11 Most Famous Celebrity Moms

There has been no dearth to mothers who have played an important role not only in upbringing their children, but changing the lives of many people across the globe. These women played a significant role in their activities in and out, and earned a name for them.

Let’s take a look at some of the celebrity moms or famous mothers of the world, who managed to keep a fine balance between their personal and professional life. These great celebrity moms carved a special place for themselves by the strength of their commitment, determination and confidence.

11 Indira Gandhi

Famous Celebrity Moms


Indira Gandhi, the first woman to become prime minister of India was popularly called as the ‘Iron Lady of India’ for her dominant nature. She not only emerged as a great leader, but also a loving mother of two children. She played an excellent role informing 20th century India.

She merged her personal and political roles, grooming her younger son Sanjay Gandhi as her successor during three successive terms from 1966 to 1977. One cannot forget her contribution in forming today’s India. She continued to rule the nation even after the tragic death of her younger son Sanjay Gandhi, and ruled it with sincerity before being assassinated.

10 Angelina Jolie

Most Famous Celebrity Moms

Angelina Jolie is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She is a mother of three biological and two adopted children. She has been a goodwill ambassador for United Nations and received many awards. She also holds record for giving largest donation to UN High Commission for Refugees. Angelina is a woman who values relationship and has become famous for her charitable whims. She believes that her children are the best thing that ever happened to her. Recently, she adopted a kid ‘Pax Thien’ and increased her family size.

9 Queen Elizabeth II

Most Famous Celebrity Moms

Queen Elizabeth is unarguably one of the most famous mothers. When she was asked if she likes her job, she replied that she does, but she love even more being a mother. Elizabeth II has ruled for longer than any other monarch in British history.

She has been important figurehead for the UK, especially during the times of enormous social change. She is known for her sense of duty against the backdrop of personal life which is seen for the raise of four children and grandchildren. She continues to carry a full programme of engagements such as – visiting to charities & schools, hosting celebratory events etc. Elizabeth emerged as a devoted grandmother and offer invaluable support.

8 Catherine Zeta Jones

Most Famous Celebrity Moms

Catherine, the Oscar winning actress was so fascinated by the notion of motherhood, that she started a family before her marriage in 2000. She became target of anti-tobacco groups in 2003 when she pictured smoking when pregnant with her daughter.

She was carrying, when she was preparing for her role in award winning picture ‘Traffic’. She strictly believes in keeping her mom priorities above than any other thing in the world. She wants to be a devoted mother with a wonderful change in life.

7 Marie Curie

Most Famous Celebrity Moms

Marie Curie is a famous physicist and mother of two children. She was a true renaissance woman and is known for the most famous achievement of discovering the elements radium and polonium, during her research into radioactivity.

She was the first woman to receive Nobel Prize and the first female professor at the University of Paris. She is a very good example of the best mothers around the world. She worked hard and set world of her own with her daughter, Joliot Curie, even after the death of her husband.

6 Madonna

Most Famous Celebrity Moms

Madonna is a famous singer, actor, author and a perfect mother. She is a loving mother with special principles for her and her daughter. Sometimes, she calls herself as a strict mother and believes that certain rules are implied for the security and bright future of her kids. Her profession has not come in her way of becoming a strict mother. Madonna hopes to be the perfect mother to her own kids Lourdes and Rocco, as well as adopted kid David Banda.

5 Benazir Bhutto

Most Famous Celebrity Moms

Benazir Bhutto, the 11th prime minister of Pakistan is mother of three children. Aseefa, the third child of Benazir was the first Pakistani baby to be vaccinated against polio vaccination after her mother launched a major immunization campaign in 1994. The Bhutto family is a prominent family in Pakistan and has played a significant role in Pakistan politics.

Benazir Bhutto was the voice of democracy and fought for the rights of people who could not do themselves. She made a huge impact on womanhood when she became the first woman to head an Islamic government. Benazir Bhutto dedicated her life for the improvement of Pakistan in terms of healthcare services, housing, and the reach of electricity, educational infrastructure and many more.

4 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Most Famous Celebrity Moms

Jacqueline Kennedy was the wife of 35th president of the United States of America. She is known as Jackie Kennedy and was famed for her sense of impeccable style. She lived through 2 miscarriages and allegations of affairs. She is always associated with her pink suit and hat spattered with blood. After the assignation of her husband John F Kennedy, she raised her children in New York City away from media.

She became the first lady to be known for her elegance and historical interest. Jacqueline managed to transcend the traditionally understated role to leave her distinct mark on Americans throughout her life as political wife and mother.

3 Rose Kennedy

Most Famous Celebrity Moms

Rose Kennedy was an American socialite and a philanthropist. She was the wife of businessman Joseph P. Kennedy. The entire life of Rose Kennedy was dominated by politics. Rose grew up while her father served as congressman and mayor of Boston in 1990s. Rise approached her mothering duties like a sports team manager, keeping itemized record of everything in the family.

Kennedy outlived 4 of her 9 children, who died in tragic circumstances. Her strict beliefs placed her at odds with her kids. She believes that child rearing is not only a work, but is a challenging profession. Her social activities are comprises of charities and women’s groups. She dies at the age of 104 from complications from pneumonia.

2 J.K. Rowling

Most Famous Celebrity Moms

J.K. Rowling is a famous author of the fantastic ‘Harry Potter’ series that she began writing in 1990. Rowling mother died of multiple sclerosis in 1990 long before the first book of Harry Potter was published in 1997. To compel the loss of her mother, Rowling continued to craft the whimsical world of Hogwarts and wizardry while facing the dire of financial straits as a single mother.

Rowling became the first female billionaire novelist after completing the final volume of Harry Potter. She remarried and gave birth to 2 children. However, she always remembers her bleak period as a single struggling mother.

1 Demi Moore

Most Famous Celebrity Moms

Demi Moore is a famous film maker, actress, model and song writer. She is one of the highest paid Hollywood actresses. With her youthful complexion, Moore looked more like a peer to her daughters in 20s. She has combined her business and acting careers with a publicized role as a mother. She had three daughters with her ex-husband Bruce Wills. She is known for travelling with a personal trainers and nannies.

Mothers will always love, protect and fight for their children, regardless of the historical periods and circumstances. It is the close relationship between mothers and their children that made them successful in every aspect of life.