10 Amazing Self Surgeries Have Ever Done In Human History

It doesn’t surprise that someone undergoes surgery. After all, advanced medicines and treatments are there to help us along with any complicated surgery. Do you believe if someone decided to self operate and leave the doctors aside for some reasons.

Yeah!  Let’s see the top 10 list of these crazy surgeons, doctors or individuals who decided to self surgeries and these are obviously the most fascinating cases in human history.

10 Amanda Feilding

Amazing Self Surgeries

What she did: Self Trepanation (hole in the head)

Some people believe that opening a hole in the head exposing the brain is a type of therapy with several benefits. It is known that trepanation was practiced in ancient Egypt and some pre-Columbian tribal societies of South America.

Amanda Feilding spent much of the time in research of a doctor who would step up to trepanation on her head.

She couldn’t get succeed to find anyone. That’s why, she decided to do it herself. Using a mini-pedal-controlled dentist’s drill, other drills, and bandages to trim the blood, she stood in front of a mirror, scraped a portion of her hair, and shoved the drill into her skull and finally opened a hole through which the blood dripped.

Amanda told, she felt super good after opening a hole in her head. To make things even more bizarre, she recorded this amazing self trepanaton on video.

9 Deborah Sampson

Amazing Self Surgeries

What she did: She taught how to take a bullet out of her body

Deborah Sampson was a woman, but she was so big, strong and weird that she looked more like a man. In 1782, she enlisted in the army under the name of Robert Shurtleff.

Against all odds, this woman spent years in the army, because everyone really thought “Robert” was a guy. No one cared that he did not shave and did not shower with the crew. But you know what Murphy’s law is?

One day in battle, Deborah-Robert was shot with her thigh. She was taken from the battlefield and sent to the hospital. When she woke up on the way and realized she was going to the field hospital and concluded that the doctors discovered his secret.

Then she fled away from the hospital, where she used a needle and thread to nail buttons and a pocketknife to open her own leg and take the lead bullet inside. No anesthesia! Debora sutured her own leg and returned to the barracks. Some time later she was injured again and the doctor discovered that Robert was actually an ugly woman.

The doctor reported the case and she was expelled from the army, but this incident did not stop her and her descendants from receiving a military pension.

8 Dr. Jerry Nielsien

Amazing Self Surgeries

What she did: Biopsies and self chemotherapy

This is entirely insane thing as Dr. Jerri Lin Nielsen was the only physician on a military base at the South Pole.

One day she noticed something strange in her bosom. It was a strange lump and Jerry suspected it as a tumor. Then, she decided to perform a biopsy on herself.

Using the precarious first aid kits of the base, she underwent a self-surgery and obtained samples for biopsy. She sent the samples to the US through the military cargo plane that is used for the military supply.

When the results came, they were inconclusive. She made her decision to do a new biopsy. Jerry asked for better medical equipment and as soon as they got to the South Pole, she again performed surgical procedures on herself.

She returned samples of the tumor for analysis and the results showed that it was cancer. Jerry was shaken but decided to do chemo. He asked the base to send medication and did his own chemotherapy at the base located at the South Pole.

A plane later went to rescue the doctor and took her to the US. back in his country, Jerri Lin Nielsen underwent some surgeries and continued chemotherapy until his cancer went into remission. Later, she was found to be well. With her unusual survival experience, she became a successful motivational speaker. Her great story turned into a movie.

7 Joannes Lethaeus

Amazing Self Surgeries

What he did: Lithotomy (something that only Chuck Norris can do)

Basically the guy had a giant kidney-stone as calcium formation and the stone was too big to remove it via natural pathways. So he decided to use the unorthodox method and sent his wife to the market.

With his brother’s help, he used a kitchen knife to cut the skin behind the testicle and cutted it without anesthesia. He went deeper and deeper until it reached the bladder.

The guy widened the hole to the point where he managed to get two fingers into his bladder, grabbed the stone, which was as big as a chicken egg, and with some effort, withdrew it with utter ignorance. Subsequently, it had to be sutured without the necessary medical equipment or knowledge to do so. And he did it!

I honestly do not know how this is possible without the guy being Chuck Norris.

6 Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane

Amazing Self Surgeries

What he did: Self operated the appendix & a hernia inguinal alone

Dr. Evan was a well-known physician who believed that general anesthesia was a mere freshness, and quite unnecessary thing for minor procedures. Later, he decided to operate on himself by opening his own belly and treated his own appendix with only a local anesthetic.

The guy did this by looking with a little mirror. He asked colleagues to watch, just in case something “went wrong” and only sought help for post-surgical suturing. He was sewing himself while looking in the mirror only.

When he was seventy, he again decided to operate again. He opened up his belly again without general surgery and performing a much more complicated and risky medical procedure done for treatment of inguinal hernia.

Due to the proximity to the femoral artery, the procedure was very complicated. Dr. Evan was very careful at this time, but still he was managed to finish the surgery in less than two hours.

5 Leonid Rogozov

Amazing Self Surgeries

What he did: Self removal of the appendix

Leonid Rogozov was a 27 years old physician who was crowded at the Novolazarevskaya base in Antarctica. Leonid started to feel ill and diagnosed that he was suffering from appendicitis crisis.

When he thought nothing can help him to get away from his pain, he decided that the only way to get away was operating himself.

There was no way to contact the main base to ask for air support and the emergency solution. The circumstances made him inspired to do the self surgery on himself.

He asked the meteorologists to hold the spacers, the driver to hold a mirror, and other scientists to pass him the surgical instruments. Leonid used a scalpel to open his own belly.

Due to the pain during the operation, he eventually fainted, but was able to remove the inflamed organ and suture his own belly. Fortunately, he was fully recovered within two months.

4 Douglas Goodale

Amazing Self Surgeries

What he did: Amputated his own arm

Douglas Goodale was a lobster fisherman from Maine. One day he was alone on his boat. He was busy in catching the lobster traps.

Suddenly a huge wave struck the side of the boat and became him unbalanced. The heavy trap that was being hoisted up with a crane produced a leaf on the rope and this caused Douglas to get caught in the rig hanging outside the boat.

This also caused him to dislocate his shoulder and injured his arm. Douglas was in total despair and ascertained that he would die with survival instincts. With his good arm, he managed to throw the body back into the boat and realizing that it would be impossible to get out of the winch.

He used a knife to cut off his own arm. Due to the intense cold, Douglas had a vasoconstriction that saved his life. Since, it allowed him to manage the boat for a long time until he returned to the pier where he asked for help.

3 Ines Ramirez

Amazing Self Surgeries

What she did: C-section on herself

She was pregnant and lived in a rural area with difficult access. The 40 years old woman went into labor and there was no doctor or anyone to help her.

After 12 hours of intense pain, she decided she would deliver the child herself. Ines took a kitchen knife and a bottle of anesthetic drink. She solved everything by cutting her belly to remove the baby. She took the baby & used an old pair of scissors to cut the umbilical cord. This procedure made her fainted.

When she regained consciousness, she asked her 6 years old son to run for help. After few hours, the local nurses appeared where they took the patient and her baby to the nearest hospital.

She was struggling again in a car journey that was 8 hours long on a bumpy road.

The doctors had to deal with the problems arising from the auto-cesarean, because in the process she ended up with cutting the intestines. Some time later, she left the hospital and recovered completely. It is estimated that this is the only case in the world of an auto-cesarean that did not end up in death. The case was published in the March 2004 in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

2 Aron Ralston

Amazing Self Surgeries

What he did: Amputated his own arm

Aron Ralston was a mechanical engineer who liked to climb mountains. One day, when he climbed a canyon alone, a rock fell off and fell on him which in turn, crushed his right arm.

Aron yelled for help but nothing happened. There was no one within a radius of several miles around him. He stood for five days under the rock, trying to break it off his arm. During the day, the sun was very strong and with he was already suffered with dehydration and delirious. Later, he decided that either to cut his arm or die out right there.

Using a blind blade, he tried to cut all the soft tissue around the bone.

With great efforts and pain, he turned his hands to saw the bone free using the blade. When he finally got it, he still had to climb a wall and rappel and walk five miles to his truck.

Luckily, he was found by other adventurers on the way where they gave him water and asked him for help on the radio. Then he was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital where he underwent surgery. Later a group arrived at the site of the disaster and released the amputated arm, which was cremated and the ashes was delivered to Aron.

The good thing is that, Aron still climbs by using a mechanical arm.

1 Simpson Parker

Amazing Self Surgeries

What he did: Self amputation of his own arm

In September 2007, Parker used a corn threshing machine, when his arm was stuck. He said he even shouted for help, but there was no one around to help him. For more than an hour, he tried to pull his arm, but could only hold him with more and more efforts.

It was then, he decided to cut off his arm using a pocketknife. Parker says he cut off his arm until he was only in the bone and, using the strength of his own weight, broke the bone and freed himself from the machine. After releasing himself, he still went to get help in the middle of the road. A car driver provided help and further a helicopter pilot was called to take him to a hospital. Parker spent three weeks in hospital and within a span of 2 months, he got fully recovered.