11 True Stories Of Real Life Castaway | Lost At Sea & Shipwrecked Cases

One of the most terrifying experiences one must not pray to encounter is the turmoil of the sea, heading a fateful disaster of the ship, eaten by huge unpredictable waves and current.  Shipwreck disaster stories are horrifying, scary and moving at the same time due to the miraculous stories of those who have survived. Some real life, exceptional and heart-warming castaway stories are below with the reason of the fateful disaster and how the survival happened.

What would you do if you will lost at sea someday….Just read these stories and know how they survive in extreme conditions; they had been shipwrecked and stayed in an isolated places from a long time.

11 Fisherman Who Was Lost In The Sea For 13 Months (2012, Mexico)

real life castaway stories

Two fishermen went on a day of shark-fishing and never did they expect that a storm will kill their boat engines in the middle of the sea of Mexico that prevented them from going back home.  The younger companion had died after a few months as he was not able to live in eating raw fish and drink turtle blood.

The remaining survivor was found 6,000 miles away from their original location after 13 months, riding in a small boat and had finally returned back to his family and received continuous medical treatment to bring back his health.

10 A supposedly Family Cruise Stuck In The Open Water For 38 Days (1971, UK)

real life castaway stories

The family was supposed to be having their cruise around the globe with their yacht.  Everything went fine for the first 18 months of the trip, until one dreadful event was encountered by their yacht near Galapagos Islands.  There was a group of killer whales that attacked the boat which got destroyed almost instantly.

The family had to use the rubber boat but it was deflated after 17 days, which left them no choice but to transfer to a raft.  The survival of the family to live in the middle of the sea through turtle blood and water that they collected from the rain.  They were found and rescued by a group of Japanese crew after 38 days of being adrift.

9 Inuit Woman Survived & Live In Arctic Island For Two Years (1921, Siberia)

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This woman said to be part of the expedition as the explorers’ cook and seamstress back in 1921 and their group faced challenges of the sea due to the bad weather while they were travelling across the Chukchi Sea going to Wrangel Island of Russia.

The expedition groups were dismantled and only three were able to survive after the tragedy.  They attempted to cross from Chuckchi to Siberia for help of food and water but only the Inuit woman survived through her hunting skills and was rescued only after two years.

8 Shark Fishermen Lost In The Sea For 10 Months (2005, Mexico)

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There were originally five fishermen who attempted to be part of the shark-fishing expedition in Mexico but got lost in the sea after they battled against the wild winds and currents and was pushed far to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Only three fishermen were able to survive as the two others perished within those 10 terrifying months.  They were able to survive through rainwater, raw fish and seabirds until a Taiwanese rescued them from their sinking boat.

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7 Ernest Shackleton & His Crew Trapped In Ice For Five Months (1914, England)

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The famous explorer Ernest Shackleton and his 28-man team left England in 1914 with the objective to cross the South Polar continent via sea.  During their travel, their ship was trapped in Antarctic ice and got stuck for five months, floating by the ice and lived by eating seals.  They managed to fight the coldness through hockey and dog-sled racing.

They were rescued after some time when Ernest, along with his five men, decided to head the nearest island to get help using the small boats that they were recovered from their wrecked ship.   It took them 16 full days of crossing the sea to the Elephant Island and landed to a deserted part of the island.  They had to cross the dangerous mountains to be able to get to the part of the island that they can get help.

Finally, they arrived at the nearest whaling station of the Elephant Island, and went back to rescue his remaining men and amazingly, no one was lost nor died among his crew.

6 Steven Callahan Spent 76 Days On A Raft (1977, Atlantic Ocean)

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Steven Callahan was a successful sailor in his time and successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean with his ship in 1977, however he was not able to return back with his ship due to the storm that he and his ship had to face and wrecked down by the large waves in the middle of Atlantic Ocean.

He was able to survive through feeding himself live fish and kept hydrated through rainwater while he was making his way back to the US lands with his raft.  His survival was a celebration of his life because he embraced and learned the caveman skills for 76 days living alone in the middle of the sea with uncertainty.

5 MV Blythe Star Tragedy & Survival Of Ten Men (1973, Tasmania)

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This tragedy of the sunken ship became worse due to the unsuccessful call for rescue which left almost no lives saved but only seven men that were left floating through the raft for 11 days. These men were originally ten when they managed to transfer to raft from the sinking MV Blythe Star, but the three other were not able to survive the traumatic experience.

One of the survivors said that even the life boats did not launch properly that should had been the passengers’ chance to survive from the sunken ship.  The rescuers that time were trying to locate the ship which had already sunk at the bottom of the ocean, but never did they learn that the only survivors left was carried in a tiny raft trying to battle for their lives.  The horrifying experience only ended when their raft landed at Deep Glen Bay at the Tasmanian Coast and got help.

4 The Castaway & Sink Of Atocha (1622, Florida Keys)

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Atocha was known to carry over-loaded cargo and soldiers from Spain to South American Colonies.  One fateful day, Atocha sailed through its way to the Florida Keys but struggled with strong winds of the storm that destroyed ship’s sails and then eaten by large waves that shoved Atocha off to the corals.  There were only five survivors of the tragedy out of the 265 passengers of Atocha and the treasures of the ship were not found after immediate attempts.  The said treasure and the sunken ship were only found 16 years later at the bottom of Florida Keys.

3 Brother Jonathan Destruction (1865, California)

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Brother Jonathan sailed across the ocean from Northern California to Canada carrying passengers and cargo of California Steam Navigation Company.  At the onset of the trip, there were some malfunctions noticed by the ship’s crew but ignored these signs and still navigated the sea and braved through the storm.

This ship came to its end when it said to hit a massive rock in the middle of the ocean that crashed the ship down while battling with the rage of winds.  The terrible storm made the rescue nearly impossible to all the passengers and only one life boat managed to survived carrying out 19 people out of the 255.

2 The famous Fall Of Titanic (1912, England)

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This has been the most famous shipwreck ever told to date, even filmed and shown all over the world.  The disaster of Titanic started when the luxurious passenger line sailed and left England with 2,200 passengers on board.  It headed to a disaster when it hit an enormous iceberg that created several holes in the ship that filled uneven parts and took two hours for it to break in two parts and sunk at the bottom of the ocean.

There were 1,178 people who were able to transfer to the life boats as the supplies were insufficient to cover all aboard.  Out of those who were able to transfer, roughly 700 were able to survive as the others died of hypothermia when they jumped off the cold water.  Many believed that if there were only enough life boats available, more souls could have survived the tragedy.

1 Dona Paz Fall Of The South East (1987, Philippines)

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The horrible end of the passenger ship in the Philippines happened when it collided with a ship tanker carrying huge volume of oil somewhere in Tablas Strait.  The said ferry carried with it 4,500 passengers, massively over loaded, as it was only allowed to carry 1,518.  The disaster ended with flames from the oil tanker which killed over 4,000 souls and lost many others.  As per the record, there were only 28 survivors of the tragic wreck.