28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

1 Haunted Tunnels Of The Catacombs Of Paris – France

Here we are talking about a graveyard of the 18th century observed in tunnels that are jumbled and exist beneath the city of Paris. This place is famous for its creepy environment, real haunted stories and known as ‘Catacombs of Paris’.

You can get creepy skeletons and human bones of real human being. The legends tells that, the morbid masterpiece was built to put the dead human bodies due to the lack of burial grounds and cemeteries in Paris.

Paranormal experiences are common and experienced by the individuals who have visited the tunnel. Most of the area covered with bones of real people.  If you have claustrophobia, it is advised to avoid this haunted place of Paris.

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2 The Shades Of Death Road & The River Ghost – New Jersey, USA

Reals Stories Of Sinister Places

The 11 km long country road located in the state of New Jersey, USA has declared its name as “Shades of Death”. We couldn’t find the practical evidence behind the name of the road but it is the ghost stories about the road support its sinister name. Many people reported about existence of a ghost inhabits a river passes through the Road Shades Of Death and the river popularly named as “the ghost lake”. It is claimed several spirits exists there who were killed by the robbers and they have existence near the lake.

3 Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia where this museum locates. The building has surrounded by many security guards and security systems from 1975 to 1979 during the Khmer Rouge empire. The place was spotted by torture and gruesome executions of a mighty number of prisoners. Now the ghost or spirits (whatever we can say) of prisoners turned this place spooky. You will find the name of the prisoners and relevant torture methods in images kept in the museum. It is reported that there are 17,000 spirits are active there and appeared as hanging around there.

4 Leap Castle Haunted By The Elemental Monster – Ireland

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places


28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

A haunted castle situated in Ireland with the most fascinating story!! In the late fifteenth century, the castle was built by O’Bannon family and later it was seized by O’Carroll. Both are brothers and turned into rivals in 1532, ended up their lives with animosity. The mansion then was the proof of a massacre caused by themselves.

The Leap Castle is also famous for a strong underground prison cell, where many prisoners were killed brutally.

Another story that tells – the castle is also known for harboring a deformed beast known as the ‘Elemental. The beast looks like a sheep sized body but with a face of human being and smells like a stinking rotten meat and sulfur.

5 The Graveyard & Haunted Town Of La Noria – Chile

Town Of La Noria

There are two abandoned mining towns in Chile’s desert – Humberstone and La Noria. We’ll discuss about La Noria town and legend of his dark cemetery. The inhabitants of this town treated as slaves and practiced with cruel punishments.

In the early 19th century, the inhabitants of this town were very badly treated and lived in horrible conditions, as slaves. It is trusted that the town is cursed and haunted due to the gruesome torture received by the people and their horrible death. Later, the city is abandoned various paranormal activities start after the sunset.

People living nearby say they have heard footsteps and have seen spirits drifting on the streets. Not only the stories, the city cemetery is one of the haunted place in the world, and has some open graves.

6 The Ridges – Ohio, USA

Town Of La Noria

The place was known as ‘Psychological Health Centre of Athens before being called The Ridges. Later, Ohio government decided to acquire the property and the hospital was renamed. The hospital was initiated on 09 January 1874. The truth involves institution creepy atmosphere that is marked by a ghastly story.

It is reported that a 54 years old woman was behind the true story. She remained disappear in a span of six weeks and later was seen dead in a ward of same hospital. You would found a permanent stain of blood on the wall of the hospital room where the dead body found. It is believed that her ghost has been seen around the place.

7 Stull Cemetery – Kansas, USA

Town Of La Noria

Being located in the state of Kansas, USA, Stull is not a famous region. You can expect, this small town has as little as twenty inhabitants. There may be several other individuals who live there in many ways but these twenty residents are only the permanent human population. The Stull Cemetery is one of the local attractions in the town and believed that this place is one of the seven gates to hell. That’s why, the reason is clear, nobody wants to go there.

Many years ago, there is a church existed in the town and it is supposed the church is a place of paranormal things and witchcraft. This belief inspired the people to demolish the church and it is now completely destroyed.

8 The House Of Riddle Family – Florida

Town Of La Noria

The house was initially built in 1905 and located in West Palm Beach. Later it was transferred to a historical park in Royal Palm Beach and named as Yesteryear Village. It is believed that the house has been used as a funeral home and operated by Karl Riddle since 1920.  The story tells us that the frightening environment in the house born due to the ghost of Joseph – one of the Riddle’s employee.

The most creepy area of the house is attic where Joseph committed suicide by hanging. Various tourist reports that the ghost hate men when you will try to enter into the attic. Moreover, neighbors claimed about the scary sound of furniture, feels like there is a frequent movement. The house is famous, has been even investigated by a team of a famous TV show in the United States of Ghostbusters.

9 The 13 Ghosts Lift Joelma Building – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Real Haunted Stories

Evidences claim that the popular Joelma building, situated in Sao Paulo, is haunted by victims of the fire, that happened on the 1st of February 1974, due to a device overheating of an air conditioner on the 12th floor. More than 300 people lost their lives in the fire, but according to the stories, the most strange story is the “Mystery of Thirteen Souls”, individuals who died in an elevator while trying to rescue from the fire. Then they allegedly haunt the location to this day.

10 Tower of London

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places


28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

A historical monument built in 1078 and located at  the center of the English town – more commonly known as the Tower of London. It is also famous for as a place of execution and torture.

It was the former prison of some of the most notorious figures of England, many of them were beheaded. One of the famous case was Anne Boleyn, wife of King Henry VIII. She was unable to produce a male heir, and therefore she was literally beheaded. Many reported that her appearance as a headless body on the spot.

11  Hotel Schooner, United Kingdom

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

Hotel Schooner is one of the scariest and oldest hotels in the world. History tells the evidence that King George III and Charles Dickens have stayed there and if you wish to go there, you’re most welcome as it is still open to guests to the day.

One more thing, The British Society for Poltergeist finally proclaimed it the most haunted hotel in Britain. There have been more than 3,000 sightings of ghosts in few recent years. If you visit the hotel, avoid rooms 17:28, as grisly killings, murders and ghostly apparitions seem to be common in these environments.

12 LaLaurie House, New Orleans

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

Madam LaLaurie was the icing and decorating the cake of New Orleans, USA in the early 1800s, and her building showed her status. However, it was found that behind the veneer, it was a cruel woman who punished and tortured their slaves.

When one of its employees fired in the mansion, and slaves who were mutilated, later removed from the devastation, the whole family fled never to set foot in the state of Louisiana again.

Over the years, the house was acquired and quickly abandoned by the new owners because of inexplicable events. At one point, there was even the appearance of a “Haunted Hall” where the owner kept a record of ghost sightings. Today, the site was converted to chic apartments, but recently one of the hidden cemeteries of LaLaurie was discovered in the floor.

13 Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan – India

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

This ancient fortress of India is so haunted in the World that even the Indian government restricts entry to the site. Large posters placed by archaeologists explain why not go there, forbidding visitors to walk around the place from sunset to sunrise.

In addition, the government leaves soldiers a kilometer away from strong! Because- Legend has it that it all started with a beautiful woman and a “witch” evil who put a curse on the city of Bhangarh. War and famine followed the curse, and the fort was abandoned with 1700 visitors and today many tourists feel a sense of disquiet and unease in the air.

14  Raynham Hall, England

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

For about 400 years the Raynham Hall was the home of the Townshend family. The most famous of all time paranormal photograph was recorded in 1936, which shows the “Lady of Brown” in the staircase of house. Lady Dorothy Walpole was the the girl in photograph when alive.

Some say she wanders the house looking for her children since his death in 1726. The first ghost apparition took place in 1835, followed by three more in 1736, 1926 and 1936. After the famous photograph there is no appearance of records.

15 Abbey of Thelema, Italy

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

Thelema is a religion temple created by Aleister Crowley in the early last century. This British guy is one of the most famous occultists of all time. Despite those who say that religion preaches love and individual responsibility, English is also known as “The Great Beast 666”.

The stories about the rituals that took place at the Abbey of Thelema are bizarre and range from satanic orgies to cat’s blood drinking. Many of the paintings on the walls are sexual in nature and one of them takes a Crowley’s poem that says something like: “Stab my brain with his demonic smile. Dip me in brandy p*ssy and cocaine. ”

In 1923 the young Raoul Loveday died in the abbey and some say that he comes in contact with those conducting seances in place.

16 Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

This construction was raised in the twelfth century to serve as a military fortress and today is one of the greatest sights of the country. However, many will not visit the castle for its historical peculiarities, and his reputation for being haunted. The site was the scene of horrific events as brutal murders and sentenced to fire.

Because of the many ghost stories, in 2001, one of the largest paranormal research history took place in Edinburgh Castle. There was 240 volunteers and 9 researchers recruited  to step into the fortress in order to register supernatural activities.

Almost half of the participants reported that they could not explain phenomena such as sudden drop in temperature, feeling someone pulling clothes, feeling of being watched and presence of shadowy figures.

17 The house of Whaley, United States

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

Some consider the home of the Whaley family as the most evil and haunted place in the US (therefore elected by LifeMagazine in 2005). The site chosen by the patriarch Thomas Whaley to build his family home was not the most appropriate, since it was based on public gallows where countless criminals were executed.

In addition, the family history is filled with death and suicide, and it appears that the spirits do not want to leave the house. One of the ghosts being the part of the house legends is the thief Yankee Jim Robinson, who died hanged before the mansion being built and roamed the place even when Whaley lived there.

But nowadays, many report see Thomas and his wife Anne through the rooms of the residence, beyond the spirit of a young girl accidentally hanged. Today the house is a museum and many visitors say they feel smell of perfume and cigar, and occasionally see the ghosts.

18 Pluckley, England

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

In 1989 the Pluckley village has entered its name in the Guinness Book as the most haunted place in England. It is reported 12 different ghosts have been cataloged in the city: a trucker, a gypsy, a prisoner, a monk, a teacher, a man of the windmill, a coach, a colonel, the man of clay pit, the red girl, the girl in white and the girl at Rose Court.

The city’s haunted fame is so great that many tourists go there because of that, especially on Halloween. Even in 2009 Halloween was forbidden in the village to avoid confusion with the supernatural.

19 Aokigahara Forest, Japan

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

Aokigahara forest lies in Japan with the highest rate of suicide in the country and therefore the place is also known as “suicide forest”.

It is reportedly estimated that about 100 bodies a year of people who kill themselves among the trees. The place is extremely famous for his preference for those who want to take life.

In the forest entrance there is a sign that tries to persuade to give up the idea of suicide: “Your life is a precious gift given by your parents. Please think about your parents, siblings and children. ” we do not know exactly why the forest has this preference to commit suicide, but the place has a strange climate.

Because of the dense vegetation in many parts of the forest, sunlight can not penetrate completely, remaining dark even during the day. The fauna is limited in the forest; silence is terrifying; and the rocky composition, cold and full of cave gives the horror film tone of the place. Some believe that the spirits of suicide are trapped in forests and haunt those who pass by, as well as ambushes on arm so that people can not find the way out.

20 Winchester Mansion, United States

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places


28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

Surely one of the most bizarre stories in this list! Maybe not the haunting but for what caused the haunting story of the protagonist. You should know that Winchester was one of the most famous American weapons company in the nineteenth century and, therefore, yielded good fortune to the family that bore his name.

Sarah married the son of Oliver Winchester, founder of the company that created the weapon, and inherited the fortune of the company after the death of her husband.

After becoming a widow, Sarah began to hear noises, screams and bangs throughout the house. Startled, she went in search of a spirit medium, which, in turn, reported that Sarah was being spirits of hatred target killed by Winchesters and advised the woman to move home and once he found the right place, promote reform so that the good spirits could settle into their new residence.

It turns out that Sarah has created a compulsion to reform: from the moment they found the house, the Winchester woman only stopped reform it when he died 38 years later. During these years the reforms took place 24 hours a day. Sarah did not hire an architect nor an engineer: according to legend she was guided by good spirits. She sent build rooms and broke the next day; He sent up stairs that ended in the ceiling; doors to walls; creating comfortable and sealed; ordered the creation of secret passages.

They say she never slept in the same room two nights in a row. The balance of the reform could only be accounted for after Sarah’s death: 160 rooms, 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 stairways, 47 fireplaces, 13 bathrooms and 6 kitchens. It is seen by many as the most haunted house in America.

21 Borley Rectory, England

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

The building was erected in 1862 to receive the family of the Rev. Henry Dawson Ellis Bull. Logo in 1863 strange things began to happen. People who lived in the home reported hearing footsteps, knocks and voices by enclosures. In 1892 the vicar died and who took possession of the house was his son Harry Bull, but the astonishing phenomena have not ceased.

The four sisters Harry saw at the same time, the spirit of a nun in the residence’s garden and his wife, Mrs. Smith, said he enxergado one ghost ghost horse-drawn carriage at night. From 1930, when the Rev. Lionel Foyster and his family settled in the house, the demonstrations have gained naughty / aggressive character: messages on the walls, thrown objects and even the fire from one room were some of the experiences occurred.

The woman Foyer says was thrown out of bed one night. In 1937 Harry Price, a researcher of psychic phenomena, has been scientifically study the events of Borley Rectory of over 48 people he recruited. One of the achievements was the conversation with two spirits: that of a nun (who claims to have been killed at that location prior to construction of the rectory) and another who identified themselves as “Sunex amures” who said the house would be burned down. In fact, 11 months later, in 1939, the rectory caught fire and was completely destroyed.

22 The house in Amityville, United States

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

In 1965 the DeFoe family acquired a house in Amityville and placed a sign at the entrance saying “high hopes”.But it seems that the son of the family, Ronald Junior, did not agree with the saying.

On December 1, 1974 morning, Ronald murdered the whole family (father, mother, two sisters and two brothers) to death and, after that, was sentenced to life imprisonment. After the event the Lutz family moved into the house despite being warned of what had occurred there thirteen months before.

As a result, they chose to bless the place. During the blessing the priest heard in one of the rooms, “will you away”, but did not tell anything for the family. Should it. The phenomena that happened in that house were so intense and scary that the family moved from there after 28 days.

Objects flying through the rooms, green slime running down the walls, crucifixes facing down, voices, noises, bumps and levitation of the bodies of the inhabitants, were some of the events that haunted the Lutz in the month in which there were. During a supernatural research a photo captured a boy lurking a door – but there were no children in the group.

23 Crenshaw House

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places


The Crenshaw House is also famous with the name of Casa Vieja slave and was built in 1838. This building was the residence of John Crenshaw, who committed terrible acts of cruelty inside and outside its walls.

As a landowner and owner of a salt mine, Crenshaw was in need of cheap labor to run his business persistently. Therefore, He used to kidnap men, women and children and forced them to work.

After John Crenshaws moved, new owners began to experience paranormal activity and creepy atmosphere.

24 Loftus Hall

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

It is situated in Ireland and has a extremely interesting history of ghosts. The first house was Redmond Hall that has been built in this location since 1350. Later, Loftus Hall was constructed on its ruins in 1870.

The legend tells us about a stranger who came in the mansion in about mid-eighteenth century and was asking for a stay during the night.The family was agree to give the permission to the stranger. At that time, the family made a decision to pay cards. Suddenly, a card was dropped from the hands of a woman from the family. When she bent down to take it up, the stranger had been changed into a horse and then he vanished from the sight.

25 Beauregard House – Louisiana

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places


Beauregard house is situated in Louisiana ans was owned by the General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard. He was a major general of the Confederate army during the civil war. The house is lonely for many years after the death of general in 1893.

Later, It was purchased in 1909 by the Giacona family, that was then the scene of a mob based shooting, leads to dead of the three person. Since that time, paranormal activities are common.

26 La Hacienda The Myrtles

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

La Hacienda The Myrtles in St. Francisville, Louisiana, is one that usually tops the list of the most haunted houses of the American Union; It was built in 1796 and over time it has been home to several famous owners and also appears as their spirits. There are several legends that refer to the existence of at least 12 ghosts in that farm near the house.

27 Atherton Mansion

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

When her husband died in 1881, Dominga de Goni Atherton juicy inherited a fortune. But loneliness motivated to move build beyond a normal house in downtown in San Francisco that was called Atherton Mansion.

The widow lived with her son George and his wife Gertrude.  Supposedly, for years George was jeered and irritated by his mother and wife, but years later he got his revenge.

The man, tired of the constant criticism of the two women, moved to Chile, where he fell seriously ill. When he died, his body was returned to Atherton, in a barrel. But George never rest in peace. According to some people, he returned from the dead to torment his mother and wife in the evenings.

And yet, today, still he is scaring guests.

28 House of Providencia

28 Real Haunted Stories of Sinister Places

The mythical “haunted house” of Providencia, located in Chile at the corners of the avenue streets Greece, San Eugenio and Matta East, was recognized for its stunning architecture and regarded as the place of urban myths related to the presence of spirits and ghosts.

There are many testimonials from the people who claimed to see mysterious silhouettes, heard crackling noises for years. Moreover, its gloomy and poorly maintained, broken glass on the windows and the gray walls helped accentuate the suspicion on the building.