Top 10 Predictions & Prophecies By Billy Meier

Billy Meier is one of the most controversial contacts who has given the history of UFO-logy and contact. Meier possesses photographs, films and other solid tests of UFOs from the seventies that have validated several studies.

Another story alleging the photographs of the Pleiadians with whom it is communicated was found to be a fraud. Billy Meier’s predictions are characterized by being detailed and containing specific information, including scientific and astronomical data. This maybe the reason behind him being tried to assassinate in Switzerland in 1997.

The interest in this article is something else. This time we will focus on the predictions and prophecies of Billy Meier.

1 Monte Chimborazo

Billy Meier predictions

Meier succeeded in invading Arjanguelsk by Russian troops in 2011, which he prophesied in 1987. The Russian invasion of Scandinavia or the assassination of John Paul I were among other events. The thing complicated when experts said that it is difficult to predict the movements, motives and conducts  of the Russian troops. Mobilization of troops to the north was a top secret plan.

On August 24, 1958, Meier finalized a pamphlet with the predictions dictated by the Pleiadians Sfath and Asket. Under the title of “Warning to All Governments of Europe”, it was sent to the governments, obtaining the silence by answer of each and every one of them. Neither took into account his warnings nor carried out any preventive measures against the disasters he described.

2 Mount Everest

Billy Meier predictions

On July 17, 1975, Billy claimed that Mount Everest was not the highest in the world. This merit was to be carried by Mount Chimborazo, located in Ecuador. This revelation too had been made by the Pleiadians with whom he had contact. In 2002, National Geographic confirmed that Mount Chimborazo is 2,200 meters higher than Mount Everest.

The explanation being that the Earth is not completely round, but more dented in the middle. This is cited as the reason behind the inaccuracy of the measurement from the sea level to measure the height of a mountain. If taking the measurements from the center of the Earth, Mount Chimborazo is 6,384,450 meters high, and Everest is 6,382,250 meters.

3 Arrival On The Moon

Billy Meier predictions

The next in line was specifically the Soviet Union making a hard landing on the Moon with an unmanned object with jet propulsion on September 13, 1959; and on April 12, 1961, a human being from Earth will ascend to the skies with a rocket to orbit the Earth in outer space. And then on February 3, 1966, a space flying object , After which, in 1968, the outer space of the Earth will be left behind and later the first trip to the Moon will be undertaken.

He further predicted that until 1972, five manned landings will take place through the United States, while the sixth landing – supposedly the first – of July 20, 1969, will consist only of a deception staged worldwide for political reasons due to the arms race with the Soviet Union.

4 On AIDS and prostitution

Billy Meier predictions

He next predicted that in about 25 years, a deadly generating epidemic called AIDS will end up the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Child prostitution will also reach enormous levels, as will the murders of women and children for sexual reasons.

Trafficking of children and women with regard to prostitution and organ trafficking is already a daily occurrence today. This evil will increase until the turn of the millennium and in the third millennium, organ transplants in a few years will be part of the daily lives of human beings.

5 Natural Disasters

Billy Meier predictions

Nature will certainly rebel against human beings and their irresponsible acts, with which he disturbs the course of things of nature, as well as of fauna and flora and global life.

Earthquakes and tsunamis of the most severe form will develop powerfully and cost the lives of millions of human beings. Flood rains will cause enormous floods and extensive havoc, as has never seen and experienced by the whole humanity.

6 About The Crisis

Billy Meier predictions

His prediction about financial crisis came with the fact that criminal elements in positions of financial leadership will give themselves millions in profits and pay, and ruin large and old companies. Citizens too will go bankrupt when they can no longer control their finances, and will be away from traditional money.

They will be provided with plastic money in the form of plastic cards, allowing them to live above the possibilities of their income and pay everything under credit, thus generating terrible debts. Special companies will also appear for the management of plastic cards, while the banks will promote their customers depend on the plastic cards, which will be called credit cards. Their main focus will be on youth.

Maladministration will also constantly spread to inept governments, and equally mismanage. This will also lead their own countries to economic ruin by creating such huge debts that they will grow so large that the state must file for bankruptcy.

7 The European Union And The Microchip

Billy Meier predictions

In 1993, a European political and economic dictatorship that will be called “The European Union” will erupt. it will lead to the bad number 666. By this union, the citizens of all the member countries will be fully controlled by biometric data in the form of data platelets that will be implanted in the head or body as a biometric identification system.

The system will be monitored and controlled by a central data base, with which it will be possible to determine the location of each person up to one meter of precision. First, the United States will introduce this modern system and then the European Union, followed by other states – at the head of all of Switzerland.

8 Moral Degradation, Drugs

Billy Meier predictions

His best prediction was young people falling into proliferated addiction to drugs, alcohol and narcotics.

Drugs and addictions will ruin the bodies of people. By the beginning of the third millennium, a new and dangerous drug called crystal, will appear. It will be a furor among addicted people and wrinkle and decompose their faces and bodies in a few months. It will also age them in such a way as if they were monsters and they were one hundred years old.

Due to selfishness, hatred, revenge, lack of love, lack of virtue and addiction to pleasure, etc., the thoughts and feelings of human beings will become more and more cold. Both the psyche and consciousness as well as morality will be corrupted.

All those who are addicted to drugs of all kinds, those who drink them, will lose control of themselves. Many of them will enter the world of crime to get the drugs they are addicted to. Their lives will end in a torment and become a real catastrophe.

9 Epidemics

Billy Meier predictions

The next to come was about great famines in the third World. In rich and industrial states, preserves and other foodstuffs will be stored in gigantic storerooms, while farmers will foolishly destroy their fruits and vegetables because they do not want to sell their merchandise at unfavorable prices. Greed for money and wealth will have no limit. For that reason, they will also sell their properties and belongings for a few big coins to live on them and not have to devote themselves to a decent job.

10 Unemployment

Billy Meier predictions

The prediction about unemployment, which is deeply rooted and enriched today was that economic prosperity will continue to fall in 30 years, further leading to unemployment in all industrial nations. Millions of people will not only be out of work and end up in poverty, but families will also be destroyed. The world will witness a proliferation in crime and criminals.

It will take a long time before these events take place, a long time in the third millennium – a duration of 800 long years. Only then will the seeds of spiritual teaching begin to slowly germinate in the mass of humanity, the teaching on Creation and their laws and commandments as well as the teachings of life.