Top 10 Best Villains Of Marvel & DC Comic Books

Comic books are the all time famous stuff for reading. This provides us the source to know the various fictional characters, super heroes and villains.

As the popularity of fictional character increases mainly with the comics, most of the superhero garnered the massive share of attention. But today, they were the villains who were remembered by the audience compared to the heroes.

It is not a surprising fact; villains are today the major characters famous for their notorious things. When it comes to the best comic books villain, this is very selective list for you.

Note that all villains are different and possess different types of power. Some are physically strong while some have super natural powers. Further the selection of a best villain is up to you, considering the fact that how much you do like a negative character, was it funny or a serious, and can you love their appearance if they would appear as hero?

Well, let’s take a look on the list of top ten best villains of Marvel and DC comic books.

10) Lex Luthor

Top 10 Best Villains Of Marvel & DC Comic Books

Being the smartest villains, Lex Luthor is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial behavior.

Lex Luthor is one of the greatest villains of the DC Universe. It is mainly archenemy of Superman, but has faced several other heroes. He was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, appearing for the first time in 1940.
And off course, the Luthor you already know very well. He is he typical rich, crazy and powerful tycoon with a great intelligence and capable of great technological achievements.

The problem with Luthor is that most of their actions are focused on Superman. Well, maybe that’s a hobby of millionaires.

Lex Luthor was first appeared in Action Comics by DC Comics.

9) Galactus

Top 10 Best Villains Of Marvel & DC Comic Books

Being the most feared personality in the cosmos; Galactus is perhaps the only single survivor of the universe even before the event of Big Bang.

Compared to the other villains or even all of the villains combining together in our post, he is responsible for the greatest amount of murders considering he has an insatiable desire to devour the planet.

Obviously, he is proudly privilege to setting his position on the list of top 10 villains. There are the other titles given by the people like a ‘natural part of the universe’ or the ‘force of the nature’.

Galactus was first appeared in the Fantastic Four by Marvel comics.

8) Kingpin

Top 10 Best Villains Of Marvel & DC Comic Books

An extraordinary criminal named Wilson Fisk who is responsible for various illegal activities like extortion, drug smuggling and murder.

Despite the fact, he is a villain without a criminal record and a group of handful lawyers are responsible to keep him away from the matters.

He performs various criminal activities for raising the wealth. He is a man without super natural powers but his massive sized muscles are enough to raise your hair on the strand.

Moon Knight, Daredevil and Captain America are some super heroes who have battled against Kingpin. But Spider man is the most targeted antagonist despised by him.

It might possible you can also dislike his character because he is responsible to ruin the life of Daredevil and came as a powerful character towards other heroes.

Note that the Spider Man Aunt named May was killed by him.

He was first appeared in comics of Amazing Spider Man by Marvel.

7) Thanos

Top 10 Best Villains Of Marvel & DC Comic Books

The most surprising character in the villain list; he has courted and killed his lover.

According to the Thanos, life can be made better by killing the human being. He wants to turn this universe into a lifeless entity.

There are various powerful objects in the universe like the infinity gems and cosmic cubes but unfortunately, Thanos has a total control over these objects. Thus he represented himself like a god. According to the comic legends, he had conquered the Galactus and raises his powers.

Thanos was first appeared in the Iron Man Comics by Marvel.

6) Doomsday

Top 10 Best Villains Of Marvel & DC Comic Books

This bad guy came into existence by evolution of an infant who has fully prepared by cloning. He was destroyed several times in the world most unpleasant habitats i.e. the atmosphere where prehistoric krypton found. We can say, he was grown to be too offensive and indecent.

Regardless of the many complains that this bad character was nothing than just a marketing gambit. But we can’t ignore this powerful personality responsible for killing the Man of Steel and the most desired hero – Superman.

It was good enough to show a villain personality as one-trick pony. But we must consider this character in our list due to his achievement of defeating the best superheroes in the history of comic-legends. Not only was the superman, entire justice league once defeated by this evil man.

Doomsday was first appeared in the DC comics of Superman.

5) Dr. Doom

Top 10 Best Villains Of Marvel & DC Comic Books

Victor Von Doom is a guy whose face was badly scarred after a dangerous accident.
Further, he has used a hot steel mask in order to cover his face. And everything became worse because this made him mentally ill.

As the time passes, just like Thanos, he has conquered various powers of the universe.
We can’t forget his cosmic powers stolen from the Silver Surfers. Also, he has arrogated all the powers of Galactus which in turn, help to seize the powers of the well known beings on the earth. Hi is just artful and smart criminal of the world.

He was first appeared in Fantastic Four by Marvel comics.

4) Green Goblin

Top 10 Best Villains Of Marvel & DC Comic Books

I can’t forget this green villain in the Amazing Spider Man movie due to his most heinous crimes. He appeared second time and characterized in the timeline of Spider Man series.

He is the culprit beyond the murder of Gwen Stacey (the Spider man’s girlfriend) when he threw her down from the Washington Bridge.

It is the only villain in Spider Man life who knows his all secret. He also knows it is the Peter Parker beyond the Spider Man character.

Considered to be the most insane & dangerous enemy of Spidy and the craving for revenge makes him one of the more interesting villains in our list.

Green Goblin was first appeared in the Amazing Spider Man by Marvel comics.

3) Venom


This bad guy is actually a temp-up of two different things consisting of a human and an alien. Both are vicious who want to destroy the life of Peter Parker (Spider Man).

Venom isn’t a simple creature on the earth but an alien symbiote that appeared as bonded with several different hosts and all off course dislike Spidy and the most noteworthy Eddie Brock.

And I don’t need to introduce his all well known powers just like Spider Man. This villainous character is known for the spider sense that makes him superior over the spider man power.

Like green Goblin, he has also known the Spider man identity and enticed the Peter Parker into a trap by kidnapping his parents.

It is worth to know he can also become a superhero instead when his innocent powers conquered the bad one. But what we see him in the legends with an evil eye.

Since the character was created, he has garnered a quite attention from a large clan of audience ensuring his rank on the best Villains list.

Venom was first appeared in the Amazing Spider Man by Marvel comics.

2) Magneto

Top 10 Best Villains Of Marvel & DC Comic Books

Magneto got the special privilege of being the first known mutants on this planet till the day. Despite of his most dangerous appearance, he believed that only the homo-superiors (mutants) can rule the world.

His dreadful desire to turn every human being on the planet into a mutant makes him a greatest super villain ever.
Further, he has developed a skill in order to control magnetic powers and attacked the X Men by knowing their weaknesses and strengths.

The metal skeleton of the Wolverine body was ripped by the Magneto and degraded the physical powers of the X Men and you remember! He also murdered Jean Grey.

He was first appeared in Uncanny X-men by Marvel Comics.

1) Joker

Top 10 Best Villains Of Marvel & DC Comic Books

This villain is just a great threat to entire humanity. The Joker is one of the most insane opponents in Batman’s life. He has all the evil qualities like murderous, unpredictable crimes and especially his cunning personality.

The fact he is on the great villain list due to his evil character, schizophrenic clown, and mass murderer and off course the psychopathic.

As per the legends, he is a talented chemist and inventor and there is nobody in his life. He is almost mentally ill and wants to destroy Batman with a maniacal strength. As a criminal, this mad guy isn’t only murder the people for his master plan but also enjoys it.

Joker was first appeared in Batman by DC Comics