Top 12 Recommended Sites For Documentaries Streaming

Documentary films are the powerful source for the filmmakers to highlight social issues among the masses. Further some films are responsible for representing moral values and agendas.

Some documentaries are entertaining while others are flooded with useful information.

While blockbuster is all about the profit over the art and television serials are full of endless stories and reality shows, only documentaries can be produced cheaply and often prepared without the goal of profit.

Either you want to promote your short film or enjoy other documentary movies; here is the list of the top 12 recommended sites for streaming documentary films online.

best documentaries website for streaming


If you are fan of full length documentary films then provides a perfect channel for your need. The site is free of cost and obviously no registration required.

Many films hosted on this site published with the trailer that saves our time and several movies also have the download button, so you can watch it offline.

This site is also a promotion friendly stuff of the producers and a win-win situation for the films that served towards the variety of audiences.

Keep remember regardless of the entertaining and educational films, this site much appreciates the controversial films and they can turn give you insane traffic to your film in return.

11) Open Culture

Open Culture is famous for their large database of all-time documentary movies. You can watch as much as films that you can, in return of zero cost.

The best part of the site is no-registration-criteria to streaming videos. Instead, if you are interested to create a personal playlist, you can opt for their registration module that comes up with email facility.

One advantage to use this site is the option for “automatically adding new documentaries to your playlist”. This way, you can stay updated with new comers.

10) Documentary Heaven

This site is flooded with vast categories and genres, which in turn helps in sorting the selected documentaries movies. The team behind the documentary heaven updates the site frequently with new and rising films in the tending media.

9) DocumentaryWIRE

Apart from the multiple genres, DocumentaryWIRE focuses on the educational documentaries serving a thorough message to the society. This is a good option to stream some good films and their social messages. Though the site is known to bind the interest of a large number of visitors with their hosted films.


This site also uses a wide array of categories that hosts thousands of full length documentaries on different subjects. Politics, science, history and nature are some of the most famous categories listed on their catalogue.

You would possible like the filter options of that turns this streaming site into a video platform with easy-navigation. Some of the best filter options are – sort by top films, category, film by length and much more .

There are no any terrirtoy restrictions; almost all films are available globally.

7) DocumentaryStorm

The team of DocumentaryStorm is responsible for collecting the best documentaries available around the web. Most of the videos streamed on this site are full length free documentaries.

Fun, sharing ideas and entertainment are the three goals of DocumentaryStorm. The moderators or admin of this site update new arrivals every day.


The only streaming website known for gathering the best documentary films on the internet!! allows you to stream their hosted videos on your browser without any headache of being their registered member.

5) Full Documentaries

This website is also best known for offering full lengths documentaries, most of them are informative and while several are entertaining out there. There are organized categories and clean layout assisting to sort out your desired videos.

4) Science Documentaries

Science Documentaries is a niche website that features science based documentaries only. Quality is the main concern of the team behind the site.

If you are looking for the videos like UFO, aliens, metaphysics, weird facts and other fictional stuff, don’t surf this site. As this website only specify only selected and informative science-films that are totally mind boggling. The hosted videos are often known to contain the subject of biology, mathematics, physics and technology.

3) was created by the documentary enthusiasts. This platform is just a best collection for ideal documentaries. Admin of the site likes to feature the selected videos and we sure, you will never get bored while selecting a right documentary today.

While visiting this site, science based films would be your center of attraction. Even, this category is highly aspired by the team of Documentary Log itself.

Film rating system and commenting feature just are other specialty that you would invest your time as well.

2) Documentary Tube

Documentary Tube is well established website featuring the 22 categories including science, art, history, health to name a few. You can search favorite films from their search box and stream on your browser easily.

Streaming feature of this website also includes full length documentaries. Documentary Tube contains a special section for top 100 documentaries trending each week.

If you are a promoter of any film, you can submit your documentary to the Submit page. Your video will be available for online streaming after approved by their moderators.

Website navigation is not so tricky so you can easily register without any cost and you will get all the weekly email updates with the new releases.

The website offers a crazy feature to keep your watched videos in to a separate play lists, such that you can watch these films anytime in future.

Once you familiar with the site, you can found a lot of reviews that help to select some best documentary.

1) Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary films or TDF is one of the experienced sites that serves documentary films since 2007. This website claimed itself the best community for vivacious and vibrant visitors.

The site is hosted a large number of movies serving the different subject idea for future documentaries. The website itself consists with a clean navigation for particular genres.

TDF is much about an organized short film streaming sites with over the twenty five different categories accompanying with comments, discussion and user rating system.

Independent filmmakers can easily promote their documentary on TDF.
Keep remember, if you have your own documentary property then never forget to promote on TDF that has massive audience of 1.5 million every month.

The films published on the site is likely to be most shared on social media like Google Plus, Facebook and off course Twitter (a major source for promotion).