6 Untold Facts About The Nazi Bell

For anyone looking for a travelers back, check this space for another trip. This is a story little bizarre, and moves with the fine line between reality and imagination. This world is a ground of strange happenings in our world and it’s up to us to unravel them. Today, we will explore some of the facts about the mystic Nazi bell.

Relax, fasten your seat belt and vroom! Here you GO!!

1 Where Did It All Start

Nazi Bell

The world is full of mysterious sites, mythical creatures, and strangest generate theories. This story dwells in the dark years of the Nazi campaign. During World War II, the world was in a rush to know who would get the war technology needed to win the war first.

Unlike the other wars, this one used the maximum of human knowledge. Scientists from around the world worked tirelessly to develop even more powerful weapons, especially Germany. The Nazis used their scientists to develop secret weapons which they called Wunderwaffe (Wonderful Guns). These German weapons allowed the effective beginning of the Third Reich in the war. Nazis were never afraid to use unethical tactics. In the midst of these experiments, they managed to outshine peculiarity.

2 Top Secret Nazi Device – The Henge

Nazi Bell

In September 1944, the Nazis worked on a structure called “The Henge” or “Fly Trap” in the town of Ludwikowice in southern Poland. This region has several underground tunnels with many rooms and different accesses. They are used to produce energy through a coal mine. The installation was called “The Giant” because it was the size of a medium sized city, or Big bagarai. In that circular structure up there, they put Die Glocke.

Before talking about Die Glocke, let’s see how this structure looks like Stonehenge.

3 The Henge & Nazi Bell

Nazi Bell facts

Weird huh? But that’s another theory. The Henge would be used to test a tool called Die Glocke or The Bell.

It may sound like a bell, but it’s definitely not one. To perform the test alone, several power plants were needed, burning thousands of pounds of coal, producing energy for the experiment. The fate and consequences of this experiment is unknown because the information came from reports of a Nazi named Joseph Sporrenberg.

Sporrenberg was interrogated by the KGB (Committee for State Security, Soviet Union), around 1950. Unfortunately he claims not to be present during the test.

4 The Fall Of The Nazi Bell

Nazi Bell

The war marked its end in mid-April 1945. At the end, The Nazi Bell (Die Glocke) completely disappeared, along with General Hans Kammler . Long searches were made in an attempt to find them. As Kammler was one of the Nazi leaders, but none succeeded. And for 20 years, no one has ever heard of his whereabouts.

5 The Mysterious Apparition of Die Glocke

Nazi Bell

In Kecksburg around 1965, a strange object fell and was seen scratching the sky of Michingan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It circled the sky and fell inside Kecksburg. Reports say that the object had a similar format to that of the German Die Glocke.

Several troops gathered at the site of the fall, blocking and carrying the object. Reports of the time say that there was a person inside the thing called “acorn”. But if it was General Kammler still remains a question. The US government decided to hide the object and not talk about it.

Now the questions remain. Did Die Glocke travel in time and the missing general went with her? Did they, by chance, flee to Kecksburg in the year 1965? Well, there are theories that tell us this was not just a coincidence.

6 The Other Theories About The Nazi Bell

Nazi Bell

Precisely in 1936, there was a fall of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) on the ruel zone of Germany. This UFO was described as being very similar to the Nazi Bell (Die Glocke) of 1944. If it’s the same bell, then the Henge base was built just to test the object that had fallen almost 10 years ago. But it was even beyond the Nazis count, who did not know what this artifact was doing. They therefore considered it a failure, after all the object simply disappeared. The most plausible theory is that Die Glocke was in fact an anti-gravitational vortex.

The object is described as being 2.75 meters in diameter and approximately 4.6 meters high, with a mercury-driven motor. Somehow, this piece was able to open a stable gap in space / time, thus creating a tunnel traveling in time. Since this is alien technology, its effect may never be reproduced.

According to Albert Einstein, time travel is possible. The biggest problem of time travel is the amount of energy needed to create a gap in space / time. It’s undoubtedly a colossal amount, and would take a black hole level singularity to have a chance.

Could such technology have come from space / time? Were they aliens or were they the humans who built it? Questions many, answers few.

For travelers, nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to theories.