10 Fearsome Facts About Slender Man | A Mystic Humanoid

The Slender Man (aka Slenderman) is a humanoid or a supernatural creature whose existence remains a question for many. He is creepy, he is tall wearing a black or gray suit with white shirt and red/black tie. His facial feature is unknown or having a void appearance.

Let’s read on the top 10 facts about Slender Man:

Note: This post contains some disturbing videos and footages. Avoid this if you have phasmophobia or spectrophobia

1. Slender Man: Who Is He?

Slender Man

The Slender Man is described as being tall and thin, with abnormally long arms that can extend to intimidate or catch prey. He has a white, faceless head, and appears to be wearing a dark suit. Usually, it appears in forests, amid the trees, camouflaging itself. Many people also report seeing black tentacles coming off their backs.

2. Slender Man Was A Horrible Kidnapper & Murderer

Slender Man as kidnapper and murderer

Initially, it was mainly known for kidnapping and killing children. Then he began to chase after adults and teenagers, chasing his victim for life until he went crazy.

3. This Monster Has Endless Desire To Kill Others

Slender Man

For some people, The Slender man is driven by the endless desire to kill. For other people, he needs to prey the bodies of his victims for his own survival, perhaps this is why their bodies were never found. Still, other people believe that, after killing their victims, the devilish creature takes them to their place of origin; which would be a kind of parallel reality or another world.

Still, other people believe that, after killing their victims, the devilish creature takes them to their place of origin; which would be a kind of parallel reality or another world.

4. Slender Man Originally Originated From An Online Forum

Slender Man

Today there is no point in saying that the Slender Man was something created, because the myth created life, but know that in fact, the Slender Man does not exist before June 10, 2009. But how? Calm down, I’ll explain. There is a humorous website called Something Awful, which is a giant forum and has existed since 1999.

On June 8, 2009, a contest was launched in this forum for people to make photo montages by inserting supernatural entities into them. On the 10th, a user named “Victor Surge” sent two images of a group of children with an elongated creature behind.

And to give more excitement, he wrote a short text about each photo:

“He do not want to go, did not want to kill them, but his persistent silence and horrible extended-arms console us at the same time …”

It was the “first great myth of the web” born ever – according to the BBC.

5. Unknown Photographer Presumably Dead After Shooting Him With Camera

Slender Man

It was the awful evening of 13th June 1986 when fourteen children have been disappeared (or possibly abducted) from Stirling City. Fortunately, a local photographer named Mary Thomas took several photos of that mysterious event. But after some time, she had been missing herself at the same night.

6. The Library Caught Fire Where Slender Man’s Evidence Is Confiscated

The camera and photos were recovered and confiscated as evidence of Slender Man.

What the photos were referred to something a mystic figure known as “Slender Man.” Later, the deformities of this mystic creature cited as ‘flaws in the film’ by government officials.

The photos and case files were reserved in Stirling City Library for further studies but unfortunately, there was a fire that engulfed the library. The actual cause of the fire remains unknown but the officials lost almost most of the proofs and public information of the case. Two copies of photographs could be retrieved.

After five months of the tragedy of Stirling City, what is more creepy than knowing that the body of one of the children had been discovered in a nearby town that turned into a swamp.

7. The Marble Hornets YouTube Series That Promotes Slender Man’s Legend

Marble Hornet YoTube series on Slender Man

Marble Hornets series is a YouTube channel that has left many people scared to death. It was created in 2009 and receives new videos until June 2014. It was one of those who is responsible for spreading the legend of the Slender Man.

The idea begins with a man named Alex, who went to film school and decided to make a movie called “Marble Hornets”. He is weird, stressed out and used to shoot the places where he grew up.

One of his friend named Jay went to see him and found him in a horrible state in his house, and he wanted to burn the recorded scenes of “Marble Hornets”, but Jay took the tapes for him and began to analyze them, trying to figure out what had left Alex like that. Jay has since been uploading YouTube videos of his investigation.

Each video is called “Entry #” followed by a number, and at this point, he published a total of 87 entries. Each entry has a few seconds to up to several minutes in length.

Below, the first two entries for you to take a liking for the video and it would take an entire afternoon off to watch everyone. Some clips are too frightening and remember to get in the mood! I doubt I will be scared!!!!

Here is the first entry, where you can have a glimpse of Slenderman:

8. The Slender Man Documentary & A  Father’s Voice With Agony Describing The Encounter With Slender Man

Many observers have started to create videos, short films, and documentaries about Slender Man, but what I like the most is the documentary Slender Suits.

With less than 10 minutes of duration, he first informs the viewer who the Slender Man is, then shows some photos taken over decades and videos made by someone named Alex ( the guy from the Marble Hornets you read above, who went crazy ).

But the most interesting part is a 20+-year-old audio, which has only now been revealed, from a police officer interrogating the father of a missing girl, abducted by what he believes to be the Slender Man. The audio is very somber! I will not tell the ending, but my friend … prepare. It’s amazing!!

9. Slender Man Video Game Is Also Disturbing As In Video Footages

Slender Man The Eight Pages

Of course, there could be no games about the Slender Man. It’s cool to have some scary playing! I felt very apprehensive playing Doom 3 with my headset, and a strained face. But back to the Slender Man, a little indie game that everyone it’s too good to play called Slender: The Eight Pages.

Your role in the game is to find 8 manuscripts of a supposed Slender Man victim in the middle of a dense forest.

The macabre presence of the Slender Man is gradually ending with the sanity of his character. The more directly you look at him and closer he is, the faster you lose control over your character.

The game was produced by Parsec Productions and you can download it free.

As the game was quite successful, the same producer made another game about it, called Slender: The Arrival. The essence of the game will be maintained, but in this, the graphics are much better, as well as a greater variety of scenarios and sound effects that drastically increase the immersion of the game. Now you have to pay $ 23 for this version of the game.

Here is the official link:


10. Abilities Of Slender Man

Slender Man abilities

If we believe to the legends, Slender Man also controls minds of human beings. Having the creepy connection with children and teenagers, he has selective invisibility or he can disappear for one person but is appearing another one at the same time, he can change his arm length; his arm has deadliest tentacles to prey or kills others.