Top 10 Most Famous Events Around The World

Choosing the top 10 famous events worldwide is perhaps a difficult task. But then it had to be someone who would break the news about the fun we are missing.

Sporting, cultural and seminars have been the successful famous events around the world but contrary to this there exists a vibrant world with cinematic, artistic, alcoholic and throttling choices.

More than fun, these events are an interesting field for a varied growth. So enjoy!

1 New Year’s Eve Ball in Times Square – United States

Most Famous Events Around The World

Millions of people come from every nook of the world to 7th Avenue and nearby streets and celebrate the arrival of the New Year on December 31. Tourists face a cold to subzero temperature, waiting for the magnificent fireworks display in one of the most charming places in New York – Times Square. The restaurants in the area are crowded, but the producer who has the opportunity to spend New Year’s Eve in NYC should walk the streets in the area, watching the mounted security scheme and the numerous entertainment strategies that can be found.

The New Year Ball is a geodesic sphere, 12 feet in diameter and weighs 11,875 pounds. It has 2688 Waterford crystals, 32256 Philips Luxeon LEDs and consumes 50,000 watts of electricity.

2 Oktoberfest – Germany

Most Famous Events Around The World

A parade with around 7000 participants floats through the streets of Munich, marking the beginning of the traditional Beer Festival in Germany. Oktoberfest takes place gathers attractions such as drinks stalls, concerts, open air concerts, shooting stands, and more. At the sound of typical music about 6,000,000 people around the world consume more than 5,000,000 liters of beer.

It is indeed a great opportunity to have fun and see how to make a party marked by tradition and culture. The festival lasts 16 days, starting on a Saturday and ending on the first Sunday of October. Admission: Free.

3 Cirque du Soleil

Most Famous Events Around The World

Cirque Du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company recognized worldwide for the quality of its shows and artists. It brings together more than 5000 employees in 40 countries. Around 200 million viewers across 200 cities throughout the five continents are already delighted with the performances of Cirque. To have access to this elaborate and creative event, you do not even need to leave Brazil. Almost every year, the company announces tour by the main cities of the country.

4 Academy Awards (Oscar) – United States

Most Famous Events Around The World

Who does not want to follow Oscars Who doesn’t want to be close to see the most famous celebrities of cinema? The Academy Awards rewards the highlights of the film around the world, replete with sophistication and glamour. Each year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes cinematic achievements at the annual Academy or Oscar Awards.

Dolby Theatre is the current venue of the presentation.

5 Cannes Film Festival – France

Most Famous Events Around The World

Named as the International Film Festival until 2002, the festival is for sheer art lovers and artistic event producers who will quite enjoy the experience of participating in the Festival that has existed for over 70 years. In the city of Cannes, France, the event makes room for renowned artists of world cinema and also for those who are starting a career.

The selected films and more than 10 thousand professionals accredited for the festival come from all continents and so the media coverage of the event is international. Although reserved for professionals of the cinema, the Festival expands throughout France. The opening ceremony, for example, is broadcast in movie theaters and in addition, there is a program in the city that includes outdoor screenings open to all.

6 Monaco Grand Prix – France

Most Famous Events Around The World

For a big time petrol-head, the Monaco Grand Prix is a must go. In trend from the last 87 years, this circuit race takes place in Circuit De Monaco. It has a street circuit in Monte Carlo and Monaco with 3.37 km route. The circuit is called an “exceptional location of glamour and prestige”. For sports lovers and Formula 1, the event is a nice opportunity as it is a mega production, with global proportions.

7 The Super Bowl – United States

Most Famous Events Around The World

This is the biggest sporting event and one of the most watched on American TV. The Super Bowl was born as the merger between the two major football leagues – the National Football League and American Football League. The proportion of the Super Bowl is so great that the list is the second day in which there is more consumption of food in the United States. Tickets see an upward rise, so if you want to participate in the Super Bowl, you need to plan well in advance.

8 TED Global – Scotland

Most Famous Events Around The World

TED is an internationally acclaimed and the most followed of conference that aims to disseminate ideas in the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design worldwide. Among the speakers of the conference taking place since 1984, are names such as Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Bill Gates. The organization TED offers the videos of lectures on the Internet that are watched annually by millions of people from various countries, which also helps in the dissemination of the organization’s purposes.

9 International CES – United States

Most Famous Events Around The World

The city of Las Vegas is responsible for hosting every January a meeting between representatives of technology trade, which have been the main news in electronic conference. CES (Consumer Electronic Show) aimed at a particular audience, participating in an event of this ratio allows you to acquire a know-how of how to work with large exhibitors (CES receives 3000), speakers and guests.

10 Isle Of Wight Festival – UK

Most Famous Events Around The World

Held annually, the music festival Isle of Wight brings together the biggest rock bands in the world. Four days of Festival and the interesting thing about this event is that participants are camped inside the island.

The organization scheme and security of an event of this nature must be something interesting to watch. In addition, the production prepares many attractions for the comfort of the public as food court, bars, alternative venues, etc.