Top 10 Most Insane & Dangerous Auto Races In History

In the year 47 BC, the then Emperor of Rome, Julio Cesar, used the eternalized phrase “I came, I saw, I conquered” to describe his victory against Farnaces II. This quote, spoken by Cesar the Roman Senate at the time, serves to illustrate this Top 10 list of insane auto races. The goal is to list the most dangerous racing already existed in history records, even extensive, extreme.

Some of them are well recognized such as 24 hours of Le Mans. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most insane and dangerous auto races in the history.

10 Gumball 300 (Itinerant)

Top 10 Most Insane & Dangerous Auto Races In The History

This is the newest race in our top 10 list. Founded in 1999 by an eccentric millionaire who invited his friends to make a world by walking in their super-cars, was inspired by the film The Gumball Rally, Burt Reynolds, 1976.

This is a 4800 km path where the roads speed limits are ignored. The registration fee is 40,000 euros – more than $ 120 thousand and what makes it worthwhile is that they include highly performance super cars like Bugatti, Rolls Royce, and Ferrari to name a few.

The most tragic episode of the Gumball 3000 took place in 2007 when competitors aboard a Porsche that was involved in an accident and killed two elderly people who were running in a VW Golf that had nothing to do with race.

The edition 2014 will begin in June and the route is already mapped out: Miami, Atlanta, New York, Edinburgh, London, Paris, Barcelona and ends in Ibiza.

9 Baja 1000 (Mexico)


This vehicle event is organized in the California peninsula in Mexico, and Baja journey has just take place over 1600 kilometers. The first edition of the event was organized in 1967. This is a trip at high speed through the desert and other inhospitable places. The organization has marked in to the categories of two and four wheelers.

Just like the famous Rally Dakar and Pikes Peak, almost all vehicles can register in this race, simply comply with security measures. The race was held in every year except 1974 and is highly respected event in the off-road racing.

Currently crews have satellite tracking system to records the number of accidents, since the uneven terrain always dangerous looking and often give fatal surprises.

8 Targa Florio (Italy)

Top 10 Most Insane & Dangerous Auto Races In The History

This is one of the oldest races in motorsport. The first edition was held in the distant year of 1906, in Sicily Island, and at first was known as the “Giro of Sicily.” Already in the 50s and 60s it became mandatory proof of the World Endurance, along with the Mille Miglia, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Panamericana Race – not coincidentally, all are present in this top 10 list.

The Targa Florio attracted thousands of spectators who thronged to see the riders go aboard their fireballs with over 600 hp. However, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) decided as the regulatory of maximum sports authority.  In 1973, the FIA had permanently cancelled the race with the argument that the route was too dangerous.

Throughout its history, nine people died, but there were many non-fatal accidents. Porsche earned 11 times the Targa Florio, so much that in 1966 and named Targa a convertible version of its Model 911 is available for sale today.

7 Safari Rally (Africa)

Top 10 Most Insane & Dangerous Auto Races In The History

This test is completely atypical and certainly an event unlike to  any other rally. First played in 1953 and then from 1973 to 2002, there were several episodes of the World Rally Championship (WRC) have been oranized.

As Safari was different from a conventional rally because there was no closed sections.

The “stages” were played on open roads and there were opponents of all kinds like the harshness of the weather conditions – the fortissimo heat – and the presence of multiple obstacles such as other vehicles, animals and people.

The route features were changing according to the weather.

If it rained, the roads and gaps were filled with mud and the crews were also faced strange hurdles like crossing the rivers and the dangerous slippery roads. Due to various threats ad extreme difficulties, the FIA also decided to cancel the Safari Rally. However, the evidence to shut this event, is still held locally.

6 Rally Dakar (Africa and South America)

Top 10 Most Insane & Dangerous Auto Races In The History

Originally called the Paris-Dakar, as the event began and ended in the Paris – a major European city, and had its first edition held in 1978. The founder of the race is the former pilot Thuerry Sabine. The first edition was lost in the Tenere Desert, in north Africa. Sabine convinced a group of “crazy” to crossing the whole Paris, but was changing places over the years. Now, this event left Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Granda.

But the real battle just begun when the teams came to the African continent. Any “thing” Motorized can participate in the event. Read up cars, light trucks, trucks, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles. Due to threats of attacks on participants, the Dakar Rally was brought to South America in 2008. This race is held always in January month.

Unfortunately, in this very tough competition, deaths of competitors or spectators is very common.

5 Mille Miglia (Italy)

Top 10 Most Insane & Dangerous Auto Races In The History

This was the first race this Top 10 list that was banned by a tragedy. Its first edition was held in 1927 on a route of 1,600 kilometers, which began and ended in the city of Brescia, Italy. It was one of the Italian race that rivaled the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This event was restricted due to the fatal accident of Alfonso de Portago, who lost control of his Ferrari 335S, left the road and killed himself, with his co-driver and nine other people – five of them were children. The tragedy was the reason of national mourning  and the Italian press blamed Enzo Ferrari (the founder of the brand) for the tragedy.

4 24 Hours of Le Mans (France)

Top 10 Most Insane & Dangerous Auto Races In The History

This is one of the most iconic races in the automotive world. Almost everyone has at least heard of it, due to the exploits and terrible accidents provided with the evidences and proof. The first edition was held in 1923 at the Circuit de La Sarthe, located in Le Mans, France. In the interwar period, the Germans demonstrated their superiority at the fair that became Tractional among European producers – and then the rest of the world. In the 1955 edition, the pilot Pierre Levegh lost control of the car and killed more than 80 spectators.

Still, the race was not canceled. In 1971, the Mexican driver Pedro Rodriguez was recorded with the highest speed to date. Exactly 396.004 km / h were reached at that time. The race is held every year in June and its biggest winner is Tom Kristensen, with nine victories. Porsche is the most successful team with 16 titles.

3 La Carrera Panamericana (Mexico)

Top 10 Most Insane & Dangerous Auto Races In The History

The first period in which the race was held was from 1950 to 1954. The aim was to inform the continent – and the world – that Mexico had fulfilled the commitment to build their respective stretch of the Panamericana highway, which would connect the entire continent. The sporting director of Mercedes-Benz at the time, Alfred Neubauer said that the 24 Hours of Le Mans was a day trip through the countryside when compared with this race. Porche decided to baptize two of his most famous fireballs to honor this event. They are the Porsche Carrera and Panamera.

In 1988 the race was resumed in rally format and is held annually. This is the only proof of classic cars and high speed carried out on roads entirely open in the world.

2 Pikes Peak Hill Climb (USA)

Top 10 Most Insane & Dangerous Auto Races In The History

The full name of this car race is Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and is held since 1916 – the second oldest race in the country that is held in the mountainous area of Colorado, in the United States. The road has not been fully laid and the first paved path occurred in a time of 20 minutes and 55 seconds. This insane track is just like to play a real life car race video game.

Currently the track has  almost 20 kilometers – now fully paved that contains 156 curves. With 16 categories, one can say that everything can participate in the race virtually except the wheels and engines.

In the edition of 2013, the nine times world champion Sebastien Loeb has record of finishing the race in 8 hours.  Its highest point was called “Devil’s Playground” to have a slight idea of the hardness of the race.

1 Tourist Trophy (Britain)

Top 10 Most Insane & Dangerous Auto Races In The History

This is one of the craziest things that a human-being can do. This test is nothing less than running down on a road with houses, slopes and ravines on a motorcycle at more than 320 km / h. Held annually on the Isle of Man, since 1907 – with interruptions caused by wars and health problems – the mechanics are pretty simple: go as fast as possible on a road that circles the island of Britain. Obviously every year there are spectacular accidents and, unfortunately, some fatal, but that does not stop the riders face the challenge seeking to win the TT.

Incidentally, if that name sounds familiar, it is exactly there that Audi took inspiration to call your TT two-seater.