10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

This post is especially written for cartoon lover who also love dogs and pets. Previously I have created an mind blowing compilation of scary animals in hollywood movies for animal lovers. Now it’s turn for the dogs.

It is tricky task to create a list of best cartoon dogs character because I like all animated TV shows and series of Disney. Especially dogs are the adorable pets that attract our eyeballs on the screen. So I could listed many dogs as possible. Though, I am posting the rundown of top 10 best cartoon dogs featured by Disney.

If you think we have missed any famous pup, tell us in the comment form below so I can try to update this list.

10 Bruno (Cinderella)

10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

Bruno is the famous dog featured in Cinderella movie. The classic film was released in 1950. He is a hunting dog and super loyal friend of mice and Cinderella, but for some reason (perhaps due to the friendship with mice), he started to hate cats.

The first time that we know he was sleeping on the kitchen floor (dreaming chasing Lucifer Cat). When the Fairy Godmother appears, Bruno is transformed into a human to follow the Cinderella carriage to the castle.

It also appears near the end of the film, scaring the cat Lucifer and saving the mouse Tata.

9 Nana (Peter Pan)

10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

Peter Pan is a cartoon of the 50s and Nana is one of the characters. It is the dog of Saint Bernard breed, and part of the Wendy’s family. She is super soft and fond of children.

The dog Nana is appeared as nursemaid who cares the darling kids. She faithfully give medicine, covers them to sleep and keeps them company. Though the children’s father thinks she’s just a dog and kids should not be doing these things.

Unfortunately, she has been isolated in the backyard. Likely to the other dogs, Nana feels helpless. Further she was tied with a belt such that she was unable to liberate herself.

The dog Nana could not move to accompany children as she thinks it can be possible in never never-land.

8 Percy (Pocahontas)

10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

Ratcliffe own a spoiled dog named Percy in the storyline of movie. However, Wiggins is the servant of Ratcliffe who is responsible for caring and nourishing the Percy.

Percy enjoys a super luxurious life with great comforts including dog biscuits, a carousel and a stunning tub.

But, at some moment the dog leaves his owner and meet with new friends – Meeko, Flit and Pocahontas. Formerly these three had antagonistic relationships with the Percy.

7 The Dog and the Fox

10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

A beautiful story about an unlikely friendship based on a book by Daniel P. Mannix, 1967. The Disney movie was released in 1981 and tells the story of two babies who become good friends in childhood, a fox (Dodo) and dog (Toby).

The little fox is orphaned when a little old woman decides to adopt her and bring to her home. This old lady has a neighbor who is generally a hunter and the owner of Toby.

Toby and Dodo become great friends until the hunter goes to the mountains and takes his dog with him, which grows being trained to hunt, especially foxes.

When they returned, the dog and the fox have became adults and their friendship is put to the test. Some problems started with the hunter who threatens the fox, making the old lady be alarmed and told her to take Dodo to a forest reserve.

The entire story is good and you should watch it once in your life.

6 Bolt

10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

The dog that bears the name – Bolt derived from his TV career. He is an actor of an action TV series.

He is the one who does not distinguish the real world from TV set. He thinks the sci-fi TV world is real and spend his day to day life with superpowers.

He has laser vision, super bark, super strength, and beyond the superpower he is super cute!

The series features Penny, owner of Bolt that has been modified by a scientist (father of Penny). He change the Bolt to make these super powers so that he can protect her daughter, and also has a villain (Dr. Calico, the man with green eye) and his evil pet cat.

In real life, everyone hides Bolt from the outside world. One day during the program recordings, he ends up running away from the film-set thinking that the villain took Penny, he ends up passing out in a box. This box is sent to the other side of the country (the set is in Hollywood and he is sent to New York).

On the streets of New York City he discovers that his superpowers are not working and knows Mittens (a kitten that was abandoned), because it is a cat he thinks Mittens is one of the evil cat of Dr Calico and forces the cat to take it to him.

On the way Bolt and Mittens know Rhino – a hamster who is a fan of Bolt’s TV show and thinks that TV is real and that the dog has super powers. The three characters go to Hollywood and all ends well.

Super happy ending to this drawing, all live happily ever after with Penny.

5 101 Dalmatians

10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

The cartoon 101 Dalmatians was released in 1961, with many cuddly puppies !! It tells the story of Pongo (one Dalmatian) and its owner Roger who falls in love with Anita, the owner of a beautiful Dalmatian called Gift.

Pongo also falls in love with Gift (happy movie where everyone falls in love early in the film). Owners are married and move in together.

Soon we know the Cruella, a rich and crazy woman in fur coats. She is a friend of Anita and when he learns that Gift gave birth to 15 puppies, she wants to buy them all to pursue his dream of having a Dalmatian fur coat, but Roger does not sell. Of course Cruella sends his henchmen to steal the dogs.

Pongo and Gift asking for help to other dogs of the city and surroundings and Colonel dog, kitten Sergeant Tibbs and the horse Captain discover where the puppies are, along with 84 other dogs.

4 Brutus, Slinky and Buster (Toy Story)

10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

There are three legal super dogs in the movies of Toy Story, one of them is a dog toy – The Slinky, and the other two are real dogs. Brutus is the Bull Terrier breed dog, and its owner is Sid, a devilish boy destroyer neighbor Andy toys (Toy Story 1). The other dog is Buster, one linguicinha dog’s Andy family, he is also a friend of toys and appears true in the second and third films, but it is mentioned at the very end of the first film.

Slinky is one of Andy’s toys, it is a spring dog based on a real toy that was a great success in the 50s, 60s and 70s, James Industries company. The name of the toy was called Slinky Dog, which now permission, gave rise to the character’s name for the film. It was also requested permission to remodel Slinky, to stay with a more attractive appearance in the cartoon.

3 Goofy

10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

I could create a single post about Goofy, a well bumbling character that was created in the ’30s. He became very famous in the comic and cartoons, especially in the animated series that had an educational background.

I just loved his acts! They had as characters basically just goofy (sometimes it was several characters), they were short of about 7 minutes to do some things, like As Fishing, How Skiing, Building a house, some others about sports, about not smoking, how not to behave in traffic, among many other fun mega! These acts often did not speak, just narrates.

Goofy is a great friend of Mickey and Donald Duck and appears in some drawings with them.

The unforgettable movie of this character is launched in 1995 named A Goofy Movie. The film garnered a quite attention from its fans and the its sequel had released in 2000 with the title Goofy Movie 2.

2) The Lady and the Tramp

10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

The Lady and the Tramp (1955) is a movie with full of dogs. The story rotates around a beautiful female dog of cocker spaniel breed. She is a bitch with pedigree who loves their owners and canine friends, the Caco and Joca.

But the owners of Lady one day become pregnant. Lady owners planned to travel and leave Aunt Sara taking care of the baby. Aunt Sarah has two cats and apparently who doesn’t like dogs.

Lady is considered to be vicious and finally she was muzzled and has putted outer side of the home. At the pet shop Lady escaped the crazy aunt and met the Tramp – stray dog with a big heart. Tramp and Lady fall in love and some problems happen, but in the end they end up together and everyone is happy! They have a few puppies who are part of the second film.

1) Pluto

10 Most Famous Cartoon Dog Characters In Disney

Pluto is probably the most famous dog and beloved of Disney.

Back to the 1970s, It appears first time in the picture as a dog that didn’t consider Mickey’s faithful companion as we know.

Pluto cartoon were one of my favourite character. I listed this amazing pet for those who are the big fan or even know him for the first time.