Top 11 Doomsday Predictions Gone Horribly Wrong

Throughout the human history, there were many prophets or predictions of doomsday proposed by the famous personalities. Many of them led to own murder or suicide of his followers. One of the most publicized cases was that of David Koresh, who committed suicide with his followers in Waco, Texas.

Today, it is proclaimed that soon, the world would end. If the reader thinks, it is the only prophecy, think again. Here, we are posting the 11 doomsday prophecies that went horribly wrong despite the fact that they have garnered the world’s attention.

11 Prediction Of 21 of May: End of the World?

Doomsday Predictions

For followers of the preacher Harold Camping, the doomsday is expected to arrive on 21 May, 2011. The prediction of the end of the world is just the latest of a line dating back to centuries ago. According to the so-called rapture on May 21, that is, the Day of Judgment is already scheduled when Jesus Christ returns to earth to gather all the faithful beings and get them to heaven.

10 Pompeii: Precursor End of the World?

Doomsday Predictions

Just as some people believe that a Mayan calendar points to 2012 as the year of the end of the world. Some ancient Romans saw the 79 AD, after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that buried Pompeii, as a sign of the world predicted to end.

This is because the Roman philosopher Seneca, who died in 65 AD, had predicted that the Earth would turn into ashes.

According to the book Revelation, he said –

“Everything we see and admire today will burn on the universal fire, which opens a fair, new and happy world”

9 1666: Final judgment by fire?

Doomsday Predictions

Knowing the fact that the Bible describes 666 as the Beast’s number, many European Christians entered the year 1666 with trepidation.

A prolonged plague that had destroyed much of the population of London in 1665, had not helped to assuage fears, and when the Great Fire of London occurred, many believed the Judgement day had been come.

According to the 2002 book, The Great Fire of London: In That Apocalyptic Year, 1666, some Londoners saw the fire as a “terrible wrath of God’s judgment who earlier visited a sinful earth.”

8 Prediction Of Comet Revelation

Doomsday Predictions

The appearance of Halley’s comet, that has been observed after every 76 years.

This comet was seen as a harbinger of the World’s End throughout the history.

The imminent arrival of the comet in 1910, for example, caused the apocalyptic hysteria among Europeans and North Americans. According to the French astronomer Camille Flammarion, the comet’s tail contained a gas, which pervade the atmosphere and eventually extinguish all life on the planet.

7 Jehovah’s Witnesses & The Dilemma Of The World’s End

Doomsday Predictions

Several members of the religions of Christendom have claimed that Jehovah’s Witnesses marked the year 1975 as the “end of the world” date.

In 1966, Jehovah’s Witnesses launched the book Eternal Life – In the Freedom of the Sons of God that featured a detailed chronology based on the Bible, which established 1975 as the year that would mark 6,000 years of human existence from the creation of Adam. This compendium was launched in a series of congresses in 1966.

Since, this first prediction was made in the year 1870, Jehovah’s Witnesses – a clan of Christianity followers, prophesied the end of the world in 1914.

6 Planetary Alignments: Portents Of The Last Judgment?

Doomsday Predictions

Planetary alignments have inspired many predictions of doomsday.

Author Richard Noone predicted that the ice would dominate the world as a result of planetary alignment.

Similarly, the psychic archaeologist – Jeffrey Goodman said in his 1977 book, we are the generation of the earthquake, where “earthquakes and volcanoes would trigger worldwide and a slot will open up and split the earth in to various places in order to relieve the stress produced by change.

But the doom and gloom can also spark scientific innovations, as it was occurred in 1774 in Friesland, Netherlands where a vicar was hoping to boost his congregation by issued a “little book of doom” that said that the solar system would be destroyed during a scheduled conjunction.

As the fear of the judgement day among the residents have increased with the time, an amateur astronomer built a planetarium in his living room to ease the theory of prophecies and he used to explain the movements of the planets Later, the place turned into the oldest mechanical planetarium in the world.

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5 Pat Robertson Prediction

Doomsday Predictions

Decades before, when the end of the world theory prophesied, Harold Camping’s May 21, 2011, the televangelist Pat Robertson had preached that at some point in the 1980s, Jesus would return to Earth.

Robertson rapture prediction was based on the writings in the Bible, Thessalonians, that states:

“The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then, we shall remain alive and be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in heaven.”

As it was clearly stated in The Atlantic –

“Under this doomsday scenario, unbelievers and Satan will be imprisoned in a lake of fire, where they will be tormented day and night forever, Fire can also destroy the Earth and replace it with a new heaven with the Earth where believers redeemed, and they will continue the story.”

4 Hale-Boppalipse

Doomsday Predictions

Thirty-nine people, part of a religious group called Heaven’s Gate in California, committed suicide when the comet Hale-Bopp was at the closest point to Earth. The group believed that a UFO had set up vigil in the comet and that would rescue them from a doomed world.

3 Death By Ice

Doomsday Predictions

Date back to the 5 May, 2000, the famous author Richard Noone predicted in his book ‘Ice: The Ultimate Disaster’, the planets would soon align in the path of heaven, sending the ice towards the equator of the Earth. This would bring the end of the planet.

Noone argues in the book that the movement of the previously Earth’s axis, would coincided with tremendous climate change such as ice age would come, no calamity would occurred and that such “almost unimaginable results” will happen again.

Many scientists are now concerned with ice for another reason: The Global warming are gradually causing the thaw which is a great threat to the entire planet.

2 2000 Doomsday By Millennium Bug

Doomsday Predictions

In 1984, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal warned about the last date of the world that would occur on January 01, 2000.

He stated – A bug caused by a calculation error would cripple computers and other machines and lead to mass chaos. The same concept he focused by raising a question – how to buy an anti-Y2K amulet, rescue tools and Y2K repair.

According to the  Washington Post, Evangelicals also recommended to their followers to store food and prepare for the worst. Leaders like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson suggested that the millennium change would bring the rapture. This was also described in the Bible book of Revelation.

1 Black Hole Created By Man?

Doomsday Predictions

When the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) started the particle collisions in September 2009, some critics speculated that could create a black hole that would mean the Judgement day.

However, the concern was in vain: the collider has been working without disastrous consequences.

As you can see, none of these predictions have occurred. The first problem is that, these prophets continue to proclaim woes, even erring systematically. Second, it was the people who are responsible to believe in these illusions and help to turn these doomsday predictions into a media hype. Therefore, it is increasingly important to disseminate the truth educate the believers about science.