Top 11 Cursed Movies Of All Time

Based on real facts, Curse is one of the phrases that send shivers down your spine when watching a horror movie. But what if the curse continues to exist even after the movie is over? In reality, even some are supposed to be really cursed movies at the instant where it took various lives of cast and crew.

Here are 11 examples of movies considered cursed due to accidents or unexplained facts that occurred during their production. Can you remember others?

Deaths, accidents and mysteries have turned the backstage into scary stories. Here’s all you need to know about the cursed movies of all time.

11 Apocalypse Now – Cursed Movie Of 1979

Cursed Movies Of All Time

There is an old Russian proverb: “A ship will sail the way you name it”. So the ship of this movie was sailing. Something was going wrong from the very start. A monsoon destroyed the set and demotivated the crew. One of the main actors, Marlon Brando, lost his shape and refused to learn his role.

At the same time, another one, Martin Sheen, was drinking and got heart-attacked at last. The movie was on the verge of failure,it`s legendary director Francis Ford Coppolabut was trying to kill himself several times. But eventually efforts were rewarded and the movie received recognition and multiply awards.

10 The Crow – Cursed Movie Of 1994

Cursed Movies Of All Time

All of the accidents connected with “The ” looked like sad negligence. Like that the filming has great start with that a crew member burned because of the electric cable. Like piercing hand of  another one member by a screwdriver and other. But isn`t it just a human factor? It doesn’t seems so. Because independent failures started a little bit later.

At first the storm destroyed the set, tossed back the whole process of making and the bunch of another accidents happened. The worst was death of Star Brandon Lee, son of martial-arts master Bruce. He was killed by the prop gun which unexpectedly has one murderous bullet and no one is found and punished for this loss until now.

9 Rosemary’s Baby – Cursed Movie Of 1968

Cursed Movies Of All Time

This film was cursed with mind of humankind. From the release producer  William Castle received hateful letters Crowwhere it was written that he will die from the sickness. And Castle became sick soon after.  It made him think that the film was cursed, finally Castle was convinced in it.

Once he was in emergency room and he screamed: “Rosemary, for God’s sake, drop the knife!”. The main actress, Mia Farrow, was divorced during the making of the movie. The composer died too. But information about it is  strangely different – sources say that it was because of a blood clot and other say:” because of a mysterious brain injury” . The toughest was that in a year after Rosemary’s Baby’s release Charles Manson’s followers killed Roman Polanski’s family

8 The Passion of the Christ – Cursed Movie Of 2004

Cursed Movies Of All Time

Failures were chasing this movie like the skies were against of it. It`s assistant director, Jan Michelini, was hit by lightening in his umbrella and lost his fingers. Later Jim Caviezel (one of the main actors)  was struck too. He was traumatized again after he had lost an arm from the shoulder earlier. When Michelini got out to help him, the lightening hit Michelini at the second time. So it does strike twice. After Jan Michelini and Jim Caviezel became friends by lightening.

7 The Exorcist – Cursed Movie Of 1973

Cursed Movies Of All Time

It seemed like even it`s name attracted troubles. So many things went wrong during the filming so making of the film was felt as scary as the film was. Some members of the crew got sick, some injured themselves but nothing to compare with nine deaths on the set – actors, stuff, camera crew and other people.

Tensions were mounting.  But it wasn`t enough and the set burned down. It made them to lose six weeks so the exhausted director called a real priest to remove the curse.

6 Rebel Without A Cause – Cursed Movie Of 1955

Cursed Movies Of All Time

A star-slaughter, this film slaughtered it`s biggest stars – James Dean and Natalie Wood. After the release James was racing in his Porshe and was killed in a car accident. Natalie died in more mysterious circumstances. She drowned, nobody knows how. Additionally one another man from the cast, not so starry, died in an alley. So the movie cast was more than money.

5 Poltergeist – Cursed Movie Of 2015

Cursed Movies Of All Time

It is famous by four deaths after making of the film and mystically connected with that.  The first victim was Dominique, daughter of the movie producer Dominick Dunne, she was a teen girl in the haunted house. Her life story ends with betrayal done by her boyfriend: he has slaughtered Dominique less than in a half of a year after the filming of the first “Poltergeist” . The second victim was a girl again. She was killed by a rare disease at age 12. The film “Poltergeist III”, where she had a role, has come out after her death. Also the medicine man and the evil preacher from the second “Poltergeist”  died too – from the scleroderma and cancer.

4 The Wizard of Oz – Cursed Movie Of 1939

Cursed Movies Of All Time

During the  filming there were a big bunch of accidents, which, it seemed, were like one`s  curse. Main characters suffered the most:  the young Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) has sad personal life. The Wicked Witch of the West (Margaret Hamilton) was terribly burned in the scene with flames and got to the hospital. Even coming out of the movie didn`t stop Misfortune: four months after release the Wizard (Frank Morgan) has come to harm in a car crash.

3 The Conqueror – Cursed Movie Of 1956

Cursed Movies Of All Time

The story of it`s birth is a great example of the human race`s mind: nuclear bombs were tested near the place where the movie was filmed. So then three main actors, John Wayne, Susan Hayward and Agnes Moorehead, died from cancer. And by late 1980 91 members of the camera crew and actors were sick and unfortunately 46 members shared the fate of the main three.

2 The Omen – Cursed Movie Of 1976

Cursed Movies Of All Time

The filming of “The Omen” was a big strife for a movie because both nature and people were trying to stop it. It was curiously and inexplicably. The planes of the script writer, the executive producer and the star Gregory Peck were struck by lightening. The executive producer continued being in danger: his hotel was bombed. And no one could stop or explain such misfortune. Special effects consultant, John Richardson, got into car accident, hurt himself and killed his assistant. Tiger handler died, Gregory Peck’s son killed himself and finally the plane which was ordered for use in film crashed and everybody inside died.

1 Superman – Cursed Began Before 1959

Cursed Movies Of All Time

The story of superman`s actors` life is as short as terrible it is, because supermen have ended their lives before their time: Christopher Reeve was paralyzed after equestrian accident in 1995, George Reeves died of a head gunshot in 1959. The man played Gus Gorman in the third part was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years after and died from heart attack. And also actress of the Lois Lane – with bi-polar disorder. Even the makers of the Superman didn`t get anything good but money of it. They gave in and sell the idea and all rights on it.