Top 14 Best Selling Toys For Kids In History

Childhood is marked by games and lots of fun, after all it is the time of our lives where we had fun without worries. In addition to the creativity and imagination, kids often have several different toys. Most of them were manufactured by big brands, and many were so striking that the company has become a part of our childhood. Check out these best selling toys for kids in history. 

14 Super Soaker

Best Selling Toys For Kids

George Lonnie Johnson was born in 1949, he studied engineering and worked for the army who developed new technologies, stealth bomber is one of them. But he turned billionaire by inventing best selling toys, of which the most famous is the Super Soaker water gun.

He has received more than 80 patents for inventions, but has also worked on major development projects at NASA and the United States Air Force.

13 Hula Hoop

Best Selling Toys For Kids

The first records of this ancient toy are found in Egypt for over three thousand years. They were made with dried vine wires. Egyptian children used to play to imitating the artists who danced with hoops around the body.

The hula hoop we know today is made of colored plastic.  Dating back in 1958, when two American owners of a toy factory, brought a idea in Australia, where fitness students amused themselves by turning bamboo hoops around his waist.

The toy, called hula hoop, was a tremendous success selling toys in history. Over 25 million units is sold out in just a span of four months. This best selling toy was becoming fever in adults and children.

12 Mr. Potato Head

Best Selling Toys For Kids

A potato with accessories. A lot could be more lively than this. Could we’re not talking about Mr. Potato Head. After all, he is one of the most popular celebrities and beloved childhood of any child. He has become a cultural icon.

Mr. Potato Head, the most famous tuber in the world for over half a century excites the imagination of millions of children, and also big guys, with the possibility of creating endless features newly incarnating famous characters.

11 Etch-A-Sketch

Best Selling Toys For Kids

I believe that we all have played with one at least once in our life. It was invented by a Frenchman and was considered ‘one of the 100 toys of the century’ by the Toy Industry Association. It’s kind of small television where, by turning two knobs, we can control the path of a black line on a silver gray background. I say control the route because in reality we can not stop the line unless erase all the drawing and begin again from the beginning.

Etch A Sketch (this first commercial name appeared in 1960, when the firm of American toys Ohio Art Company launched it on the market) works with an extremely simple but effective principle: the inner surface of the screen is covered with aluminum powder and particles of styrene, when a metal pointer moves in contact with this surface traces black grooves on gray background.

The drawn line appears black because we see through it through the darkness inside the toy. To erase the drawing and again just turn the picture upside down, just shake so that aluminum and the styrene return to cover the inside surface of the screen.

10 Radio Flyer

Best Selling Toys For Kids

In 1917, Antonio Pasin, an Italian immigrant, left the joinery business and began producing wooden handmade wagon  in Chicago. It has been expanded several times, hiring additional craftsmen to meet the growing demand of the country in his car. After some years, this toy car became the biggest successful product in toys industry.

9 Liberty Coaster Company

Best Selling Toys For Kids

Pasin Liberty Coaster Company was founded in 1923. The company has used the same metal molding technology to produce the toy-carts that was used in mass production of real cars. This car, known as Liberty Coaster was, according to Radio Flyer, the first metal wagon for children.

The company was later renamed Radio Steel and manufacturing. During the Depression, the demand for the product will not fall, and the company has not stopped producing 1,500 cars a day. “It was during this period that gave the name Pasin Radio Flyer wagon.

8 Silly Putty

Best Selling Toys For Kids

Sometimes things we use every day have an extraordinary origin. Get Silly Putty: one of the most popular toys of all time started in a GE research lab in New Haven, Connecticut, from a bottle mislabeled.

The year was 1943, World War II was raging and the US industry was at the height of a massive mobilization to support the military. This effort in R & D led to new technologies that ranged from primitive computers that controlled the weapons aboard the B-29 bombers to new engines and marine use turbines, even accidentally, the Silly Putty.

7 G.I. Joe

Best Selling Toys For Kids

G.I. Joe is one of the most important lines in the history of the toy industry. Not without reason it is came with the term “Action Figure”,  the Joes derived dozens of toy lines – either for plagiarism, inspiration or reuse of engineering Joes.

Apart from the so called Action Figure, it is also titled as, “A Real American Hero,” but the original Joes launched in  1964, with the caption “Falcon”, in Europe as an Action Man. The initial line G. I Joe – America’s movable fighting man had only four models: infantry, sailor, pilot and Marine. At the same time, accessories sets and new uniforms were launched in order to ensure the market ahead of imitators.


Best Selling Toys For Kids

LEGO is created by a Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1934 and as the meaning of LEGO itself suggests “play well”.

Initially it was built with wooden toys, however after the post-war period, this artifact was scarce, so it had switched to another base material  with injected plastic (called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). It is a toy made up of several modules of different sizes, which fit perfectly, causing various combinations. From the end of the year 1950, it has become popular throughout the world.

5 Transformers

Best Selling Toys For Kids

It is a high-tech world of ancient history, and a battle that stretches throughout the galaxy from millions of years. Optimus Prime, leader of the Auto-bots has a heroic struggle against the tyrant Megatron and his evil Decepticons for the fate of freedom in all the universe.

There are a Transformers figure for each child or collector. Since the conversion of action figures to miniature robots fight to figures changing modes in step 1, you can join the Transformers toys to create their own incredible adventures.

4 Rubik’s Cube

Best Selling Toys For Kids

Created in 1974 but not licensed for sale until 1980, the Rubik’s Cube hasn’t had as long of a shelf life as many of the toys on this list. In its abbreviated lifespan, it’s still managed to sell more than 350 million cubes. Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik’s invention continues to give most people fits, too, so consider this a mainstay for the foreseeable future.

What you can learn from Rubik’s Cube about selling: The reason Rubik’s Cubes sold so well due to the fact that they’re a simple product that is tough to master with a good price point. Because solving the puzzle is such an enigma, consumers will talk about the product with their friends. Word of mouth, and intrigue is what keeps Rubik’s Cubes still selling so well on the market.

3 Hot Wheels

Best Selling Toys For Kids

The brand HOT WHEELS carts were launched on the American market exactly on September 7, 1968 by Mattel company. The name HOT WHEELS was chosen because at the time, it was an expression used to refer to powerful cars that caused admiration on American streets.

They sell seven cars per second. They cover all categories of industry with classic sporty models, SUVs, buses, trucks and motorcycles. Is not that the dream of any automaker? IT IS.

These best selling toy-cars are the dream of many children around the world. More than four decades, 41 million + adults played with their line of Hot Wheels carts. Generations and generations have grown up learning to like cars.  Despite their small size, it seemed real in everyday jokes that reflected the lifestyle of children. The brand HOT WHEELS is closely linked to passion for cars.

2 The Yo-Yo

Best Selling Toys For Kids

The yo-yo is one of the oldest toys in the world. The history of this simple object is too fascinating as its operation.

The origin of the yo-yo is a mystery. Greece, China, Philippines and several parts of the world may have been the birthplace of the yo-yo. “Yo-Yos” made from rustic clay and metal have been found in Greek ruins dated back to the 2500 years ago. Similar toys were used by the Chinese in ancient period as well.

At the end of the Middle Ages, the yo-yo arrived in Europe, where the nobility of France and England used the Yo-Yo to get relaxed and get away a little of their tasks. There are reports that claim that Napoleon’s troops had fun with Yo-Yos before the battle. At that time, he was known as l’emigrette or bandalore.

The yo-yo, in its current form, was born in the Philippines, where it is a very popular toy at present.

It was only in 1928, when the yo-yo started to become popular in the rest of the world. Thereafter, a Filipino, Pedro Flores, took the Yo-Yo to the United States and began to market them.

1 Barbie

Best Selling Toys For Kids

No doubt, the Barbie doll is one of the most famous doll in the world. It is considered as a symbol of beauty and fashion, as a reference to many young girls. One of these trademarks is the blond hair with pink dress.

The true story of Barbie is that his real name is not Barbie but Barbara Millicent Roberts. The name was given in honor of the daughter of the creator of the doll (Ruth Handler) named Barbara Handler.

The doll was officially launched in March 1959 in the USA, by Mattel company.

The idea was born to Ruth Handler as his daughter (Barbara) as a child, playing a lot with babies dolls. As many years have been passed away, the young Barbara was still playing with these dolls. It was then, that Ruth had the idea of creating a beautiful doll different from the existing and standard dolls at the time, a young and more adult doll.