10 Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

Pyramids are a great architectural feat, attracting unprecedented tourist appeal. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Such an astounding construction marvel represents a great cultural as well as historical value. The greatness of these famous pyramids is unmatchable, even with the current technology and skills. They’re a mirror of the customs, traditions and the values of the past.

Pyramids were initially constructed of limestone and granite and used to bury the dead person.
Although started by Egyptians, people today have not hesitated taking inspiration for leviathan pyramids.

Let’s have a look at few of the famous ones –

10 Ryugyong Hotel – North Korea

Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

North Korea’s Pyongyang city skyline is graced by the Ryugyong Hotel. Being one of the most famous hotels, it was built as a whole pyramid-styled building, it is 330 meters high, consisting of 105 floors. The floor area spreads more than 360,000 square meters. No windows and doors have been fitted even after the completion of the structural work. No statement has yet been issued that marks the hotel as safe. In 2008, the Egyptian construction company Orascom started the renovation of the hotel’s exterior. Nothing was done for over 16 years. Whether and when the inside is also addressed, is still unclear.

9 Luxor Hotel – United States

Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas was opened for public on October 15, 1993. Seeking inspiration from the Pyramid of Cheops (ancient Egypt), the architecture made the hotel entirely of glass. It houses an IMAX Theater and is connected to two adjacent casinos via a monorail. There will also be several Egyptian elements back. A reconstructed tomb of Tutankhamun is also on display. A sphinx stands to greet at the entrance.

8 Tikal Temple I – Guatemala

Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

In the year 730 a special building was unveiled in Guatemala: the Great Jaguar Pyramid. This pyramid is also known as Temple I of Tikal. The structure is built according to the Petenstijl, which can be recognized by the steep base, made up of steps and topped by a relatively small nine floor temple. As is the culture, there is a room entirely dedicated to god Kukulcan. The Tikal Complex was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7 Nubian pyramids at Jebel Barkal – Sudan

Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

The UNESCO in 2003 added to its World Heritage List, the Jebel Barkal and the corresponding pyramids. The mountain was 98 meters high and was a navigation point for traders. From the mountain top, one could have a view of Egypt, Central Africa and Arabia. The ancient Egyptians were convinced that god Amon lived here. For that reason, they built several pyramids around Jebel Barkal, known as the Nubian pyramids. When the power passed in the hands of the Koesjieten, they used the pyramids as a burial place for their kings.

6 Pyramid of the Magician – Mexico

Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

An ancient legend says that the Pyramid of the Magician, located on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, was built in just one night. Possibly a magician could only do this. In this case, it is the son of the magician: a dwarf, who just came out of an egg. Now you know why the name.

Magician Pyramid is 42 meters high and it took centuries to construct such an imposing building, with five different temples.

5 The Red Pyramid – Egypt

Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

The red pyramid bears that name because of the limestone that built the pyramid had a red glow. During the Middle Age, these stones used to be built in Cairo. Red pyramid stands 104 meters tall. Through the north – at a height of 28 meters is the entrance. Then you can walk into three rooms. One of them was a burial chamber. If stories are to be believed, Snefru mountain ravened here, so it was also called the Pyramid of Snefru. The relatively basic rooms resembles pyramid of Cheops.

4 Pyramid of the Sun – Mexico

Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

The sun of the pyramid was built in two phases. The first stage took place around the year 100, when the builders were managed in order to deliver on the main part of this pyramid. Two centuries later, a temple with an altar on top of the platform was built. Unfortunately it no longer exists. The Pyramid of the Sun is a large building spread in an area of 225 to 225 meters. This pyramid is about 72 meters high. The ratio between the ground surface and the height is also called the golden section.

3 Pyramid of Cestius – Italy

Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

Italy has a pyramid of Cestius. The Tribune had developed a fascination with ancient Egypt and the pyramids. He determined in his will that he be buried in a pyramid. His legacy is a 36.5 meter high pyramid built with a surface area of ​​29.5 meters. The structure is made of brick on a foundation of travertine. The exterior is covered with marble slabs.

To be exact, the Pyramid of Cestius is just outside Rome.

2 Pyramid of Kukulcan – Mexico

Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

Back to Mexico, the Yucatán peninsula. Here are the remains of the pyramid of Kukulcan. Also known as El Castillo, this temple was built in the ninth century. It is a step pyramid with a total of 91 steps. The platform on which the temple is built is the 92nd step. Twice a year, the Pyramid of Kukulcan is the setting for a special spectacle. On a spring and autumn day, the shadows form the pattern of moving snakes.

1 Pyramids of Giza – Egypt

Most Famous Pyramids From Around The World

For the most extraordinary pyramids you have to be in Egypt. Here are namely the Pyramids of Giza, and in the same complex- Pyramid of Cheops (the Great), the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure. Some smaller pyramids also stand around it. And to the east stands the world famous Sphinx of Giza. This bastion of pyramids was built around 2500 BC.