Top 10 Biggest Dating Mistakes Of Girls

Dating might be the most momentous things in the life of a girl. For someone, it is the most important as like as having sleep at night. If you are a boy and think the girls are as open as boys while dating, it isn’t always true. Girls often hesitate and possess dearth of confidence thereof.

Most of the women take it as interesting part of their life in order to find the perfect partner. Though it sounds like quite challenging and quitting in the middle, is not the solution.

When it comes to enjoy the relation with an ideal fling, one should always prepare for compromising for several days of life.

But this is not the case with all women, because some girls hesitate to feel themselves that what they were doing was wrong and they wanted no part of it.

Off course, you are searching for a good relationship and either you do spend your entire day or even 30 minutes, there are always chances of making some great mistakes while dating.

Just don’t proceed your date with the series of blunders!!

You have to read these top 10 biggest mistakes while dating, especially if you are girl, instead of making the things wrong again and again.

10) Show Your Quality Of Being Truthful

top 10 biggest dating mistakes of girls

Surprisingly it isn’t always easiest to date. Many times, you think that you are well familiar with the guy you date with, but suddenly some unforeseen things happened and the person you know free himself from the relation.

To avoid such circumstances, always start your date by showing your truthfulness. This way, the girls are always assumed to be very honest partner perfect for a longtime relationship.

Representing yourself with truthfulness and honesty is your first task while dating.

9) Single Date At A Time

top 10 biggest dating mistakes of girls

I have seen many cases of the girl you won’t believe with the multiple dates at a single time. Though, it is quite uncommon blunder all the way.

To date with multiple guys at a single time is often a boastful statement for boys. Similarly, some girls also wish to do the same. Not everyone is your boyfriend, dating may be done with a close friend and even with a stranger.

But, seriously, it can be major issue. When you feel that your current date in not the ideal one you are interested within, then you tend to step up on the next and wasting your time in the next one. Try to date with the selected guys who are serious towards your life.

8) Be Abstemious

top 10 biggest dating mistakes of girls

Perhaps you have spent several dates and offered a pleasing date in a bar or someone wants to buy drink for you.
Though it may be good starting, when someone offered to buy a drink for you.

Though the other mistake you may make, that is not to control yourself in drink or the meal consumption. It should your first priority to stay sober and always try to be an abstemious despite anyone offers you to buy unlimited drink to you.

If you avoid this rule, you will find totally blasted at the end of the day. Remember, you can you judge a guy when you are not sober at that time.

If he wants to make a date at a bar then try to suggest him a new place instead of a bar. I am not complaining about the drinking, but what about to start a new relationship being so drunk that you could barely remember the things next day.

Remembers, you can create a fun on this special day without drinking.

7) Don’t Take Blind Tips To Your Friends

top 10 biggest dating mistakes of girls

With the advancement of social networking, we as a girl have a lot of other female friends. Can you guess any idea what I am talking about this mistake?

Suppose you are hanging out with other female friends and gossiping about your boyfriends. Then, it is natural, many friends out their deliver their opinion and tips about relationship.

Not everyone has a same story or same kind of relationship. So beware to take implement any tips from them.
Don’t let your mind to soak all the tips that is delivered out there. Asking someone about dating is totally absurd thing that you must avoid. It is up to you, how you can handle your relationship and how to proceed with your partner.

If you serious and still want to seeking advice or tips on dating then ask to the person who have well experience of serious dating and relationships.

6) Present Yourself In A Good Manner And Dressed Properly

top 10 biggest dating mistakes of girls

The problem with the clothes is that they seem too fantastic on the mannequin. But don’t prefer a special dress or something different for the special day you want to enjoy. The point is to buying a dress and giving up on the clothes that you really want.

If you think you can impress your date by showing off your legs with the shorts, then your starting is unfair. This way, you are attracting the guy towards your body instead of any serious relationship.

Be simple and try to put the classy dress that you are comfortable in. The goal is to avoid either the princess like dress or the short-wears.

5) Show Your Interest With Conversation

top 10 biggest dating mistakes of girls

Become a conversation friendly partner is not a simple task. Sometimes it may turn everything into a restless job. There are some girls who believe the man should lead the conversation and must engage their attention by asking questions. While some other girls out there who think the conversation must be maintained by either side.

You have to be very concerned or attentive while talking on a date. Not every boy interested to listen your life story or about your birthday party, first pet and bla-bla-bla. Just keep maintain a good conversation by asking short questions and answers. Even you may keep your date engage with a funny conversation.

4) Don’t Tell Everyone About The First Date

top 10 biggest dating mistakes of girls

Once you get most of your first date, many women tend to receive the phone and the gossip begins about this new partner that how quit he is or many things. Even calling a guy as your boyfriend even with a single date is unfair. Once you realize this is the one that you are committing a long term relationship, and then you can tell everyone about your date.

3) Avoid Extravagant Expectations

top 10 biggest dating mistakes of girls

If you think, in all way the guy you date with, likes you and you are fascinating for further plans with him. Then stop now and act like a smart girl. Practically, you should give him a time to decide whether you are an ideal partner for him. You should consider the dating as a chance to select a right candidate for relationship. Not all the time, but in future, you can find a person who also think about you and won’t let you go from his life easily.

If you avoid this tip, you become too negative with your first date and would feel crashed down for next date.

2) Are You Finding The Guy In Malls?


If you want to sort your most of relationship problem in advance, then look for the guy in the right places. This is just a good starting that sorts out before the initiation of your first date.

Just ask to your heart, the guy of your dream is waiting you in any coffee shop or food zone in any shopping mall. I am not a big fan of such places that make you repent in future.

Looking the dream partner in malls or such kind of places is the cheap way to start but comes with certain consequences and insists you to go downhill.

Try one step up into your society and you will find a right guy one day.

1) Be Calm While Exchanging Numbers

top 10 biggest dating mistakes of girls

Now the day is over and everything has fine and probable he or you ask for the contact number. You are filling with a lot of excitement and waiting for hours for the ringing of your phone.

Even you exchanged the number, don’t expect too much from a boy. Not all the guys reply shortly. If he is really interested in relationship, he will call you as the time passes.

If you couldn’t succeeded with the last date then try with the next one and this time more cleverly, follow all the tips given above. One day, you will find a matchless mate you never think in your dream.