11 Facts About Oak Island History & The Cursed Treasure

Oak Island is a Canadian island, famous for bringing together innumerable elements of an adventure novel in the best treasure hunt style. The island is claimed as the greatest mystery of Canada and perhaps even in the world. It has intrigued generations for four centuries and the mystery saga continues…still unanswered.

Let’s read on the facts about Oak Island history and it’s cursed treasure.

1 When Did It Start?

Oak Island History & The Cursed Treasure

It all began in 1795, when a young man named Daniel McGinnis was roaming on the island. While doing so, he found a strange depression in the ground. Above it, hanging from a large and leafy oak, was a rope used to lift weights. It was already a place that was part of legends involving pirates and treasures. McGinnis called two of his friends and returned to the site the other day to investigate the place marked. Throughout the time, he kept imagining that this would be evidence that someone had hidden something there.

Oak Island History & The Cursed Treasure

2 The Beginning Of Excavation By Daniel McGinnis

Oak Island History & The Cursed Treasure

A few piled up stones served as the pavement. After removing the stones and digging for 3 meters, several rotten oak trunks were found. At about 7 meters deep, they found a tunnel that appeared to be man-made. However, the excavation could not be continued beyond that. The islanders mocked and cursed McGinnis and his friends, saying that it was wrong to move the place. They virtually ended the project.

3 Excavations By Onslow Company

Oak Island History & The Cursed Treasure

28 years later, in 1803, the three friends finally got the help of a businessman named Simeon Lynds from the town of Onslow. With the founding company, called “Onslow Company”, they continued the excavation. On deepening the excavations, they discovered that there was a wall of oak logs every 3 meters deep. Along with them were layers of clay, charcoal and coconut fibres used to give resistance. One could make out that someone really wanted to hide something there.

Finally, after almost 30 meters of excavation, they found a smooth rock. The rock held in the format of a signboard, with unintelligible inscriptions. A little later, they found a wooden treasure chest. They closed the day because the situation was getting bizarre. One mistake, since the next morning they returned to the place and found the place totally flooded, with almost 20 meters of water. The more they tried to use buckets they realized that the water level did not change.

The next year, they even tried to dig a secondary well to filter the flood. Eventually it did not work and the place got flooded. That marked the end of Onslow Company but not the history of the island.

4 Truro Company’s Attempt At Excavation

Oak Island History & The Cursed Treasure

In 1849, another group, the “Truro Company”, attempted to excavate the original well. They used excavators to retrieve material beneath the flooded parts. Their excavation resulted in getting hold of 3 gold chains, which would prove the existence of a treasure. But when they tried to dig tunnels, they continued with the same flood problem and a year later the operations were abandoned.
The task resumed in 1858 and continued without results until 1862. In 1862, it was the company which gave up, instead of the place. In the meantime, the first known victim on the island: a worker who was scalded alive by an accident in a water heater.

5 Oak Island Eldorado Company At Work

Another company, the “Oak Island Eldorado Company”, carried out mass operations for digging in the Well of Money as the money began to be called. The more they excavated and interconnected the tunnel, the more it resulted in an attempted to cut off the source of flood from the main excavation and further inundated the island, until the whole complex subsided. The adventurers finally began to assume that there was some system of traps to prevent access to the treasure.

In 1897, the Oak Island Treasure Company found cement, stone, charcoal, as well as a type of written document where only letters that looked like “R” and “I” could be read. In the same year, a man who was climbing one of the wells had its safety rope broken, falling and dying. It was the second death. In 1900, the company went together, the 4th in a 100 year period. With the turn of the century and the legends, the Money Well was now a popular place, and several companies of adventurers and archaeologists tried to access the site.

6 The Triton Alliance

In 1965, four men were poisoned by gas or boiler steam – not known for certain – totalling 6 deaths. In 1966, there was the last attempt to find what was there. That’s when several investors and groups came together and set up the “Triton Alliance”, which ended, like all the others, destroying the island and finding nothing. After having promised even a large excavation, with 10 million in investments, the company went bankrupt and the island open to tourists.

7 What Happened After The Triton Alliance?

Since then, the story has turned into a joke. Several astrologers, tarot readers, lucky readers, fortune tellers, inventors of crazy gadgets and other types of charlatans and crazy have infested the place. Of course they didn’t achieve anything. Among the claims of what would be there, all sorts of bizarre things: lost manuscripts of Shakespeare, jewels of the French Crown, the Holy Grail of the Round Table and even the City of Atlantis.

8 The Story Of Dan Blankenship

Oak Island History & The Cursed Treasure

Dan Blankenship was one of Triton’s owners. He was half-dated and continued to live on the island, which was soon closed to visitors after an incident where he aimed a gun at a man trying to find the treasure. Today, there are several “do not override”, “private” and “danger” warnings around the site.

9 The Truth Of The Treasure

Despite many unfolding stories and controversies, the very existence of the treasure remains a great mystery. There are those who doubt the various details in the story, such as someone having forgotten the rope in the oak that originated the history and the existence of several other sinks (place where there is a hole in the ground and the water infiltrates) near the main sites. It was also even found in other places with tree plaques at regular intervals. This was supposed to be the activity of these sinks knocking down trees from time to time, a rational explanation.

But, what about the tablet and the chains of gold?

10 Strange Happenings On The Oak Island

To help, other strange things have been found. Triangular stones forming a cross or a large triangle, with more than 3 meters of side, have been found carved in maritime stones. On the tablet, there are several interpretations, but the most famous message is:

“Forty Feet Below Two Million Pounds Are Buried.”

Now the pounds can be a peso (approx 907 kg) or the British currency.

11 From The Book Of Legends

There is a story in the legends that says- The mystery will be revealed when seven people die on the island. Another, that there is a graveyard with two million dead. Another, that this is actually a metaphor that tells the story of Freemasonry, of which it would be property. To researchers, the whole story is nothing more than a collection of natural caves that flood naturally, not traps. The answer to which will remain unknown.