11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

What does it take to turn a river polluted. Dilution is the best remedy to water pollution in the world. This has been the maxim of individuals who think water contamination can be done away with basically by adding more water to the mess. The biggest problem is that the population is too high, and so is the number of factories in operations. Water usage exceeds the available amount of fresh water. Indeed, one of the world’s most concerning issues is that there is no enough drinking water…

However, our rivers can be cleaned.

This post is all about some of the most polluted rivers on the globe. Perhaps, the list may not include the worst, we cannot really say.

In any case, the listed rivers are questionably grimy, some of which so unfathomably smudged. Some are so bad that you have to ask why anyone would even get that close to them. Some people even drink from them! This is because they do not have any other option. So let’s take a look at this 11 most polluted rivers in the world.

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11 Cuyahoga River – Ohio, U.S.A.

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

In 1959, the Cuyahoga River in Ohio became famous for “catching fire.” The Time magazine, in its article, depicted it as, “a river oozes rather than flows with Chocolate-brown, oily, and was bubbling with subsurface gases over it.” The Cuyahoga fire and the coverage it received from the media sparked the 1960’s environmental movement.

This happened more than half a century ago. Yet, despite the efforts by the movement, water bodies around the globe continue to be polluted, some on a massive scale. This is a gallery of 11 of the most contaminated rivers on the earth, which is just but a fraction of all the polluted rivers..

10 Lake Karachay – Russia

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

While the above picture may have all the earmarks of being somewhat serene. Lake Karachay river was named the most contaminated spot on the Earth, as per a report by the Washington, D.C. Based on the Worldwatch Institute on Nuclear Waste. The Soviet Union utilized the lake as a dumping spot for atomic waste from their biggest atomic facility, Mayak between 1951 and 1953.

Following a dry season in 1968, the wind propelled radioactive dust from the lake zone, exposing radiation to over a half a million people. The Environmental Health Perspectives has reported that,, “Russian engineers have been gradually covering Lake Karachay with stones and concrete blocks to help prevent such lethal airborne contamination.”

9 Matanza-Riachuelo River – Buenos Aires, Argentina

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

This is just one case of the sort of “water” that flows into Matanza-Riachuelo River in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Matanza-Riachuelo means “Butcher Creek,” as the basin has a population of over 3.5m. As per Argentine daily paper Pagina/12, a budget of $250,000,000 was agreed for cleaning up the river in 1993.

8 Citarum River – West Java, Indonesia

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

According to The Guardian, in West Java, Indonesia, speedy population growth over the past 20 years has forced more than 5 millions of individuals into the areas close to Citarum River. As a result, massive untreated household and industrial wastes are directed into the river. This threatens the life of anybody who comes in contact with water from this river.

7 Buriganga River – Dhaka, Bangladesh

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

About 4 million individuals in Dhaka, Bangladesh, are in prone to effects of water pollution on a daily basis. The major pollutants include sewage, plastics, dead animals, home and industrial wastes as well as chemicals.

6 Ganges River – Allahabad, India

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

The National Geographic has reported that Ganges River is “one of the holiest spots in Hinduism. Being the city of Ganges, Allahabad is the host of the Kumbh Mela after every 12 years. The is the greatest get-together of mankind on Earth, when millions of people come to wash away their transgressions at spot of the confluence of the three rivers – Ganges or Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati”

Nonetheless, because of the mind blowing measure of contamination found in the waterway, the local government of Allahabad is pondering the wellbeing of this monstrous custom.

5 Yellow River – Lanzhou, China

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

In the Lanzhou Province of China, occupants were aggravated to discover that the waters of their “Yellow” River turned red because of an obscure contaminant, streaming out of a neighborhood sewer. As it was mentioned in the Time, the environment is not on the top of the agenda with China’s population and economy skyrocketing.

This has led to excessive chemicals spills into Chinese water bodies rendering majority of the country’s surface water “unfit for human utilization.”

4 Yamuna River – New Delhi, India

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

At first look, this may appear like a gigantic man, transcending mists amassed over an extensive sea. Shockingly, this is simply the photo of a man encompassed by the suds of contaminations in the Yamuna River as far as beyond the horizon. New Delhi, the capital of India, discharges more than 500,000,000 gallons of sewage into the sea on daily basis.

3 Chaohu Lake – Anhui Province, China

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

Envision getting up in the morning to a tall glass of this green slop. Tragically,, this algae-filled lake is a norm for the inhabitants of the Chaohu Lake in Hefei, Anhui territory of China.

This is one of the reasons why the Chinese government has set aside $8,000,000,000 for the development of 2,712 water treatment facilities for 8 rivers and lakes in the country.

2 Jordan River – Israel

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

This river is believed to be where Jesus was baptized. For this reason, many pilgrims gather at the said spot to be baptized. However, they might be getting more than they can anticipate.

According to Gidon Bromberg, the Israeli executive of EcoPeace/Friends of the Earth Middle East, “the Jordan River is suffering from two things; one is that 98 percent of its fresh water is diverted to Israel, Syria, and Jordan. Secondly, enormous amount of untreated sewage and farming chemicals are injected into the river.

1 Mississippi River – U.S.A.

11 Most Polluted Rivers in the World | List

While majority of the most polluted rivers in the world are encompassed by a dense population, the Mississippi River has caused incredible pollution in the Gulf of Mexico.

The contamination is so aggressive that the mouth of the Mississippi River is known as a Dead Zone.

On reaching the sea, the waters from this river cause an algae bloom. This phenomenon deprives oxygen from water that leads to the death of organisms. Moreover, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is not doing justice to the creatures either.