Top 10 Scary Animals In Hollywood Movies

If you think about the entertainment, there are many creatures over the hill that we can’t forget.

The imaginary animals or may be sometimes legendary one have entertained with a great extent and generally, made our body sting virtually. We can blame a list of Hollywood movies to create monster animals, behind the screen that designed with an intention to crush humans.

Many times, they are just putting up a loud noise and they enjoy the things as per their behavior but sometimes human being put up interference in the case when things going wrong.

We prepared this list of scary animals especially with the most known creature in blockbusters, even though you will find the supernatural beings or any legendary creature instead of aliens and other fictional characters in our top 10 compilation.

Might, some of the creature exist in reality and they can harm you with a vengeance. Generally these movie based characters creates a deep-seated fear that may difficult to change. Let’s ready for the top 10 scary animals in Hollywood movies.

10) Spiders – Arachnophobia, 1990

top 10 scary animals in hollywood movies

I bet, you will scare of spiders after you watch this film and nothing will be scary beyond the images of deadliest spiders.

The story best describes about the creatures and the nature where anything can be happened. Unlike to the mutated organisms, this movie shows the cross or hybrid of the two different species of spiders.

The future threats begin when a South American killer spider hides on a ship and travel to America where a local spider mates with it. The resulting offspring is responsible for threatening the many people as possible in a town of California.

Exterminator Delbert McClintock (John Goodman) and the Physician Ross Jennings (Jeff Daniels) appreciate each other and form a team to investigate the matter. Dr. Jennings is unfortunately frightened by the spiders, where they already created nests in his bran.

Avoid to watching this movie with a low ceiling room because on several moments, you may jump.
The movie is directed by Frank Marshall.

9) Bees – The Swarm, 1978

top 10 scary animals in hollywood movies

African killer bees made America to be extremely afraid because a swarm of this creature is responsible for killing massive killings. Brad Crane (Michael Caine) works with a clan of scientists in the quest for developing an antidote.
Generally, Richard Widmark who is a General of military, plans for destroying the evil bees, spreading in the world.
Overall, the dialogues are ridiculously funny and sometimes mild with a shaky plot.
Widmark and Caine are the main characters with the co-stars Henry Fonda, Richard Chamberlain, Katherine Ross and Olivia de Havilland.

The movie is directed by Irwin Allen.

8) Piranha – Piranha, 1978

top 10 scary animals in hollywood movies

Scientists have altered the genetic code of piranha, implementing them in the prime operation of Vietnam War. Their existence into the river system was not purely accidental.

These Piranhas has obviously the appetite for human flesh and they find a summer resort to satisfy their hunger. The prime challenge in the movie is to stop their reproduction that makes an atmosphere of nervous apprehension.
This is impossible to forget the performance of Bradford Dillman and Kevin McCarthy and off course, the famous

producer Roger Corman and Joe Dante (director) behind the movie.

7) Ants – Them, 1954

Them, 1954

The people are facing the shocking consequences due to the test of a nuclear bomb in the desert of New Mexico. This test allows the ants to mutate into a gigantic sized creature. They are nothing but the man-hunters. The army of United States is employed in the area in order to stop their multiplication.

But, you don’t need to be afraid from ants when you see them in your kitchen. The message of this movie is straight forward and clears about the hazards of increasing atom powers adopted by most of the countries in the world. Apart from the message, we have enjoyed it for the monster ants. Anyway, the film was also nominated in the Oscar for the category of best movie with special effects.

The film is directed by Gordon Douglas.

6) Saint Bernard Dog – Cujo, 1983

top 10 scary animals in hollywood movies

Cujo is a dog of Saint Bernard breed and faced an extreme bite by a bat. After the incident, the things going wrong causing the Cujo to become too violent and forced him to go on a killing spree. The victims from the small town located in America, are scared of the actual terror of the dog.

Might be, this dog is more dangerous in our list due to the fact that dogs are the only pet who are the best friends of human beings. The plot is awesome and sounds like more interesting, unlikely to the othe stories of giant mutants.

The movie is directed by Lewis Teague.

5) Birds – The Birds, 1963

top 10 scary animals in hollywood movies

The movie is just a real menacing film and even if you are interested in suspense stories, Birds is the perfect for entertainment.

The plot was adapted from a story writer by Daphne du Maurier. The problem arises in the San Francisco Bay when a series of bird attacks came into the picture. Now, everyone in the area wants to stop the violence by the birds and try to keep them in control. As the attacks were shooting up in the town resulting the violence escalated, itthreatened to become a big issue.

The story includes two major characters – Rod Taylor star and the Tippi Hedren (one of the best blondes).
And notice the unforgettable terrifying scene in the story, where a group of cows collectively team up to face the attacks. The movie is also nominated for the Oscar category of best special effects film.

The movie is directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

4) Crocodile – Lake Placid, 1999

top 10 scary animals in hollywood movies

A giant crocodile with 30-foot length was found in the picturesque location, mainly a lake. The animal is very skilled to capture the innocent humans.

The investigation committee incorporates with the members Game Officer (Bill Pullman), who likes to flirt with the Bridget Fonda – a paleontologist stays on the same place.

Conversely, the WHO nourishes the giant reptile just like a pet by serving it with the cows.
The movie succeeded to represent the frights with laughs and you can enjoy the character of Oliver Platt –a peculiar expert of crocodiles. Also don’t forget to notice the comic part played by the Brendan Gleeson – cynical sheriff.

This movie is directed by Steve Miner.

3) Giant Squid – 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, 1954

top 10 scary animals in hollywood movies

The movie is based on a novel written by Jules Verne in 1866.
The movie starts with a sinister captain named Nemo (played by James Mason). He is the commander of Nautilus vessel, a luxury and futuristic submarine.

The crew of Nemo meets with the whaler Ned Land, Conseil and Professor Arronax. They are afraid of a legendary monster is believed to be blamed for ship attacks. But, it was the giant squid behind all the events.
It was also the first success of Disney to get the Oscar for special effects and art direction.

2) Great White Shark – Jaws, 1975

top 10 scary animals in hollywood movies

Some people claimed the sharks to be a bad press. When it comes to the story, the residents and tourists of Amity Island beach resort are terrified by the shark attacks where the Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) attempted his efforts in order to rescue the people. But he faced a challenge with the Town Mayor who doesn’t like to close this beach for the best summer season. Even though, he doesn’t care much about the shark attacks.

Now the things depend on the Marine Scientist Matt Hooper (played by Richard Dreyfuss) and the Quint – a shark hunter.

The sequels of the movie tell the comeback of the sharks – the great white – main culprit behind the attacks.

1) Velociraptor – Jurassic Park, 1993

top 10 scary animals in hollywood movies

Everyone knows the Tyrannosaurus Rex (or T-Rex), raptors. The original Jurassic park had consisted of the two sequels but the former is the best.

John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) operates a theme park colonized for the dinosaurs and located on the remote island.

The story concept is inventive and ingenious. The things seem to be wrong before publicizing this place for tourism.
The scientists (character played by the Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill and Laura Dern) invited by the Hammond to investigate the matter. The implementation of Computer Generated Imagery film and animatronics collectively, are responsible for to turn this movie into an Oscar winner for best visual animations.

If you resemble to a clan who still didn’t watch it, just reserve your day for this movie with your friends or children. The message is clear and loud – the man must not disturb the evolution by nature.

The movie is directed by Steven Spielberg.