8 Most Famous Unusual Women: Funny Or Inspirational

Most of the posts on the internet are commonly flooded with the ugliest creatures, ugliest people and so on. This time, I thought to bring a most fascinating list of most famous unusual women with their amazing stories.

This compilation brings a rundown of women who seems to be ugly, but these women turn their ugly aspect of characteristics into the most unusual looks or break down it into a world record ever.

I can’t predict what do you think about them but all the time, these women are source of great inspiration for me.

Even, some women are liked by many of us for their remarkable stories. So this time, you have the opportunity to treat these women with more respect and let’s give them a salute to handle their life-circumstances.

8) Mandy Sellars – Huge Legs

8 Most Famous Unusual Women: Funny Or Inspirational

A thirty nine years old woman is facing a rare medical condition that leads to grow the bottom half of the body massively than the upper body parts.

Mandy Sellers have legs of nearly two meters of width that can be compared with a dress size of thirty four.

Skirts and the other dresses are the dream that she is not able to wear anytime. Though she has to be rely on her mom’s made custom dresses that fits her body ideally.

Don’t you think it is just nothing than a curse as she has faced rude comments, stares and sniggers of the people many times?

But Mandy doesn’t bother from such circumstances and laughs, while staring by the guys at streets or public places.

7) Jyoti Amge – Worlds Smallest Woman

8 Most Famous Unusual Women: Funny Or Inspirational

A woman from Nagpur named Jyoti Amge, who cursed with Anhondroplasia – a growth anomaly.

She is probably a unexpected personality for you, but she is known to being in the perfect medical condition and having no any problem in skull, back, neck and muscles.

Being featured on the well known documentary Two Foot Tee, she got a lot of fame and came into spotlight. Later, she became a contestant in a most famous reality show Big Boss.

Also, smallest man from the Nepal (Chandra) got the opportunity to photo session with Jyoti.

6)  Julia Gnuse – Most Tattooed Woman

8 Most Famous Unusual Women: Funny Or Inspirational

Born in 1959, Julia Gnuse has a beautiful life that she always loves. Unfortunately, at the age of thirty five, several uncomfortable marks were developed on her skin and scarring continues to develop until she turned into ugly looking women.

After getting various visits to the doctors and specialists, she was diagnosed with porphyria – a rare skin disease inherited from the elders or the genes of ancestors.

Regardless of the disease, her skin became too sensitive that it can’t resist even a single scar on his body. Till the time, she can’t get out in the sun otherwise; her skin is subjected to blistering insanely.

There is no much development in the field of porphyria treatment. Doctor revealed good news for her treatment accompanying with a bad news too.

Good news is that – a medicine available on the market that works to heal the skin condition but it often leads to unwanted side effects, resulting to turn the patient into a blind person.

Now, she had the only two choices – either she should opt for treating the body scars or a chance of getting the blindness.

Dramatically, one of his friends (a plastic surgeon) suggested to trying tattoos in order to hide the scarred parts of the skin.

Julia liked to accept the tattooing and started to cover the whole legs and later, she tattooed her other body parts too including stomach, arms and also back.

As the time passes, she has covered most of the body parts with tattoos. When she was spotted in the news due to his story, she was titled as “The Illustrated Lady”.

Personally, I appreciate the Julia who has made a Guinness World Records in the category of World’s most tattooed woman.

5) Mikel Ruffinelli – Women With Bumper Backside

8 Most Famous Unusual Women: Funny Or Inspirational

When we think about the attractive lower body, a most glamorous image of Kim Kardashian came into mind.  But probably, you won’t know about the Mikel Ruffinelli having the massive backside like a bumper.

With a height of 5ft 4″, she is known to be healthy and well. She believed she contains a body that many women envy of it; she is a subject of extreme physique, proud of being mother of four, small waist with best proportion of 40 inch, charming curve, attractive hips and her entire body shape.

4) Supatra Sasuphan – Hairiest Girl

8 Most Famous Unusual Women: Funny Or Inspirational

Supatra Sasuphan is another woman who listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the hairiest girl of the world.

She was taunted due to her looks since she was 11 years old and often cursed with many titles like Monkey Face or Wolf Girl.

After sometime, Supatra decides to live her life with a lot of fun and she started to take all the things easily. Now, she believes that entire body hairs assist her to get the fame for the most popular girls in the school ever.

3) Women Of Burmese Tribes – Bizarre Necks

8 Most Famous Unusual Women: Funny Or Inspirational

Souther state of the eastern Myanmar and Kayah state is the home of about fifty thousand Padaung people who survive in the dense forest.

Padaung women are popular from centuries and a subject of curiosity. As they garnered the attention with their custom of put on thirty two brass coils of golden color on their neck.

The girls were gifted these strange rings on 5th birthday that seems like a special day. Later, they got the same gift each year and this bizarre activity would continue until the girls got married.

2) Asha Mandela – Black Rapunzel

8 Most Famous Unusual Women: Funny Or Inspirational

Asha Zulu Mandela – a fifty years old woman has the most fascinating dreadlocks and she is growing it from last twenty five years.

It all begins, when she moved to New York City from Trinidad. She was titled as Black Rapunzel. She has also claimed for the title – the world’s longest locks. Her hair has a length of 19 feet and 6 inches.

1) Brittany And Abigail Hensel – Conjoined Twins

8 Most Famous Unusual Women: Funny Or Inspirational

The most famous conjoined twins – Abigail and Brittany Hensel have garnered the attention for their bizarre body characteristics.

Despite garnering the attention from media, they had faced many obstacles in daily life and these struggles are not so easy to overcome.

Surprisingly, the parents of Abigail and Brittany were told a bad news; the life expectancy of these girls is very low and it is too hard to survive with this rarest form of twin.

After celebrating the 23rd birthday, they got a chance to featuring in a show: Abby and Brittany. This show represents various obstacles in their daily life.

As per my thought, both girls are very lucky who get a chance to be a part of luckiest guys who born one in every 40,000 twins and an estimated life expectancy or survival chances are less than 1 %. Don’t you think?

Despite of these facts, some miracle are working behind the life of these girls.