10 Unbelievable Facts About Nephilim Skeletons | Unknown Giants

A serious reality accompanying humanity is the absence of information in multiple aspects circling us humans. A major portion of information is far removed from ordinary people, and it notoriously affects the true interpretation of our existence in this universe. This is an opportunity to understand the greatest secrets of this planet.

Elongated skulls and its thousand years old stories are hard to explain. At first it was limited only to the Paracas skull of Peru. Nephilim skeletons may well run in a parallel competition with the Paracas skulls (Peru). Nephilim, according to researchers, has several references. Common references include – daughters of men, sons of God, fallen angels, off-springs of Gods and watchers. Now, it’s time to explore the top 10 facts about Nephilim Skeletons of unknown giants.

1 Proof Of The Nephilim Skeletons Existence

Nephilim Skeletons facts

Historical evidences of  Nephilim Skeletons are many but the ancient writings are more contrasted. There is also a widely accepted belief of existence of giant skeletons and fossils.

2 Who Were The Nephilim?

Nephilim Skeletons facts

The Nephilim or “the fallen”, are a people of giants, titans, children or the sons and daughters of God or the “Daughters of man” (Genesis 6: 1-4). They have numerous references in the Bible and other early Jewish and Christian religious writings.

3 History Of Nephilim

Nephilim Skeletons facts

People widely believe that the descendants of the Nephilim are still alive. Some believe that the great flood wiped them out while biblical references state that they were alive even after floods. The notion of the existence of ancient bloodlines is a popular theme in Anunnaki references.

4 Strange Facts About Nephilim Anatomy

Nephilim Skeletons facts

The Nephilim were not termed giants or sons of God for no reason. The reasons did exist, strong enough to take people aback. Have a look at some of the peculiarities that they carried.

a) A human skeleton was found in south-eastern Turkey in the late 1950s in the Euphrates river valley during the construction of a road. The skeleton measured 4.57 meters (15 feet). Many tombs containing giants were discovered here.

b) Maximinus Thrax (Cesar of Rome – 235-238 AD) had a skeleton of 2.59 meters (8 ft 6 inch).

c) Goliath (a giant Philistine warrior) measured about 2.74 meters (9 feet).

d) King Og is mentioned in Deuteronomy 3:11. He slept on an iron bed, about 4.26 meters in length X 1.82 meters in width (14 X 6 feet). King Og himself stood at 3.96 meters. Rumors also make way about him being 5.48 meters high.

e) A human skeleton of 5.94 meters (19 ft 6 inch) was found in 1577 AD under an oak exiled in Canton of Lucerne (France).

f) A skeleton of 7.07 meters (23 feet) was found in 1456 DC. It was discovered next to a river in Valence, France.

g) If the last one seemed colossal, have this. A skeleton of 7.77 meters (25 ft 6 inch) height was found in 1613 AD. The skeleton was found near the Chateau de Chaumont in France. It was documented as an almost complete finding.

h) Two independent remains were found which were almost beyond understanding and credibility. The two human remains were 11 meters (36 feet) high, and were discovered by the Carthaginians in the period of 200-600 BC.

5 Stories Behind Nephilim Skeletons

Nephilim Skeletons facts

In Syria, the term Nephila specifically referred to the constellation Orion. Nephilim were the divine descendants of Orion constellation.

According to the Bible, the Nephilim proliferated evil in mankind.  On the face of earth, Men began to multiply, and daughters were born to them. When they saw that the daughters were beautiful, they took women for themselves.

God then said, “My spirit will not remain forever in man, for he is certainly flesh; but he will live one hundred and twenty years.”

Earth had a large number of giants those days. This continued even after the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and bore children.  These were the brave men who from ancient times gained renown. (Genesis 6: 1-4)

The universal flood destructed the whole mankind. According to God’s plan, they had only spiritual capacity and no revival.  Similarly, the descendants of the fallen angels and the daughters of CAIN, from which this race arose in order to sabotage God’s plans, crossed and contaminated the offspring of Adam.

6 Groups Under Nephilim

Nephilim Skeletons facts

Philistine Goliath

According to rabbinical tradition, Anakim (Anak), Refaim (Rephaim) Gibborim, Zamzummim, and Emim (Emites) come from the race Nephilim, and all are translated as “giants”.

Rephaim was an ancient Canaanite tribe, who lived in the hills of Judah and in the Philistine plain.

They were the original inhabitants of Canaan who occupied Lebanon and the ​​Mount Hermon. It was separated to the north of the coast of Syria and Transjordania, a chain of fortified cities was constructed. They lived in the region that the Moabites and the Ammonites later occupied, the first called emitas, and the latter called those zomzomenos.

King Chedorlaomer along with his allies subjugated them when they invaded Transjordan. In the western part of Palestine, they allied and interbred with the Caftorim. He came from Crete and settled in the coastal areas known as Philistines and Phoenicians.

The Philistine Goliath was six cubits and about two and a half meters to three meters. His brother was a giant that was called Lahmi.  Some suggest that they built many megalithic monuments in Transjordan, especially the dolmens on the mountain peaks. These were tombs formed by large slabs of stone shaped like a room: four walls and one roof.
Not even a single unholy grave has been found, and no utensils or ceramic pieces have been recovered from them. Who erected them is still a mystery.

7 Nephilim In Bible Texts

Besides the Genesis, there are many other references found in the Holy Bible. A few of them have been specially selected.

“When Moses sent spies into the land of Canaan, they returned with the news that there lived giants”

(Num 13:33)

Ecclesiasticus: “Does being young (David) did not kill a giant and removed the reproach of the people, when he threw a stone with the sling and struck down the arrogance of Goliath?” (Sirach 47:4)

Baruc: “There they were born the famous giants of the first times, of great stature and experts in the war. But it was not to them that God chose and gave them the way of science; they perished by their lack of discernment, they perished by their foolishness.” (Baruch 3:26, 3:27, 3:28)

Deuteronomy: “The Emim lived therein before the great and numerous people, and tall as the Anakim. They were also giants, like the sons of Anak; and the Moabites call them emitas. For only Og king of Bashan was left of the rest of the giants. Is not his bed, a bed of iron, in Rabbah of the children of Ammon? The length thereof is nine cubits, and its breadth is four cubits, according to the elbow of a man.” (Deuteronomy 2:10, 2:11, 3:11)

Book of Wisdom: “So too, at the beginning, when the proud giants died, the hope of the world took refuge on a raft (Noah’s Ark) which, led by your hand (of God), left the world the seed of a new humanity.” (Wisdom 4: 6)

8 Nephilim In The Apocrypha

Giants are named in apocryphal texts such as the Book of Enoch: (of the Ethiopian bible); it presents a more detailed description of the biblical giants. The Book of Jubilees: (from the Ethiopian Bible), complements the story presented in the Book of Enoch.

9 Existence Of Giants

The successive findings of bones, tombs and tools show that there existed an ancient race of supermen on Earth. Work tools of enormous size have been found. People of normal size would not have been able to handle them.

There are 3 discoveries that reveal the existence of ancient giants:

a) The giant of South Africa (Transvaal)

b) Giant -The southern China

c) The giant Java

10 Nephilim Skeletons Discoveries Around The Globe

Nephilim Skeletons facts

The Nephilim remains were found in many parts of the world. These excavations and discoveries were dispersed in the parts of world and this shared their grandness to the world. The scientists, archaeologists and the public thus got to know that it wasn’t just Paracas skulls that existed.

The major ones are:

a) In the former USSR, a cave was found. It had skeletons of men 2.80 to 3 meters height. They had six toes on upper and lower extremities.

b) Human skulls showing 5 centimeter horns above the ciliary arches were found in a sepulchral tomb. The finding was carried out in Bradford, Pennsylvania, in 1880. The approximate height of these beings was 213 centimeters. These bones were sent to the American Investigating Museum of Philadelphia, from where it seems that they disappeared.

c) Lasan Khol was a German anthropologist. In 1936, he found bones belonging to specimens of enormous size at the lakeshore Elgasi.

d) Close to the Pillars of Hercules area in Morocco, in an area in an old cave Nador, were found remains of three skeletons of children belonging to an unknown race of giants.

e) On the bed of the Paluxy River (at Glen Rose) gigantic footprints measuring 54-61 cm long by 13.97 cm wide were discovered. It belonged to a hominid. Geologists concluded that the riverbed corresponded to Cretaceous lands at the end of the Mesozoic era (140 million years).

f) Michael Tellinger showed one of the best evidences of the existence of giants on Earth. Geologists marveled at this giant footprint of rough granite of 1.20 meters long. It is located in southern Africa, near the town of Mpaluzi, near the border with Swaziland. It is estimated between 200 million and 3 billion years.