Top 15 Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

By 2030, nearly half of the world workforce could be replaced by automated machines, according to a report from the University of Oxford. The shifting from labor to machine can be counted as a positive development up to a great extent. Humans at times get bored of their monotonous jobs of assembling the same thing throughout life. Monotony of tasks also brings in reluctance in continuing to do the same. Such repetitive tasks could be easily replaced and passed on to Collaborative robots, thus freeing human operators and providing them duties of their interest.

The vision of an industrialized world encompasses a man and machine working in sync, and to each other’s assistance. There is no denying that the human intelligence and perception is unmatchable, but repeated tasks could be better passed on to robots as teaching a robot is easier.

There are various positions where robots have already been commissioned to make work either easier or to relieve human labor and ensure utmost perfection of job. Here are fifteen selected collaborative robots with advanced technologies that have found use in various business and useful purposes. Have a look!!

1 Robots For Assisting  Surgery

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

Dr. Ed Damrose of the Stanford Medical Center in Stanford, California handled remote console of the Da Vinci surgical robot for the first time on June 28, 2013. The robot performed trans-oral operations on the patients.

2 Collaborative Robots In Assembly Line Car Production

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

Robots are making efficient assembly line production and swift manufacturing process, and putting off jobs. Giant robot arms collect and move cars along the assembly line of Tesla Motors.

3 Robots Polar Bear Robear In Hospital

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

The above image was taken on February 23, 2015 when ‘Robear’, a robot polar bear was commissioned in a hospital. Robear lifted a woman for a demonstration in Nagoya, central Japan. Riken Institute and Sumiko Riko developed The “Robear”. Robear has a polar cub-like face and large doey eyes. It is powerful enough to lift weak patients from the wheelchair to a bed or a bath.

4 Talon Robots In Military

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

Talon robots have been employed since 2004 to assist in military operations. They have proved to be useful to the US Army’s struggle in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also these robots are well-trained to clean grenades and to neutralize mines.

5 Kiva Robot For Warehouse Transportation

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

Amazon employs robots to run its warehouses to fulfill orders. There are in fact many more big companies like Gap, Walgreens etc, who employ similar robots. Kiva, a robot is used in the search of merchandise in a service center, approximately the size of 27 football fields.

6 Self-driving Cars & Robots

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

In March 2016, Google made it to the headlines for sending a letter to US transport officials saying that selling of self-driving cars should be made legal if they pass the standardized federal safety tests. If at all this gets a clearance nod from the authorities, Uber, Lyft and taxi cab drivers will be out of jobs.

Seeing the enemy about to enter the house Lyft announced in January 2016 that it will, in partnership with General Motors, create a fleet of self-driving cars.

7 Pizza Delivery Robot

collaborative robots

On March 28, 2016, Dominos announced about testing an autonomous pizza-delivery robot in New Zealand. The wider and lower Android looks like a cross between a Wall-E and an R2D2, and can carry up to 10 pizzas.

8 Window Cleaner Robots

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

Winbot is a robot window cleaner made by Ecovacs. It was presented during the 2014 International CES.

9 Briggo Robotic Coffee Serving Machine

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

Barista is soon going to be replaced by The Briggo robotic coffee machine and dispenser.

10 Receptionist Robots

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

The Henna Hotel in Sasebo, Japan, employed a robot receptionist for performing all the tasks of the receptionist. It was commissioned there on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 and since then keeps a check on the checks in and departure. It also assists the porter stand to take luggage to the room. The hotel runs as a part of the Huis Ten Bosch amusement park, and saves labor cost by replacing with cost-saving robots.

11 Robotic Teachers

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

Engkey was designed in South Korea by the Center for Intelligent Robotics. It is commissioned to teach young English students.

12 Sushi-serving Robots

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

The Uobei restaurant in Tokyo has a robot that takes orders from the customers and serves them sushi. Customers need to place order on touch screens and their food rushes down high speed ramps.

13 Fully Automated Robotic Restaurant 

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

CEO of Carl Jr. Andy Puzder visited the fully automated Eatsa robots in San Francisco. The concept inspired him to an extent that he now wishes to open a free employee restaurant focusing on healthy foods. He told Business Insider “I want to try it out”. It was March, 2016, when he announced his plan of automated restaurants. He further stated his desire – “We could have a restaurant that focuses on all natural products and is very much like an Eatsa, where it is ordered in a kiosk, Pay with a credit card or debit card, your order appears, and you never see a person.”

14 Robots Who Can Create Handwritten Notes

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

Robotics Engineer Adam Brożyński sets the handwriting robots to help meet notes for Bloom That bouquets during the week before Valentine’s Day in San Francisco, California.

15 Hajime – First Robotic Waiter

Collaborative Robots With Most Advanced Technology

The world’s first waiter Robot is in a restaurant in Bangkok. The Robot dressed as a samurai warrior stands at the counter while the diners are seated at a table where they get their orders on a touch screen. While delivering the dishes, rhythms of Pop music play with typical Japanese dishes. There are two robot assistants who deliver the food.