Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

Who wants to visit the haunted and spooky places located in different locations from around the world. But today, we have compiled a list of real World creepy places such that visiting these places can cost you more than your life. We strictly advice you not to stick these spots. As these are the top 10 spooky and haunted locations of the World.

1 The Resort Of San Zhi

Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

The breeze of this location is supposed to be a luxury tourist resort in northern Taiwan. The futuristic city of San Zhi was abandoned before it was finished. History and rumor stated that it has many workers who died inside the houses-capsules during its construction, and the government finally decided to close the work. Worst of all, that nothing could be revealed with the autopsies on the bodies. Now instead of a tourist resort for the richest people in Taiwan, San Zhi is just a mini ghost town and haunted location left in the World.

2 Concentration Camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oswiecim, Poland

Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

The biggest concentration camp in Poland, occupied by Germany during the Second World War and this place is, in fact, one of the scariest places on earth. Under Hitler’s command, the complex of Auschwitz-Birkenau is one of the largest concentration camps and house of extermination.

It is estimated that nearly 3 million people died here from 1942 to early 1945, 2.5 million were exterminated and 500,000 died of starvation or disease. Approximately 90% of prisoners, in which the majority was Jews and they were exterminated. In January 1945, Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet troops. Today, travelers can visit the camp. Often, we don’t like to visit places with bizarre and creepy atmosphere, right?

3 Winchester Mansion

Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

The history of this place is as follows: after the death of her husband and son, Sarah Winchester (the wife of rifle-maker son) consulted a psychic. And he proclaimed that his family had been killed by the ghosts of the persons who have been died from bullets of Winchester weapons.

The seer suggested that only the permanent construction of the mansion could calm the spirits. Thus, she should build rooms for the spirits with the light remained in the house, such that it could cease the unwanted noises. But none of that happened. Though the spooky and haunted noises continued to torment the Sarah, who decided to build the house until the end of his life. The mansion with 160-room is really bizarre and nothing is interesting except a gentle wind.

Stairs that lead nowhere and doors that open itself. The flooring and roofing workers have been came in the morning and Sarah gave instructions that he wanted entire constructions in the same day. And the next day she could demolish what was done the day before and rebuild otherwise. So the spirits could become more and more confused.

4 The Middle Gate In Ikego, Yokohama

Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

The gate that clues the sinister marks and the spot were located near a World War II concentration camp. Here, thousands of Chinese and Koreans were forced to work and they are killed by the Japanese Imperial Army. Today it serves as a US military base Five incinerators on site and three doors that separate it from the Japanese community.

At the gate, patrol guards reported hearing voices and footsteps, and describe the sensation of feeling as they are being watched by unseen eyes. A Japanese soldier of World War II often has been viewed in a brown uniform, without legs, between the floating gates of the middle and rear. These incidents are part of a much larger picture, as there are much more haunted spots in Japan.

5 Balete Drive, Philippines

Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

We want you to know that this city is known for sightings of a woman in white dress and haunted houses that were built during the Spanish Era (1800s). New Manila has plenty of baletes trees, which, according to a legend, is the favorite place for wandering spirits and other paranormal activities. Specialists themselves believe in paranormal incidents.

You’re screwed actually sticking this role, but say the white woman was raped by Japanese soldiers during the World War II. Witnesses of the white woman warn motorists to avoid the street at night, especially if alone. Still if you want to travel this route, keep your back seat fully occupied and no one must look back or in the mirrors. The appearance would be like a woman is wearing an evening gown, has long hair and no face, really scary!

6 Berkeley Square, 50, London, England

Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

This location in London, well known for the song “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”, is also home as the most haunted house in London. The number 50 Berkeley Square is home of one of Mother Daughter ghosts. The girl murdered in the 1700s and often viewed on the top floor crying and wringing her hands with despair.

Another woman trying to escape herself while falling from a window – her ghost is often seen hanging on a window sill. While the house was empty in the 1870s, the neighbors heard numerous screams and moans coming from the home. They also heard furniture moving, bells ringing, and banging windows.

Years later the house was occupied by a Mr. Dupre, who locked her crazy brother in a room on the top floor. He fed his brother insanely by a special opening in the door. This is the room that is said to be the center of haunting. Today the house is home to a bookstore – strange occurrences were observed by all store employees. The top floor is kept locked at all times and no one is allowed to enter it, and no one knows the reality “why”.

7 The Real Silent Hill – Centralia, United States

Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

An almost empty, misty city, closed streets and banned … It looks like a game? A movie? No, friend, this is the reality. We speak of Centralia, located in the state of Pennsylvania – USA. If you are a brave enough who want to stroll around the spot, we just want to tell a little about this bizarre city.

In 1962, a fire in a garbage dump eventually, resulted in a collapse that condemned the whole town. The fire reached an old coal mine located almost everywhere in the basement of Centralia, which practically exploded, causing toxic gases and flames to the surface. The control of fire did not last long, holes were opening the floor (One concerned swallowed a 12 year old boy, who later was rescued), and smoke and fumes began to be expelled wildly, forcing the city to be evacuated.

Only a few brave people insisted on staying. Today, Centralia still is burning. It is estimated that the carbon contained in the mine – about 10 kms long – will burn for 250 years. Houses were demolished; part of the access to the city is restricted.

8 Field Hospital, Kanagawa

Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

Located on the military base named Sagami General Depot, this hospital has been the site of several unexplained events. The building is underutilized, but the night security revealed the windows are always closed and opened against the flurries and the locked door automatically opened up. Many of the military police who patrol the building have reported hearing someone or something walking inside. Like a good horrifying site, the spot has inspired some Japanese horror movies.

9 Tomb of Tutankhamen

Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

A pharaoh of ancient Egypt died in the young age, and he was only 19 years old. His reign rolled during the years 1333 and 1323 BC. Tutankhamen, like the other pharaohs, would have a worthy grave to enjoy the beautiful life after death, but due to his unexpected departure from this world he ended up buried in a small tomb located in Valley of the Kings.

This tomb is just a victim of looters; Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered only in 1922. It was completely preserved and all the relics left there along with the pharaoh’s sarcophagus. The Tutankhamun’s treasures are currently in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

You know those crazy and adventurous films that come with these tombs with skeletons and full of traps and a bizarre chart? Of course, it was based on this Tomb.

Archaeologist Howard Carter, discoverer of the tomb under mysterious circumstances, and the noble English sponsor of the expedition and some of his friends and close relatives, after the discovery, fueled the legend that the tomb would keep a ‘mummy’s curse for those who would reach to the profane.

10 Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Top 10 Spooky & Haunted Locations Of The World

This forest in Japan is sinister, bizarre and and a place of cross-breeze. More than 500 people have committed suicide there. Though the forest staff put both boards with messages of encouragement you guys, like, think again, and think of your family, to your friends and other such things.

The Forest has such heavy weather that the Japanese forbid their children to go around. Disappearances cases are common in this region, those cases in which someone comeback, are rare and those that are solved. Better not to take risk and stay away from this sinister place.

If you know any haunted or insane destinations then let us know via comments.