Top 20 Love Affair Stories That Will Make You Cry

The market is flooded with infinite number of novels and movies with love affair stories. It needs to be understood that not all touching and emotional stories find way to movie scripts or bestselling novel shelf. Love stories make people smile, care, shine bright and soothe their souls. Differentiating from the stories that hoard the industry, we have bought 20 selected love stories that will definitely let you set the tear glands free. Breaking the trend of scientific and technical posts, we decided to let you feel some love too with most famous love affair stories. Above all, it’s the Valentine month!

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1. The Distant Affair

Love Affair Stories

Irina and Woodford McClellan met in Russia. They were married in 1974, but separated shortly, because Woodford lost his visa and had to leave the Soviet Union. After 11 years, Woodford tried to enter Moscow. All this time, he had maintained their relationship through letters and photos. It was finally in 1986 that Irina agreed to go to Baltimore and reunite with her husband. She was welcomed with open arms and heart at the airport. They were together ever since.

2. 6 Decades Of Separation

Kolosov and Boris

Anna Kolosov fired her husband who traveled with the Red Army. She swore she would wait, but Stalin left Anna and her family in exile. Boris looked around for her for years. Having failed the test of their patience, the two married other people. Sixty years down, Anna returned to her village. Just like a fairy tale romance, Boris saw her and ran towards her. They had already been widowed so they married a second time and lived happily ever after.

3. Love At First Sight

Kolosov and Boris

Jack and Phillys Potter have a story that fits perfectly with “Love at first sight”. They met on October 4, 1941 and lived together in Kent, England, for almost 50 years. Over the years, Phillys became ill. Jack decided not to let the dementia captivate his only love, his only reason to live. Every day he read their relationship stories and showed pictures of the family. She forgot many things but not the love for Jack. They have been married for 70 years.

4. 75 Years For Kiss To Miss

Kolosov and Boris

Carol Harris and George Raynes encountered their first kiss when she was acting like sleeping beauty and he as the prince. Their kissing encounter happened in school and that’s when the love affair started budding. Initially the two graduated and married other people. 61 years later was a small hometown union. But fate had something big. They became friends and love flourished. George and Carol were finally married- 75 years after their first kiss.

5. 100 Years Worth A Dream

Kolosov and Boris

In 1983 Forrest Lunsway and Rose Pollard met at a party. Rose had lost her husband and had no intention of getting married again. Rose lived 40 kilometers away, but still Forrest went to her house every day. In 2003 they moved together and Forrest asked her to marry him. At first Rose did not take him seriously because she was eighty and he was ninety. She told her that when he turned 100 she would marry him. Forrest’s 100th birthday came with a lifetime memory- he got married to Rose, in a village church.

6. The Longest Married Couple In The US

Kolosov and Boris

Ann was 17 when she met John, who was 21. Ann’s family did not approve of the relationship. Her parents had already arranged a wedding for her. Ann and John decided to elope to New York. They have now been married for 81 years and the love still shimmer bright in their eyes.

7. The Heartbreaking Song

Kolosov and Boris

Fred Stobaugh married his wife Lorraine in 1940. He still claims her to be the most beautiful woman he had ever met. After her death, and 76 years of marriage, he composed a song for a local contest. Fred titled the song “Dulce Lorraine”. The song was so beautiful that it was brought to life by the Green Shoe studio.

8. The Couple Who Was Born Together, Died Together

Kolosov and Boris

Less Brown and his wife Helen were born on December 31, 1918. Their high school love was love at first sight. Less came from a wealthy, well-to-do family and Helen on the opposite hand, did not. Her parents did not approve of the relationship. However, they had a different plan. As soon as they turned 18, they fled to Southern California and got married. They began their life journey and formed a family. After 75 years of marriage, Helen became ill. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer and Less suffered from Parkinson’s. Helen died on July 16, 2013, and Less died the next day.

9. Overseas Love

Kolosov and Boris

David Hurd moved from Jamaica to New York in 1907. In order to escape the feel of being alone, he began writing letters to women in the Caribbean. The first response came from Avril Cato in 1913. Within a year he was completely in love with a woman he had never met. The letters turned more romantic and full of perfumes and poems. It continued the same until David decided to propose marriage. She accepted and got married in Jamaica. There they also saw each other for the first time and were happily ever after.

9. Aimee And Nick

Kolosov and Boris

Do you believe in fate or not? This question comes with multiple answers. This couple did not live in the same place. Eleven years before they met, Nick went on vacation to the seaside town where Aimee lived. There is a photo of that vacation in which they both leave, in the same place (and they took one the same years later). It a beautiful coincidence and an anecdote to tell!

10. Love That Knows No Deformities

Kolosov and Boris

Ian and Larissa started dating in 2005 and committed the following year. Before this happened, Ian had a terrible accident that left him a brain injury. The injury affected the motor of his body and his ability to speak. Larissa, despite this, did not give up. They got married.

11. Cancer Is Injurious; Love Isn’t

Kolosov and Boris

Katie and Nick was dating since high school and for long, dreamt to marry. Katie was diagnosed with lung cancer, but that was not an impediment. Katie put on her beautiful dress and with her breathing tube, fulfilled her wish. She died five days later their marriage.

12. Love With The Lost Limbs

Kolosov and Boris

Taylor enlisted in the military to go to Afghanistan where she along with her troop, shared house with Danielle. During that experience, an explosion affected him. He lost all his limbs. Upon returning to the United States, she did not leave him alone and has helped throughout his therapies and recovery, being always by his side.

13. The Simpson

Kolosov and Boris

No one likes the idea of seeing the love of his life die. And those who live a true love would rather die with them. The Simpson had two children. They made a life, and traveled the world until they turned 60. In the end, they both died the same day, just four hours apart.

14. Love Is In The Air

Kolosov and Boris

Erika and Clauco met on an American Airlines flight. Erika did not doubt that she had found the man of her dreams. Clauco did not have her number or anything. He connected to the company on a social network to get her information, which he finally found. A few months later, they were happily married.

15. Complementing Differences Like No One Else

Kolosov and Boris

Fatima and Ahmad have managed to complement each other in such a way that no one else can. Fatima lost her legs, and Ahmad lost his arms. Ever since they met, they have shared an inseparable bond. They help each other with the daily tasks. Their love perfectly overcomes the obstacles of life.

16. The Accident Proposal

Kolosov and Boris

Larry and Kelcie were together for a while before Larry prepared to ask the big question. Before he could bring the question to life, he met an accident. A drunk driver hit him one night before proposing marriage to his partner. The accident resulted in cerebral palsy and coma. Kelcie’s love gave him the strength to stand by, and three years later, Larry at last – asked for marriage.

17. Ben Nunery And Ali

Kolosov and Boris

Ben and Ali married in 2009. Ali died of lung cancer two years after marriage. A few years later, Ben decided to recreate their beautiful session with their daughter and pay tribute to the man she loved so much.

18. Felix And Cola

Kolosov and Boris

Felix discovered that he had a terrible cancerous tumor in his stomach and decided to be as happy as possible with his girlfriend. He already had two children. Felix finally asked for marriage and enjoyed the moments of his life. He was told that he had little time left. It was just a week after the wedding when he died.

19. The Destiny That Separated For 20 Years

Kolosov and Boris

Emilio and July were made for each other, but fate wanted them not to be together until 20 years later. They had always loved each other. It was impossible to erase the smile of happiness, despite what they have lived. Each summer, they were separated by 1,000 kilometers. Each followed his life, but not really happy. They both knew they were missing something.

They lived a scripted life. She met someone, got married, and was happy until divorce came.
Life slapped him twice, but he was very strong. July clung to her nephews, her work, and her friends. But her heart was still broken until Emilio crossed paths again.

Twenty years later they took a step that many were waiting for. Fate reserved a table in the restaurant of love.

20. Only The Fortunate Enough Enjoys True Love

Kolosov and Boris

Young people believe love to be a movie script, but it is much more beautiful and real. The fortunate ones can enjoy everlasting love. This is the case of José and Pascuala. Love is an abstract feeling that very few can experience in their fullness.
Jose and Pascuala are the best example of true love. This couple adds two centuries of life and 76 years of intense love.

“The secret of our happiness is not to argue,” recommends this centenarian couple who shared with us a unique experience.

José is a Pastor, but his great passion is to sing Jotas. José is a way of life, a lesson in existential philosophy. José’s motto is: “In this life you have to do what you like and you have to fight.”