in the country.

8 Eternity Restaurant

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Ukraine

TYPE OF FOOD – Varied cuisine

Coffins are bit scary but these days, they are the center of attraction for creative designers including this restaurant.

It is simply themes as a funeral home in the town of Truskavets. near the border with Poland. This is recognized as the world’s largest coffin, attracting tourists to a region known for its rich waters full of minerals.

7 Robot Restaurant

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Kabukicho, Tokyo

TYPE OF FOOD – Varied cuisine

WEBSITE – http://www.shinjuku-robot.com/pc/

The residents of Tokyo will now have another entertainment option, by the way it’s very exotic. It is the Robot Restaurant (ロボットレストラン), a mixture of restaurant with disco, which recently opened in the Kabukicho district of Shinjuku. The biggest attraction of the restaurant are the three huge female robots of 3,6 meters high.

Customers of the disco / restaurant / nightclub will have the opportunity to sit on the robot and command the movements of robots, such as arms, legs and facial expressions, through a remote control. They will also be able, in each round of presentations, to control the dance of the robot and to compete against each other.

6 Marton

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Taipei, Taiwan

TYPE OF FOOD – Varied cuisine

WEBSITE – http://www.travelcentre.com.au/FoodWineBeer/toilet_themed_restaurant.htm

You may be surprised to know the theme of restaurant: yes, it’s toilets. So that’s it; strange as it may seem, and believe it or not, the restaurant has as main theme the protagonists of any bathroom.

The restaurant has the name because “Marton” means “toilet” in Spanish. For starters, the entry to the restaurant and puts you on the subject: if you want to eat at this place you will go through a huge and impressive table toilet that works as a gateway.

5 Themed Restaurant In A Hospital In Taipei

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Taipei, Taiwan

TYPE OF FOOD – Varied cuisine

Website – http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/bizarre-restaurants-world-gallery-1.1082040?pmSlide=1.1488497

Here’s another unusual restaurant joins the ranks of weirdest restaurants apart from the marton (toilet themed) restaurant in Taiwan.

In Riga, Latvia, people who check in the restaurant Hospitalis, they feel themselves as they are patients in a hospital. Once seated in the middle of operating tables, medical equipment and other hospital related paraphernalia, nurses serve them.

Of Course, they are not real nurses, only dressed like a professional one. Moreover, these beautiful fake nurses can play the violin as well.

The appearance of the menu is somewhat different from a usual cuisine.

4 Cabbages And Condoms

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes


TYPE OF FOOD – Varied cuisine & Fast Food

WEBSITE – http://www.thailandiausa.com/

The name of this restaurant chain means “Cabbages and Condoms”. We can imagine the subject of this thematic restaurant.

There are condoms on the walls and printed condoms pictures on the carpets. Customers are offered a condom dish on the counter when you go out. It should be noted that a percentage of the profits goes to various associations that provide services related to AIDS.

3 The Clinic

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Singapore

TYPE OF FOOD – Varied cuisine

WEBSITE – http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-clinic

In this Asian restaurant, you can dine in wheelchairs around a cold surgical table or drink a cocktail in a bag of saline. To enter, you need to go through an emergency call from reception section. The rooms have names like Morphine of the dance floor or the Anthrax to the bar decorated with chairs in pill form.

2 Zen Cool

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Beijing, China

TYPE OF FOOD – Chinese cuisine

WEBSITE – https://munchies.vice.com/en/articles/chinas-first-prison-themed-restaurant-wants-to-take-a-bite-out-of-crime

This restaurant is decorated to the last detail, portraying the scene of if a real prison. Nothing is more fascinating than the great realism in the decor with a large steel structure at its entrance like a prison and doors and windows are covered with bars and steel chains. Here, the waiters are dressed as prisoners and security personnel and prison guards. Even, they serve the food in typical prison trays.

1 Dinner in the Sky

Weirdest Restaurants With Most Fascinating Themes

COUNTRY – Brussels, Belgium

TYPE OF FOOD – Varied buffet

WEBSITE – http://www.dinnerinthesky.be/en/

Want to dinner in an unusual place? Imagine a group of 22 people having dinner suspended 45 meters above the ground, with a privileged view for sunsets on the main square in Brussels, Belgium. This is the Dinner in the Sky – a traveling experience that puts the tables and chairs on a platform suspended by a crane.

Combining gastronomy and adrenaline, Dinner in the Sky is certainly an unforgettable experience. On the heights, the atmosphere is super intimate. Just a mini-kitchen with five employees and a chef  Michelin creating dishes, surrounded by a large table where they are comfortably arrested the 22 dinner guests.