Top 10 Most Powerful Real Life Creatures: Amazing List

The earth is one of the remarkable planets in the universe with the fact that it has an extraordinary diversity in it. When it comes to the living organism, it is the only known planet in the space in our knowledge. We humans are not only the living beings in this land. The earth is blessed with a certain kind of lives.

Being covered with the thin coating of gases and air, this Earth has evolved with an incredible array of species and their lives. Every day, scientists are getting the clues of new creatures existing on this blue planet.

Various living things flourished in the trenches with the crushing pressure under the sea, or the arid deserts with blazing sun that is unfit for the human habitation, or even some lives exist within the stones.

These species are developed by the adaptations that are responsible for putting up this versatility.

Therefore, this list or compilation represents the top 10 most powerful creature in real life and their Amazing physical abilities.

10) Platypus

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

Surely the most confusing creature, platypus was named as Ornithorhynchus anatinus in scientific terms. This creature was not so impressive, the fastest or the biggest one, but having the looks of an oddball.

You can’t find such a vast array of characteristics, out of your home that possessed by the Platypus. The strongest forces of the evolution are responsible for the appearance of this bizarre looking creature.

When it comes to the reproduction, this mammal can lay eggs and having the furry and warm blooded nature.
It consists of a flat tell just like a beaver, webbed and flat feet for propelling into the water.

Furthermore, the creature is blessed with the powerful and sensitive organs that can feel the electric signals emitted by the swimmer fishes. The male Platypus releases a powerful venom, but in most of the cases it’s non lethal.

9) Blue Whale

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

The blue whale are known as Balaenoptera musculus as per our taxonomists. By the way, they are the biological geeks responsible for tangled scientific names.

The known creature is powerful baleen whale that we all know as the largest animal on the earth.

With the 200 tons of weight, the blue whales have been discovered with the average length of 109 feet.The ever lived creature must hold a rank in our list that is also the biggest known animal in the world.

8) Komodo Dragon

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

Have you ever imagine a largest lizard in our planet grows with a 10 feet long body and weighing 150 pounds. It is the famous reptile, named as Komodo Dragon or Varanus komodoensis (scientific name)

They are the rapacious and violent carnivores who live on the flesh of animals and able to ambush a strongest buffalo and fetching him down with the help of their big claws and jagged teeth.

One thing that I hate most, their scary mouths are blessed with a layer of bacteria and the venom that are always responsible for the serious infection s or fatal wounds.

The most surprising fact is that the females are able to lay eggs even without the presence of males around. Luckily, these are only a series of few islands located on Indonesia where they are found.

7) Ocean Quahog

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

The Ocean Quahog much resembles with a clam and a little shellfish that found on the Arctica Island. People in the certain regions of North Atlantic, gathered this creature for their food that seems no more impressive.

Occasionally, it is used for preparing sushi and didn’t garner a quite attention from the people.

But it surprisingly possesses the characteristic of being the longest lived creature.

Due to the dearth of knowledge, it is hard to estimate the average age of the Ocean Quahog. But we can even predict it, knowing the fact that one specimen was found to be lived for 405 years.

It is still the subject of observation for researchers who are testing its age and fatality.

6) MRL Mouse

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

Getting enormous fame from the movies, some scientists are engaging in the lab with mouse. Some are getting success to turn them into the mutated genes without knowing the root cause that how it could become possible.

It is also possible the new transformed species are likely to carry all the power that their parent genes don’t possess.
This is nothing but a little mouse white in color abbreviated as Murphy Roth’s Large or simple MRL.

They carry all the capabilities to heal their wounds and injuries and not only they can fight against serious diseases, but they can regenerate their damaged organs.

Further their powerful abilities are tremendous in terms of their undetectable scarring and their regeneration powers including various organs, heart, and tail to a name of few.

Scientists want some more progress on this project and might test this mutation on humans in order to combat cancer making a human being more powerful. Also who knows a physical disable person can regenerate his lost organ with its study.

5) Pompeii Worm

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

This creature is nothing but having a tube-worm like fancy appearance that survives around the trenches of Deep Ocean.

The Pompeii worm is the little creature that lives in the environment that seems not to be friendly to life, and the place around the volcanic hydrothermal vents.

It’s impossible for humans to live in such a harsh habitat, where even the strongest person would easily squeeze within a matter of seconds.

Their lower part of the body can rest up to the 176 degree of Fahrenheit within the tubes. Similarly, head part can remain comfortable up to the 72 degrees of Fahrenheit

They are one of the creatures that can survive in higher temperatures that human can’t tolerate such energy.

4) Deinococcus Radiodurans

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

Many of us (might be possible) may know this little bacterium.

We can’t ignore its certain specific characteristics like it has all the powers to survive against hottest atmosphere and it possess the strength to withstand with the exposure to acids.

Unluckily it got the name that is difficult to pronunciation but we can remember it for their amazing abilities. Even this creature is best known to survive with the exposure of radiations. Like to the other creature, it can die with any dangerous threats.

According to the laboratory-research, humans can be easily killed with a dose of 10 Grays of radiation while this tiny powerful bacterium has been injected 15,000 Grays and they don’t affect without being exhausted.

It was estimated that Deinococcus Radiodurans can repair their own DNA. Its study may lead to a great success leading it to fight with various lethal diseases incuding cancer.

3) Water Bear

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

This creature is also known as Tardigrade.

This is tiny eight legged creature and thousands of its species are known to human. They have been survived and lived in many parts of the earth.

Unbelievably, this little and braved buddies can withstand with a temperature of 303 Fahrenheit, knowing the fact that water starts boils at 212 degrees. Conversely, if it comes to the lower temperature, they can bear up to the few degrees above absolute zero.

The massive pressure that starts from the 6,000 atmospheres didn’t do anything with the water bear. In a lab research, they can withstand with gigantic pressure, even more dangerous than the pressure found in space or in the deepest oceans.

Their quality to resist extreme form of radiation is totally peerless in the animal world.

2) Archaea

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

The strangest bacteria like creature are known as archaea and it is classified from the other similar creature in 1950’s. They are generally resembles to the bizarre kind of microorganisms.

Their existence is found in various unpleasant habitats accompanying with salinity, acidity and extreme temperature.
Even it is proved that they carry a separate form of life but eventually, they can survive and nourish themselves in every environment of this giant planet and this is still the greatest research in the animal kingdom.

Archaea can not only bear but lives even the deepest location of the Earth crust as our land mass is porous that permits it to getting down.

Some scientists believed that their existence in the earth is present at a greater extent such that they seem to be a part of one fifth of the Earth mass. Possibly, they are the vital part of this planet’s ecosystem.

Their amazing capabilities letting the scientists to think that they are the only common ancestors of everything that existed on the earth. Even some believes they are actually native to any other planet and they adopted the earth for their further survival knowing the fact that they are ready to adapt any hardest habitats in the universe.

1) Mankind

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

You and me, both of us know we must on this list when it comes to the powerful creatures on earth. We are also called Homo Sapiens survive in this blue planet without finding any other copy of human like living being.

Unlike to the other species of living being who depend on evolution to keeping their existence, humans have learnt to change the environment as per his need and the power to adapt.

I am not writing much about the mankind as you know the human nature, his brain and his advancement in science that are trying to understand the entire universe.