11 Most Violent & Unsafe Cities In The World

You might hear the travel broadens the youth generation but it may have sometimes adverse effects. Traveling is always a dream shared by many of us. Discovering new cultures, extraordinary landscapes, and different people is not a bad idea. However if you want to come back peacefully there are some violent cities where it is not to safe visit there. The Compilation 11 team has compiled a list of 11 most violent and unsafe cities in the world where strayed bullets are common.


1 Cape Town, South Africa

most violent cities in the world

In South Africa, crime is a plague for years, and Cape Town is simply the most dangerous city in the country. Murders, robberies, rapes, kidnappings hit at random, including most of the tourists. It is strictly advised not to travel at night and not to seek money to a cash machine. There are more than fifty murders a day in South Africa, more than half took place in Cape Town.

2 Karachi, Pakistan

most violent cities in the world

The economic capital of Pakistan is considered one of the most dangerous cities in Asia. The main risks are the violent attacks, riots and being taken for a foreign spy.

3 Detroit, USA

most violent cities in the world

This one of the violent city is also known as the “Motor City” (Motor City), Detroit is a victim for years with the collapse of the US auto industry with entire neighborhoods abandoned as their inhabitants. According to Forbes magazine, in terms of crime rate the location is most dangerous city in the United States. While FBI (Federal Police) figures stated that, 1,220 violent crimes committed each year per 100,000 inhabitants.

4 Baghdad, Iraq

most violent cities in the world

Even if things are going a little better, Baghdad has long been at the top of the ranking of the most dangerous cities in the world since the US invasion in 2003. It was the scene of a civil war without coming to an end from a long time. Since 2003, as many as 650,000 Iraqi civilians were killed in the clashes and attacks.

5 Grozny Chechnya, Russia

most violent cities in the world

The Russian mafia controls the capital of Chechnya and has significantly more people in the Russian authority that is indeed corrupt. The most of the city destroyed and emptied by much of its original population. Chechnya is a capital of prostitution, drug trafficking and kidnappings of any kind and all this events have been occurred without mentioning the war by Chechen rebels against Russian authorities. Therefore this place is marked as red alert area and supposed to be the violent city to travel.

6 Mogadiscio, Somalia

most violent cities in the world

The capital of Somalia is ravaged by a civil war without any war-end. Half of the population (500,000 people) fled from this dangerous city. Tens of personnel are injured every day in the clashes and ongoing attacks. More than a million Somalis have died since President Siad Barre was ousted in 1991.

7 Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

most violent cities in the world

Ciudad Juarez is the city of 1.5 million inhabitants is the US border. Primarily the violence is exceeding everyday and the crime related to rivalries between drug cartels is endemic. The number of murders exceeds 130 per 100,000 people each year and continues to grow since 2007.

8 Caracas, Venezuela

most violent cities in the world

Foreign Policy magazine gave Caracas the dubious name of “murder capital of the world.” As in Ciudad Caracas, Venezuela, the majority of the violence comes from gangs and drug cartels. In the single month of December 2008, more than 500 people were killed during settling a score towards each other.

9 New Orleans, United States

most violent cities in the world

New Orleans is the most dangerous city in the United States like Detroit. The crime rate of New Orleans is reportedly found to be 95 murders per 100,000 inhabitants per year. This figure is more impressive that there are only 300,000 inhabitants. It is even more dangerous when compared to the violent city – Baghdad which has a murder rate of 48 per 100,000 according to the Time magazine.

10 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

most violent cities in the world

The carnival is fine, but the violence and danger can be occurred everywhere in Rio. Do not walk around in the city with jewelry, with a bag and have a minimum of cash with you. The drug cartel Piranhas specializes in kidnappings. They are responsible for a significant part of the 20 daily killings in the metropolis.

11 Britain, the land of the crimes and racism

most violent cities in the world

Murder, rape and assault, crimes and racist!! This is the broad reality in case of Britain; the people are scared as it hasn’t just their intention. Record atrocities have been committed against Arab and foreign communities in London. Endless newspapers are written for crimes in Britain. Even the visitor himself became unsafe there. Assassinations for property, bringing assault, murder and rape in Britain is not news, but the news is that you go to there and come back safely.

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