Unusual Deaths: 11 Most Famous Cases Recorded In Human History

If you were given the opportunity to choose the way you want to die, It is obvious that you’d chose not to. But rather than choosing how to die, some people have their death way as legends; they died in very weird ways; they suffered unusual deaths that turned into famous stories. History records tell about a great number of uncommon and strange deaths; in most cases, deaths occur during non lethal circumstances, suddenly and surprisingly. In some other cases, the late person causes his death by acting in a very dumped way; during playing, kidding or faking death scenes.

Definitely, there are more than one record for such events.  Here are selected the top 11 most famous unusual deaths recorded through the Human history.

11 Cow Sent By Heaven – Joao Maria de Souza Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

During 2013, Joao Maria de Souza was sleeping quietly at home; his wife Leni was sleeping beside him when suddenly a cow fell on him from the roof.  The cow has certainly deserted the nearby farm and has reached the roof of the De Souza’s bedroom which was near a little hill.

The roof was not able to stand the weight of the animal and the animal fell on the poor man. The Brazilian man suffered profound injuries; his wife and the animal were out with no recorded damages. The man died after some days in hospital due to internal bleeding. He died at the age of 45 years. The case itself is an unusual death.

10 Deadly Safety Glass – Garry Hoy Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

The Canadian lawyer Garry Hoy (1955-1993) was certain about the unbreakable safety glass. He wanted to prove that to a group of students who were visiting the building of the Holden Day Wilson Company. He was so confident to the point he preferred to prove that by throwing himself onto the window. The glass didn’t break but went out the frame instead. The bad point is that was a window of the 24th floor office. The man landed on the street and met his death.

9 Killed Him Softly – Paul G. Thomas Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

In 1987, the co-owner of a wool manufacturing plant, Paul G. Thomas, was trapped in 800 yards of wool and suffocated to death. The man was inspecting the wool machine supposed to reduce great wool wraps into smaller wraps, was caught into the mechanism and wrapped along with the wool wire. By the time accident was discovered, the man had passed away.

8 Monkeys Revenge – Surinder Singh Bajwa Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

In 2007, the deputy of Delhi, Surinder Singh Bajwa tried to fight back against monkeys’ attack. The the man fell over the balcony and suffered serious head injuries and skull fractures ; he died days after.

7 Solid Proof – Micheal F. Farely Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

The congressman Micheal F. Farely accidentally shoot himself dead while trying to convince the court of the indemnity of his client. In 1927, he was defending a man who was accused of intentional killing. He postulated that the victim may had shoot himself dead while holding the gun.

Accidentally, the congressman pressed the trigger and the bullet landed somewhere in his body ; he was killed. He didn’t die in vain because the trick worked and the client was acquitted.

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6 Forgotten But Not Forgiven – Gregory Briggs Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

Gregory Briggs, a homeless guy was hit by a car and was stuck in to the windshield. He’s fine and carries no major injuries. He died hours later when abandoned as he is with no intervention. In fact,  Chante Mallard, the car’s owner was so afraid and disturbed that she parked the car in the garage and left ; she left the car with Gregory Briggs still stuck in the windshield. He probably died because he bled excessively.

5 Better Watch Your Steps – Hans Steninger Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

The 16th century bearded man Hans Steninger may have the longest beard at this era. He once forgot to roll up this long hair ; he run away to escape a fire. Unfortunately, he stepped on his beard and got his neck broken and died.

4 What It Takes To Kill The Diehard – Bobby Leach Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

eThe stuntman Bobby Leach became the second person who survived falling down the Niagara falls in a barrel. He proudly survived many others stunts and defied death with a heart of stone. Amazingly, he fell down when he stepped on an orange peel and broke a leg. After a while doctor decide to cut the leg off. A little after, Bobby died suffering from complications due to lack of hygiene.

4 Wish For Others And Die For Yourself – Ronald Opus Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

Ronald Opus decided to kill himself because because she stopped supporting him financially. Before that, he loaded his father with a bullet. His father had the habit of threatening his wife -Ronald’s mom- with his empty gun. The boy knew about that and decided to teach his mother a lesson,  by the hands of his father.

For Ronald, everything is set to kill himself by jumping from the 10 floor’s window and kill his mother. The guy jumped from the tenth floor and his father indeed threatened the mother and fired the bullet, yet something went wrong. The bullet met Ronald at the level of the ninth floor and killed him, rescuers has already set a net at the eighth floor height and caught the dead body of Ronald.

3 No Wonder People Starve To Death – Adolf Fredirick Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

in 1771, Adolf Fredirick, Sweden king, ate every food he loved and ate so much of them. The belly couldn’t digest the overload and that made it in indigestion state and causes the king’s death. In fact, the deadly meal included lobster, smoked herring,  caviar, champagne and some 14 others plate. He is the king who ate himself to death.

2 Playing Survival Game – Lee Seung Seop Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

A Korean video game addicted 28 years old guy -named Lee Seung Seop- has broken with his girlfriend and has lost his job. Six weeks later, he played Starcrafte – an online video game- for fifty hours continuously without breaks. He suffered a heart attack and passed away hours later in the hospital.

1 Afraid Of Life – Kurt Godel Unusual Death

Famous Unusual Deaths Recorded In Human History

He is a man who suffered from paranoia and refused to eat food only cooked by his wife. When the woman found herself hospitalized for six months in 1978, the man refused any given food because he suspects to be poisoned; he suffered malnutrition and died weighting 29 kilograms. That was the Austrian American logician and mathematician Kurt Godel.