8 Studies In Medical Science That Can Surely Cure Cancer

The January, 2016 was the pretty nice days for me. That time I was suffering from a moderate back pain. After regular check-ups, CT Scan and MRI, I am diagnosed with multiple meyloma – a 4th stage aggressive form of cancer and I was suggested with a survival period of 2 to 6 months.

The day, when my biopsy report came – and I simply opened the report with my tears that gearing up towards my face.

And luckily, it all ended with a case of misdiagnosis of cancer with bone infection!!!

After surviving 2 months with cancer patients and doctors, I researched many things about cancer and point out some facts how far we stand to cure this unpredictable lethal disease.

Today, I am posting a rundown of 8 studies for curing Cancer starting from a humorous fart-study to the anti-cancer effects of grapes.

I hope, this post will be helpful for upcoming researchers and biological geeks who work in the relevant field.

1) Exposure To Farts – A Cancer Defeating Study

8 Studies In Medical Science That Can Surely Cure Cancer

May be – you are laughing. But farting can fight with many serious diseases including cancer.

This is not a joke but a fact that reveals a fart smell is able to fling the symptoms of cancer and other serious diseases. Surprisingly, it offers a wide array of medical advantages. It can target and stimulate our immune against the diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, dementia and stroke.

According to the Dr. Mark Wood, we know the famous gas – hydrogen sulfide as an irritating gas with pungent smell. Rotten eggs are the famous source to experience this smelly gas. But it produces in human body naturally and having the ability to promote healthy environment against a number of diseases.

It is already known that the extreme exposure to this pungent smell is dangerous to human health and small dose is sufficient to protect our body cells from uncontrolled division.

The miraculous part of this study is the discovery of a new compound – AP39 that enhancing the treatment of body by slowing down the process of cell-dying (cells are often stressed by the diseases and thus weakens) and provide this pungent gas to the mitochondria. The entire process is helpful to avoid death of the cells.

This study is latest in the medical literature and it may be the cure of cancer with its extraordinary cell repairing power.

Who knows, a few doses of farts can cure or prevent cancer!!!

 2) RNA Study Of Immortals Jellyfish

8 Studies In Medical Science That Can Surely Cure Cancer

This creature seems to accelerate its growth in many oceans of the blue planet. Unlimited surviving power is the known quality of Jellyfish.

Jellyfish can live forever in the oceanic habitat where other species unable to proliferate.

The aging process can’t affect the life quality of Jelly-fish as it has the ability to become younger again and again in order to fight odds and diseases.

Now, this amazing power is the major subject to study its biology and researchers are utilizing this study to prevent cancer.

Scientists may be just near to the success by experimenting with RNA – a small genetic part responsible for gene expression.

Here is a bolt from the blue fact about Jelly fish – Its Genetic characters are very similar to human beings.

3) Elephants With Their Duplicate Genes

8 Studies In Medical Science That Can Surely Cure Cancer

When it compared to the humans, elephant contains the gigantic amount of cells. More cell means more back up for dead cells and thus this property enables them to fight cancer 100 times more effectively then human.

Till date, less than five percent of elephant are known who died due to Cancer. Generally Elephant preserves several copies of its gene to combat diseases. The massive amount of cells in these genes has more power to prevent DNA damage. When one copy fails, other starts to work to support immune system.

Biologists hope something good news in the study of this long lived mammal and in the quest to conquer the cancer.

4) Deinococcus Radiodurans – A DNA Repairer Bacterium

8 Studies In Medical Science That Can Surely Cure Cancer

Its scientific name is too difficult to remember but I remember it for their extraordinary power of repairing DNA. These are the small bacterium species that found pink in color.

This species can resist an extreme amount of exposure to radiations (what I mean to say 1,500,000 gamma radiations). Even they are found comfortable with such amount. Conversely, human can be easily killed with 500 gamma radiation.

Now, researchers are working hard to decipher the genetic code of this amazing creature. They are just like a DNA mechanics who repair their DNA to protect themselves.

In future, we can trick cancer cells and prevent those cells to attack on our immune cells.

5) Ingredients Of Beer Can Kill Cancer Cells

8 Studies In Medical Science That Can Surely Cure Cancer

It’s good news for the moderate drinkers – a cold brew has the amazing ingredients that can cure cancer effectively.

According to the studies held at University of Idaho, scientists have claimed that some chemical compounds in beer like humulones, lupulones and acids are bitter in nature and contain tremendous antibacterial and antiviral properties, which in turn, make it a good anti-inflammatory tonic for health.

Moreover, new researches pertaining to the beer, indicates that we are close to develop an anti-cancer medicine inherited from the compounds of beer and it may kill cancerous cells for a long lasting period without damaging the human immune system.

According to the researcher Dr. Kristopher Waynant from Idaho University, they have succeeded in extracting the 90 percent useful components of beer and synthesize in a form of medicine. This medicine will not only improve the quality of cancer patient life but it surely can cure cancer.

6) MRL Mouse – Self Healing Creature That May Survive In Malignancy

8 Studies In Medical Science That Can Surely Cure Cancer

The famous bloodline of MRL mouse is known for its strange powers of tissue regeneration. Let me clear, it’s an accidental research and the scientists are ready to use this tissue/wounds regeneration ability to implement in humans without knowing the root cause.

These MRL mouse are generally white in color and have the wound healing ability. They can regenerate their complex organs like kidneys. We have come very closer to the results. In near future, one can re-grow his/her organs and no one in this world would remain physical disabled.

But research groups have been focusing its cancer curative property to combat the malignant cells without impacting the body negatively.

7) Water Bear – A Survivor Of Extreme Atmosphere

studies that can defeat cancer

These little critters are very friendly to the harsh habitats. They can survive under extreme conditions. Water bear also called tardigrades and the known species are tested in laboratory with the freezing temperature of absolute zero.

Surprisingly, you can’t predict, at what extent of radiation they can withstand with.

Water bear have also the ability to repair their genetic character. This intriguing concept now garners the attention from Cancer researcher and a clan of scientists who want to study the aging and inflammation process in living beings.

8) Grapes – Possible Cure Of Cancer In Future

8 Studies In Medical Science That Can Surely Cure Cancer

Till date, grapes are recommended anti-cancer diet by nutritionists and even doctors. This fruit has the power to boost our immune system with its amazing anti-oxidants content.

A special research by Elvira Gonzalez de Meija (a nutrition expert from Illinois at Urbana Champaign) indicates that it is better to take grapes instead of supplement to resist the cancer cell attack.    

Still, researchers aren’t sure how much quantity does it take to fight cancer but possibly it has tremendous anti-cancer effects independent of anti-oxidants properties. These all things may force to malignant cells to surrender.