6 Fascinating Facts About Shape Shifting Reptilians

Reptilians are among the blood-drinking, flesh-eating and shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids with cold-blooded little heads to enslave the human race. This being possess our bodies, enslaves our minds, and manipulates our society. It does not want us to evolve and become equal to them.

This subject is interesting to the whole world, and constitutes a threat to the human race and our freedom. It is worth knowing more about this less trending yet intriguing subject. Let’s follow this space to know more facts about Shape Shifting Reptilians.

1 Who Are Reptilians?

Shape Shifting Reptilians

Reptilians are humanoids with evolved reptilian features than humans. John Rhodes, a scholar in this subject, tells that the origin of these beings is explained by three distinct and probably complementary theories.

2 What is the origin of the reptilians?

Reptiles have their classification on the basis of their origin. They are:

Extra Terrestrials (ETs): They are beings from another planet or stellar system. They have been walking through the Universe for thousands of years. While walking, they looked for planets which can extract water, minerals and even slaves.

Intra-terrestrial (ITs): They are from the Earth that evolved naturally, and reside in Intersteral Caves, underground cities, or underwater bases. These evolved beings of the dinosaurs hid under the Earth after the great meteor destroyed life in the terrestrial surface.

Intra-dimensional (IDs): These reptiles exist in our same space, but have different vibration levels. They say that they belong to the third vibrational dimension.

3 What references about origin are made in the Bible?

The Anunnakis who might be responsible for creating shape shifting reptilians, had children with the Nephilims. Scholars claim that the Anunnaki, the Reptilians and the Royal Blood have much more in common than one can imagine. Tales about a serpent race in ancient cultures are simply endless. The Serpent-reptilian symbolism in the Anunnakis is present in the Bible with the serpent of the Garden of Eden, and even in Asian culture and its worship of dragons.

4 Who popularized the idea of reptilians?

Shape Shifting Reptilians

The idea of reptilians was popularized by David Icke. He was a conspiracy theorist who claims shape-shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate human societies. Icke has claimed on multiple occasions that many of the world leaders are, or are possessed by, so-called reptilians.

5 The Reptilian Connection

Shape Shifting Repcttilians facts

According to David Icke, the human-reptilian hybrid lineages have become the political and economic rulers of the lands occupied by the European empires. People with this blood continue to rule these countries even today. The United States of America would have been home to hundreds of millions of hybrid-reptilian people since 1776.

6 How do humans become reptile?

Shape Shifting Reptilians

According to history, the humans possessed by reptilian DNA become a reptile. They have their minds manipulated by them. It may sound bizarre, but it is the story that’s told. David Icke continues with his sour statements:

“This seemingly bizarre and crazy story is indeed true: The world can actually be controlled by reptilian genetic lineages that hide behind a seemingly human form.”