7 Surprising Facts About Star Jelly – An Unexplained Alien Entity

Falling meteors, flying saucer-like-spaceships, and UFOs sightings have always been strongly links with the appearance of any foreign substances. Such bizarreness seems to be linked directly to a controversial universe. But with the technological and scientific advances, they are getting closer and closer to being identified and their mystery remained unravelled. Let’s us know more about the most unexplained thing in science that is Star jelly.

At the Project Blue Quartz, the Star Jelly appeared more frequently. With the speed at which information moves through the web, we have more reports and consequently more impact on conventional media of news. However, historical accounts date back hundreds of years.

Dan Rolph is a renowned scientist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He just came in time to record the dates of two mysterious events- “Rain of Blood” (1176, 1653, 1993, and 2001) and the “Star Gelatine” or simply “Star Jelly” (1993, 2001 and 2011). These out-of-the-ordinary events gained sensationalist prominence as substances from other worlds, and even became material for fiction films.

Yes, these out-of-the-world events are nothing but intriguing. Why not read on for more?!

Here are the 7 most surprising facts about star jelly – an unexplained alien entity.

1 The Curious Case Of The Star Jelly

This major and mysterious substance has left biologists and experts unanswered, even after exhaustive analysis of samples. In addition to the inconclusive answers, the mysterious disappearances of some of the government-funded laboratories samples come on the scene.

Star Jelly Mystery

Scientists from government laboratories were instructed not to question the disappearance of the samples. However, what gave rise to the polls was that many of the witnesses collected the substance and stored it in their own freezers and contacted university teams to deliver new “Star Jelly” samples.

Star Jelly Mystery

2 Site Of The Fall

Most intriguing cases of the substance happened in Philadelphia – USA, in 1950. The witnesses reported seeing an UFO crumbling near the soil. They revealed that when they arrived at the site of the fall, the whole place was filled with this gelatinous substance.

There are many in Oakville, Washington – USA, who witnessed the same substance, and fell ill days later, with bacterial infections. For security reasons, the commercial laboratories were hired by some citizens and doctors to make the analysis of the strange substance that some experts said was “frog eggs.”

3 Results Of The Laboratory Test

The examinations carried out by private laboratories, resulted with the facts that were different from what was presented. In the tests, the product or substance behaved differently than anything they had ever analyzed. In the first observations even the samples closed in test tubes, disappeared after a few hours and left no vestige in the bottle. In the observations made in electron microscopes, bacteria of unknown origin were detected, but with high power of contamination.

Such was the level of contamination that it could transmit diseases and serious infections. In DNA tests, the DNA tag or matrix existed, but nothing that could be compared to reach a conclusion of its origin.

For some biologists, it was conclusive for the definition of something extra-terrestrial. Some laboratory technicians who were involved in the research even referred to the mysterious “jelly” as being an extra-terrestrial biological entity. The substances were extremely resistant to high and low temperatures, and the samples were subjected to extreme cold -75° C and intense heat conditions reaching over 600 ° C. After being only hydrated, they were resuscitated and active.

4 The Jelly Being Analysed

The discovered samples were soon replaced by new samples of eyewitnesses of the fall and the appearance of “gunk” as some call it. In this new analysis, the scientists involved ensured that the material under analysis had the characteristics of eukaryotic cells (cells or white blood cells similar to human blood).

One of the scientists said: “Surely it is an adaptable and tough living tissue”. There was again an interesting turn to the test. After some tests, the sample again disintegrated. The group working on the samples stated that it is biological at the same time as it seems synthetic, because of its resistance.

One of the experts involved in the analysis said: “If this gelatine comes from the stars, it is quite possible to survive the entry into our atmosphere, for its extreme resistance to cold and heat”. According to him, the substance has a strong smell of sulphur. Some of the people who reported the appearance of Jelly also reported having observed chemical traces in the sky, or “Chemtrails”. This data and observation was later contested by experts.

In UK, the BBC reporters were called to cover the appearance of gelatine. It had spread large expanse of pastures of Scotland. They led the samples obtained by the residents of the places affected by the foreign substance to laboratories. The answers to the tests were inconclusive and the substance was given as unknown – that is, they did not identify what it was. On DNA, the tests turned negative for any comparative analysis.

5 The Narrow Relationship Between The Star Jelly & The Meteorites

The correlation of the case doesn’t stop there. An incident occurred in Murchison, Australia, in 1969. A very strong light followed by a violent bang was observed by a large number of witnesses, causing panic in the city. After the strong explosion of the entrance into the atmosphere, rocks started falling of the sky, spreading the spatial debris to a great area. Analysis of this debris is still on to several laboratories. For years, the researches continue waiting for the emergence of new technologies to solve the enigmas.

About three years ago, the results in electronic microscopes proved a mysterious relationship between the bacteria found in Star Jelly, and those revealed in fragments of rocks that fell from the sky. Scientists say that the rock forms a kind of cocoon of protection. The cocoon leaves the jelly content protected from the very high temperatures of entry into our atmosphere.

6 Tardigrades In Hibernation

Top 10 Forms Of Life & Amazing Survival Theories

In the University of North Carolina, these meteorites were being studied. The study created a possible relationship of organisms that supposedly survive the fall and temperature changes with tardigrades. The tardigrades are small invertebrates popularly known as water bears. They are phylum that was described for the first time by JAE Goeze in 1773. They live for many years. Their long life is credited to the ability to shrink and remain practically dead, without exceeding any activity and when they want or in certain conditions to which they are exposed.

Certainly immortals? It would not be exaggeration to say that this little animal is from another world. These creatures are actually arachnids arthropods (the spiders class) having eight legs. Each foot has four to eight small claws and their body varies from 0.05 to 1.25 mm. They live among the mosses and lichens. They can be heavily pigmented, ranging from reddish orange to olive green.

They also possess resistance and thermal hibernation capacity. These are true space travellers, capable of penetrating our aggressive atmosphere and surviving. Experiments with this tiny, sturdy alien have reached incredible markings of -274° C to 150° C. The creature has risen like magic before the eyes of the observers.

7 Blood Rain In India Is Unexplained Just Like Star Jelly

Bload rain and star jelly linking

We have probably heard about the mysterious rain of blood that hit India. Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe, Vidya Jothi Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe, 71, was born in Sri Lanka. He is a professor of mathematics and astronomy at the University of Cardiff in the United Kingdom, and is among many a great advocate of “Panspermia”.

Panspermia is the hypothesis according to which the seeds of life are prevalent throughout the Universe and that life on Earth began when one of these seeds arrived here. In the samples analysed and filtered, elements such as calcium and titanium were found. When they were submitted to direct action of Ultra Violet rays and to the treatment of electric discharges, they were resistant. According to the study, the cells have DNA markers, though nothing comparable. According to Dr. Chandra these structures are alien.

Even some researchers are studying about the any common connection between Star Jelly and Blood rain.

The examinations made in the samples by Dr. Godfrey Louis, resulted in reports at least intriguing, the composition of “Blood Rain” which terrorized the population of the city of Kerala. in fact, the result showed that the red rain was composed of blood cells but with its altered structure. The cell wall of these cells was dense and extremely resistant and despite having a DNA “mark” it was not comparable to any human and terrestrial structure. In all these analysis, appeared cell structures of composition similar to blood cells, but without human DNA. A curiosity that left scientists puzzled: “After subjected to temperatures of 230° C, they had playing early signs.”

We are being bombarded daily by rocks and other objects from space. It seems like a new way of life is between us. What else will scientists expect to declare as true, whether this invasion is microscopic or macroscopic?