Top 15 Science Mysteries In The World Are Still Unsolved

The only thing we’re sure of is how puzzling is our universe. Although incredible innovations have already been discovered by numerous scientists, none of them was never bold enough to declare that we have discovered all over the place we live in, and so little we are getting close to finding out. Still, there are many unsolved science mysteries in the World that need answers from a long time.

Except the famous British physicist, Lord Kelvin said that at the beginning of the century. “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now all that remains are more accurate measurements.” As we all know, he was mistaken.

The discoveries of relativity and quantum mechanics are shown each day more revolutionary. However, many of these findings stem from research on unexplained mysteries. And as one thing leads to another, we will evolve as the secrets are being unraveled. Check out some unsolved science mysteries of the universe yet:

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15 Mystery Of Parallel Universe

unsolved science mystery

Many physicists believe that there are infinite universes and some even like our own. According to quantum mechanics, these universes may still have events like what we experience, except for some differences, such as Hitler had won the Second World War or the World Trade Center was never attacked.

This is because the laws of physics suggest that there is a finite number of possible particle configurations within each universe. Then, with an infinite number of universes, settings can be repeated. Thus, there may be universes out there exactly the same as ours.

14 Mystery Of Universe Age

unsolved science mystery

Scientists are in agreement on how the primeval universe was formed, but the real mystery is – when was the current era of the cosmos began. Data pointed to between 12 billion and 15 billion years ago, until images made by the Hubble telescope in April, revised this science belief, estimating the age between 13 billion and 14 billion years.

We can’t predict when a precise answer will be displayed, but you can provide for the possibility of another estimate.

13 How Did Life Originate – It’s Still A Mystery

unsolved science mystery

Whether it is emergence of the specific origin, mass extinctions or the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hospitals, the development encompasses a wide range of phenomena.

However, the origin of life is of special interest within the evolutionary biology field, because it relates to the fundamental question of where we (and all living beings) come from?

Many lines of evidence provide clues about the origin of life: ancient fossils, radiometric dating, phylogeny, the chemistry of modern organisms and even experiments. However, as new evidence is constantly being discovered, hypotheses about how life originated may change or be modified. It is important to remember that changes in these assumptions are normal part of the process of science and they do not represent a change in the basis of evolutionary theory.

12 Secrets Of Dark Matter

unsolved science mystery

Dark matter five times more abundant than the common ( “visible” and comprised of atoms) and it exist, move, and interact gravitationally. Thus, it has effects on the stars and galaxies.

Its existence was established with security in the 1970s. Thanks to different techniques employed to solve this mysterious entity. But 40 years later, scientists continue experimenting to determine its mass and composition.

For now, they do not know what kind of particle – or particles – to make up, but there are no any evidences known today.

This is what scientists call the problem of dark matter: we need to go beyond the mysterious theory to explain the existence of this type of matter.

11 Continental Drift

unsolved science mystery

The theory of continental drift was first proposed in 1500, and claimed that the continents seemed to float over the other side of the ocean. It was later refined the theory of plate tectonics, which suggests that there are tectonic plates on the ocean floor that slowly move separating the continents and creating the oceans over the period of millions of years.

The science mystery, however, is what caused these plates and made to move (i.e, which split the earth’s crust). Many studies have shown that it is unlikely that the current theory really explain the phenomenon. Some have suggested that due to unexplained nature of operation behind the theory and the evidence against it, the continents may have been in separate fact much faster than a million years for a catastrophic event such as a flood (note as they come close to the truth).

10 The Mpemba Effect Mystery

unsolved science mystery

The logic makes us think that the hotter the water is, the more it will take to freeze. But this is not an absolute truth. The hot water may freeze faster than water at room temperature. It seems odd, and it is! To date, no research could quite explain why this happens.

The phenomenon is called “Mpemba effect” and is so named because it was discovered by Erasto Mpemba, a Tanzanian who made his first scientific observations on water freezing when he was only 13 years old. In 1969, at 19, he published a study on the subject in partnership with Denis G. Osborne, a researcher at the University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

9 Moon Illusion – An Unknown Effect

unsolved science mystery

The so – called “moon illusion” or “effect of the moon” has intrigued people from the earliest historical times, at least as early as the 7th century BC. It is described in ancient Greek and Chinese writings. Aristotle mentions it in 350 BC.

The moon looks bigger in angular size when it is near the horizon than when it is high in the sky. Some people think that it seems to double in size, but the average estimate is 50% to 75% higher on the horizon at its zenith.

This is not a small effect. The Sun shows the same illusion, but look at the Sun directly with the naked eye is dangerous without the proper precautions. The same illusion is observed with any large object in the sky as a constellation.

8 Secret Of Rectangular Galaxy

unsolved science mystery

You probably heard about the different ways that may have galaxies: elliptical, spiral and irregular. But in 2012, astronomers at the University Swinburne found a rectangular dwarf galaxy with 70 million light years.

Astronomers initially attributed to its peculiar form and found with the effect that cause distortion of light caused by gravity. But after an investigation, it is concluded that the galaxy was born as a result of collision of two nearby galaxies.

7 Mystery Of Gravity

unsolved science mystery

The gravity is so obvious that we do not even notice it, but it helps us a lot. Without this force, our body would fly through space, there would be no stars or planets and nothing that we can observe in the universe.

This invisible power is also strange and the greatest science mystery. Despite knowing how it works and even be able to calculate the force it applies to objects, we do not know where it comes from. Scientists believe that there is a type of particle (much smaller than an atom) that gives objects with mass the power of gravity, but it is still a kind of kick.

Despite these mysteries, the paths of gravity are already well known. Since the publication of the book “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica,” Sir Isaac Newton, some of the barriers that existed on this force fell.

6 Mystery Of Multiverse Existence

unsolved science mystery

science fiction films are constantly talking about portals to other dimensions and travel between parallel universes. However, they are not so far removed from reality, as many physicists say that “our” universe is not unique, and there are an infinite number of these forming a multiverse. We are only one nano-meter of cosmic reality. Here are some of the scientific and mathematical evidence supporting this theory:

1. It is estimated that the shape of the universe is not spherical or toroidal, but flat. So if we imagine that the universe works as an endless sheet of paper, at some point it should begin to be repeated as the different ways in which the particles can be arranged in space and time are finite.

2 Eternal inflation is a theory that predicts the existence of temporary bubbles in space. These effects caused by the expansion of the Big Bang are not perceived. If this is true, there will be in the multiverse frozen regions where they develop universes like ours, while elsewhere the expansion continues as if it were a balloon that grows infinitely.


3. The theory of cosmic strings is the inspiration of the theory of parallel universes. This provides that the universe is in a three-dimensional membrane, and that there are other similar membranes containing parallel universes in higher dimensions.

10 Where is all the lithium?
11 Where is everyone? (size of universe)

5 Drake Equation

unsolved science mystery

We are not the onlySecrets of the universe-that-not-leave-you-sleep-7

“Sometimes I think there is life on other planets, and sometimes I think not. In both cases the finding is astonishing. ” Carl Sagan

What is the likelihood that there are other civilizations beyond what current human technology can see? Dr. Frank Drake, after years of study and work, devised an equation that estimates the number of technological civilizations that might exist in our galaxy. While solutions to the equation are not original, it was accepted by the scientific community because of the importance of the factors considered in the equation:

In which:

N: number of civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy whose electromagnetic emissions are detectable.

R *: The speed of adequate training for the stars of intelligent life.

fp = the fraction of stars that have planetary systems.

ne = The number of planets per solar system that has the necessary conditions for life.

fl = The fraction of planets that developed some form of life.

fi = The fraction of planets where intelligent life evolved.

fc = The fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that emits detectable signals into space.

L = The period of time within which civilizations can emit detectable signals into space.

The first tests made by Drake team estimated the existence of 10 detectable civilizations. Hopefully after reading this you do not continue to believe it is part of the only “smart” race of the universe.

4 The Oort Cloud Mystery

unsolved science mystery

Comets are a sight to humans since ancient times we attach to them different meanings, both catastrophic as fortunate. But where do they come from or why they return after a certain period of time?

The Oort cloud is a set of asteroids and comets, located beyond Pluto, at the end of the solar system (5,000 times the distance from Earth to the Sun). It is believed that this nursery of comets was formed during the early stages of the solar system, but was expelled beyond its borders due to the force of gravity. The famous comet Halley was born here, and returns approximately every 79 years to delight us with their dance.

3 Wormholes: Space Travel & Time

unsolved science mystery

It’s still a mystery as Matthew McConaughey in the movie Interstellar, she managed to get in and out of a wormhole to save the Earth. Although theoretically the wormholes are possible according to the theory of Einstein’s general relativity, what happens to those who travel through them still remains in the realm of science fiction.

These cosmic passages are bridges that connect two different points of the universe and its formation is due to the curvature caused by objects in space-time. To see how they originate, imagine a piece of paper folded into a “c”. If the top and bottom you put magnets, you can see how they attract and join the sheet. The only difference is that in the Universe, our hypothetical magnets are massive bodies that deform space-time, creating a tunnel between the two extremes.

2 Big Freeze: Mystery Of An Unexpected End

unsolved science mystery

One of the hypotheses about the ultimate fate of the universe predicts that, due to its constant and infinite expansion, there will come a time when the energy will not be enough to cover such a large area. So this time the existing stars will fade away and most of the universe will become dark. Sounds scary, right? Fortunately it passed 13.7 billion years since our Universe was born, and this still does not give significant signs of aging. Do not worry, you’ll be safe not exist.

1 Mysterious Sound Of Black Holes

unsolved science mystery

The third principle of Hermetic philosophy states that “everything vibrates in the universe, nothing is still.” And although at first glance this phrase seems more spiritual than scientific because of its common interpretation.

Today, it has been proven that even the densest matter vibrates to look at a quantum level. So if everything vibrates,  can you hear the sound of a black hole?

The NASA astronomers first observed through the artificial satellite Chandra, there was propagation of sound waves of a black hole. After several rigorous calculations, it was determined that the frequency is close to the note B flat, but 57/8 below middle C. So far, this is the lowest note ever detected in the universe.