20 Interesting Facts About Roswell UFO Incident

On June 14, 1947, a rancher William Brazel discovered some strange wreckage and debris’ in his sheep pasture 50 miles north of Roswell, New Mexico, in the United States. For a long time it remained claimed as a crashed weather balloon, but in a statement given to the Roswell Daily Record, Brazel said that he and his son saw a large, shiny wreck made of pieces of rubber, strips of metal, sturdy paper and rods. He did not attach much importance to the find it then, but he returned to the scene on July 4 with his sons and his wife to collect the material.

If the local Air Force base is to be believed, civilians were convinced that it is the remains of an extraterrestrial flying saucer.

In 1997, nearly 50 years after the discovery of the mysterious debris, the U.S. military issued reports citing the incident as a top-secret atomic espionage project named “Project Mogul”, while some still believe that if they were otherworldly beings.

The rest of the article will take you through the quick fact of Roswell UFO incident… Check of some still unknown things about the Roswell UFO accident.

#1 How Did Roswell Got It’s Name

Roswell holds place as the fourth largest city of New Mexico, but had a really humble start. Roswell was founded in 1869 when a professional gambler named Van C. Smith established a store on the cattle trail. Smith’s father Roswell Smith was a prominent lawyer in Lafayette, Indiana and thus the name of the city.

#2 UFO Sighting Or Just A Weather Balloon

Roswell UFO Incident

Local Air Force claims it was pieces of a weather balloon from Project MOGUL, but many have a much more interesting theory. The idea of a UFO is always exciting. The Air Force’s unsubstantiated claims and contradictory statements added to the extraterrestrial frenzy. Anyone who saw the debris of the crash or its photograph must be clear that whatever crashed was not a weather balloon.

#3 Funeral Director Glen Dennis Found The Strange Things

Roswell UFO Incident

Glen Dennis was the funeral director of Roswell in 1940s. According to his claims, he was contacted by the military in search of several small coffins. Once he arrived at the base, he claims that things got even stranger. Later, a nurse even informed him that aliens had been recovered.

#4 Aliens Are Reported As Small Size Beings With Large Eyes

Roswell UFO Incident

Roswell’s history has witnessed the description of multiple extraterrestrial beings from many different sources. They all speak of seeing small, thin beings with large eyes.

#5 Tony Hawk’s Video Game Is Based On Roswell

Roswell UFO Incident

Roswell is featured in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game. In keeping with the mystery of Roswell, there is an accidental glitch in the level that can act as a cheat.

#6 Roswell And Flying-Saucer Theory

Roswell UFO Incident

Today it is widely believed that the government and the military tried to cover the truth about alien landings at and around Roswell. In 1994, the Pentagon declassified most of its files on Project Mogul and the dummy drops, and the federal General Accounting Office produced a report designed to debunk these rumors. Nevertheless, there are still people who subscribe to the UFO theory, and hundreds of thousands of curiosity seekers visit Roswell and the crash site every year, hoping to find out the truth for them.

#7 Major Jesse A. Marcel Was Responsible For Debris Collection

Roswell UFO Incident

Major Jesse A. Marcel was sent to the Foster Ranch to inspect and collect the debris. Sheridan Cavitt, a Counter-Intelligence Corps officer accompanied him.  Marcel and Cavitt picked up some of the debris, and later took it back to the airfield in Roswell. After picking up the debris, Major Marcel showed some of it to his wife and son. He then returned to the airfield in Roswell. Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., Major Marcel’s son, later described this debris to investigators.

#8 First Press Release On Roswell Flying Saucer

Roswell UFO Incident

Under the direction of base commander Colonel William Blanchard , 1st Lt. Walter Haut , the base public relations officer, wrote a press release  headlined “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region.”

#9 Findings In Debric Pictures

Roswell UFO Incident

On Colonel Blanchard’s orders Major Marcel sent the debris to Ft Worth, Texas. While in Ft. Worth, Major-General Roger Ramey examined the debris and stated it is simply a weather balloon. Pictures are taken of the debris and were published in many papers, and to any sensible person that won’t be of resemblance to a weather balloon.

#10 Second Press Release On Roswell Crash

For the first time the Army came up with a changed story. The day after the initial story, the Army issued a second press release, claiming that the disc was nothing more than a weather balloon.

The media accepted the second story and stopped covering the Roswell crash. The story disappeared and became nothing more than a footnote in UFO lore.

#11 The UFO Incident Got Tremendous Media Hype

In 1979, Stanton T. Friedman learned of Major Marcel’s story and interviewed him. The story is now revived. It is a wide belief that many more witnesses will come forward, several books will be written, and television shows produced, in the years that follow.

#12 Reopening Of Roswell Case

In 1994 The Air Force put out its third explanation of the incident. It decided to reopen the Roswell case, entitled “The Roswell Report: Fact versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert.”

#13 Further Military Researches

If three seemed less, they had a fourth one in queue. The Air Force put out a fourth explanation. In 1997, The Air Force decided that they need to explain the case further and release another report entitled “The Roswell Report: Case Closed.” This report concluded that:

Air Force activities which occurred over a period of many years have been consolidated and are now represented to have occurred in two or three days in July 1947.

Aliens observed in the New Mexico desert were actually anthropomorphic test dummies that were carried aloft for scientific research.

The unusual military activities in the New Mexico desert were seen with rigorous research on balloon launch and recovery operations.

#14 Unusual Magnet Properties At Roswell Revealed

Video Credit: Ufo Unveiled

It is also widely accepted that The Roswell Rock has gained some magnetic properties. Giorgio and the engineers measured the strength of the magnetic field around this mysterious piece and discovered interesting facts.

#15 Flying Saucers & Area 51

Roswell UFO Incident

It was also believed that the captured flying saucer at Roswell will sent to area 51 for further top secret research.

In a statement given by Charles Bolden, NASA administrator,” There is an Area 51, but it is not dedicated to what many people think. It is a common place of research and development. I’ve never seen aliens or spaceships there. I think the legend has come from the fact that inside it aeronautical research is being developed, and there is a lot of secrecy about it. ”

Bolden used the occasion to emphasize that the myths surrounding the famous Area 51 are absolutely false. However, he claimed to believe in the existence of life beyond our planet: “Someday we will find other forms of life. If it is not in our Solar System, it will be in one of the billions of solar systems that exist in the universe.”

#16 Mysterious Area 51 Exists Actually

Roswell UFO Incident

Area 51 was built in Cold War times (starting in the 1950s) and is located in the Mojave Desert, 130 km northwest of Las Vegas. The mysterious Area 51 has always been present in popular culture for many decades, frequent in miniseries (like X-Files) and cinema (as in Men in Black).

The CIA in 2013 admitted that the site existed and documents on Area 51 were finally released.

#17 Roswell Is Now A UFO-friendly Tourist Destination

Roswell UFO Incident

The city of Roswell, located near the Pecos River in southeastern New Mexico, has become a tourist magnet. With multiple theories alive, Roswell remains a UFO-friendly tourist destination around the world, hosting the UFO Encounter in July and welcoming visitors year-round to the UFO International Museum and Research Center.

#18 Jesse Marcel Stories About The Incident

In 1970 Jesse Marcel came out to claim that the weather balloon announcement was a cover-up, and that the original UFO story was the real fact of the case. From 2004 – 2007, his son Jesse Marcel Jr. was involved in writing a book detailing the real events around the Roswell incident as told to him by his father.

#19 Books On Roswell’s UFO Encounter

The Roswell Incident has been the crux of many books, the major ones being-  The Roswell Incident (1980) by Charles Berlitz and William Moore,  UFO Crash at Roswell (1991) by Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt, Crash at Corona (1992) by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner, The Truth about the UFO Crash at Roswell (1994) by Randle and Schmittas and The Day After Roswell (1997).

#20 Alien Autopsy Hoax

Video Credit: orbitalmedia

In 1995 a film footage showing an alien autopsy surfaced the media, claimed to have been taken by a US military official shortly after the Roswell incident was released by Ray Santilli, a London-based video entrepreneur. The footage caused an international sensation when it aired on television networks around the world.  In 2006, Santilli admitted that the film was mostly a reconstruction, but continued to claim it was based on genuine footage now lost, and some original frames that had supposedly survived.