Top 10 Old Superstitious Things Around The World

The term Superstition can be simply represented as an conviction, independent from the scientific facts or human reasoning, that upcoming and future events may be controlled and influenced by one’s behavior in some magical or mysterious way.

As long as human beings possess the ability to think, formulate our own ideas and opinions and transfer them along to the next generation, there will always be some things that we must follow so as to be happy and live long on Earth.

Superstitious beliefs are as old as the human race. Superstitions can best be explained by unfounded beliefs in the fact that some specific signs signal what the future holds. Just as we have people that will disregard these beliefs, we also have other people that will not only follow them to letter regard them with utmost respect and obedience. We shall take a look at the ten most popular superstitious things around the world below.

Superstition 10: It’s Always Unlucky Whenever Friday Falls On The 13th Day Of The Month

Old Superstitious Things Around The World

This is arguably the most famous old superstition in the world regardless of how stupid it seems. In spite of the slight differences based on why it happens, it is generally believed that it emanated from the Christian religion.  Simply put, Judas Iscariot, who was one of Jesus Christ’s disciples when He was on earth, was the last and most significantly, the thirteenth person to arrive at the Last Supper while it is also believed that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday evening.

This very old superstitious belief  has such an immense and tremendous impact on people these days so much that several airplane companies conspicuously omit and leave out the 13th row on their jets and the same thing is applicable to their buildings also.

Superstition 9: Itchy Palms Determines Your Financial Gains/Losses

Old Superstitious Things Around The World

No one knows the main reason why many people always think that an itchy left palm points out to the fact that you will be reckless and wasteful while spending money while an itchy right palm on the other hand, indicates that you are in for some financial gains. Nevertheless, it is believed that in one of Shakespeare’s most popular works, Julius Caesar, one of the main characters, Brutus accuses Cassius in a very subtle manner by saying that he is always burdened with itchy palms.

Superstition 8: You Should Not Walk Under Ladders Unless You Want Your Day To Turn Bad

Old Superstitious Things Around The World

For what it is worth, avoiding walking under ladders is a good precaution for anybody to take unless you want to take the chance of something dropping on you. Apart from the fact that common sense explains the reason why this notion exists, it will be good to point out to the fact that the open ladder symbolizes and represents life in many mythologies.

So therefore, going against the symbol is considered as tempting fate and disrespecting some ghostly spirits, angering them in the process. However, it is widely believed that putting your thumb in between the middle and the index fingers prevents the presumed bad luck from occurring while Christians also have the believe that the sign of the cross can prevent, save and deliver them from any kind of misfortune.

Superstition 7: The 7 Years Of Bad Luck Brought On You By Breaking A Mirror

Old Superstitious Things Around The World

There’s no doubt about the fact that breaking a mirror isn’t what anybody wants because you will either have to replace it eventually in case it’s your own or pay for the damages. It might also be unwise to break a mirror because you can cut yourself on the glass.

Regardless of all these facts, breaking a mirror is not the best thing that can happen to you, but it’s not the worst as well. This old superstition originated from mythology, when the ancient human beings used to consider their reflecting image in the mirror as a reflection of the inner man and the soul.

They believed that whenever a mirror is broken, the inner man and the soul virtually gets shattered too so they chose 7 years for the time it needs to bounce back and recover. They believed that you can change the situation of things if you dig a hole by the light of the moon and bury the broken and shattered pieces of the mirror in it.

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Superstition 6: Your Luck Changes For The Better If You Find A Horseshoe

Old Superstitious Things Around The World

One thing that goes against this belief is that it is a lot more preferable to find a horseshoe with the topmost part pointing away from you. However, for you to derive benefits from the luck, you should toss the horseshoe over your shoulder and you can also hang it at the entrance of your building. Back in the days, it’s very difficult to get metal as it was very rare so finding the horseshoe could be considered very lucky.

Superstition 5: Don’t Open The Umbrella Inside, Not For Any Reason

Old Superstitious Things Around The World

There’s no point opening the umbrella indoors, and when you are indoor, you don’t have any reason to do that as well. This old superstition or myth comes from the early religions that offered sacrifices worshiped the Sun god, they believed that opening it indoors and away from direct sunlight is an offense to him. Some theories also state that opening an umbrella is an act that insulted the spirits of the household by indicating that their protection was inadequate.

Superstition 4: Knocking On Wood

Old Superstitious Things Around The World

This is done most times after a positive or negative statement. It is widely believed that knocking on wood counteract any effect that may happen as a result of previous action words or actions taken. Knocking on wood was considered a form of physical contact with the spirits, calling on them for protection and support, either for good fortune or against bad occurrences.

Superstition 3: Tossing Spilled Salt Over The Shoulder

Old Superstitious Things Around The World

Salt is also believed to a valued weapon in the battle against devils and evil spirits thanks because of its purification and warding capabilities. tossing it over the shoulder is believed  to create and build a magical barrier and stronghold  that will keep  you safe and protect you from harm. Although the exact origin of this old superstition remain unknown, many people believe that it is originated from the time when salt was an expensive commodity, so the superstition was brought up to curtail Salt wastage.

Superstition 2: Black Cats Crossing Your Path

Old Superstitious Things Around The World

This is another common superstition. Once you come across anybody spitting repeatedly, taking three steps back, and looking for an alternative direction, then you should be rest assured you’ve come across an individual who believes strongly in superstitions and who has just had an encounter with a cat. Many people blame the cat for their misfortune on a daily basis because cats were considered to be the companions and partners of some very powerful magicians, witches and wizards while another theory states that those black cats turned out to become devils and witches after a period of 7 years. Some people believe this is a very powerful superstition because even Napoleon and Adolf Hitler were reportedly frightened by it.

Superstition 1: God Bless You For Sneezing

Old Superstitious Things Around The World

Many of us don’t really know why we say bless you or God bless you whenever someone sneezes. This is one of the most common superstitions out there. This old notion originated from the period of time when the whole of Europe was devastated by a widespread disease called the black plague because frequent sneezing happened to be one of the early symptoms of the disease. They say God bless you just to wish the sick person the best of luck and quick recovery from his condition.