15 Most Famous Animals With Unforgettable Image In History

The history and future have almost been marked by great politicians, kings, ministers or presidents, warlike military or recognized international leaders.

However, there are the times when the history has witnessed to some animals who have passed to the annals with proper name. These 15 most famous animals left an unforgettable mark on history and loved by the human kind as well.

1. Laika, The First Space Animal

Most Famous Animals

Recruited in the streets of Moscow, she was selected to become the first living creature to “crew” a spacecraft. His journey kept the world on the edge. But the “astronaut” survived only between 5 and 7 hours. Russia deliberately concealed that the ship lacked a return system.

2. Cher Ami, The Messenger Pigeon Of World War II

Most Famous Animals

Cher Ami was a messenger dove who participated in World War II. He delivered 12 very important letters to the American force and helped to save 194 lives.

The dove wounded in combat and shot dead by enemy fire on his breast. He delivered a letter warning in behalf of the Allies of a battalion who was isolated from the other American forces and surrounded entirely by the German enemies. The following battalion was led by Major Charles Whittlesey

Thanks to her, the American army was able to defend the lives of these men.

3. Seabiscuit, The Hopeful

Most Famous Animals

Since, he was not a very big horse as people did not have faith to him. They said that he was lazy. His coach, Tom Smith was able to understand it, getting him to win several races and became him the crowd favorite!

He won the “Race of the Century” against War Admiral, horse that had just won the Triple Crown. In fact, it seemed like his winnings are just like a little thing but his past made Seabiscuit a symbol of hope during the Great Depression.

4. Cheetah, The Longest-lived Monkey In The World

Most Famous Animals

Chita (or sometimes called Cheetah/Cheeta/Cheta) is the name of the chimpanzee who plays the Chita monkey in (actual name- Jitts) Tarzan films by Johnny Weissmüller in the 1930s. Jitts is a 79-year-old chimpanzee figured in the Guinness Book Of Records as the longest-lived ape in the world.

Although in Spanish he has been known as “Mona” Cheetah, and it is a male.

Although “Chita” is inextricably associated with Tarzan in the collective imaginary story. This character turned out to be a unique artist of the film industry, since it does not appear in any of the original novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs (creator of Tarzan).

5. Lassie, The Most Famous Fictional Dog

Most Famous Animals

Lassie is a collie and a fictional character, probably the most famous female dog in the world. Her fictional character has appeared in several films, television series and books for years.

It was created by the British author Eric Knight in a short story known like “Lassie Come-Home”, that was published as a tory in the newspaper The Saturday Evening Post in 1938 and that would be extended completely like a novel in 1940.

This book was adapted to the cinema in 1943 with the title “Lassie Come Home”, with star like Roddy McDowall and with a talented collie dog named “Pal” that was a first Lassie. Since then numerous television series have been filmed where the character has been developed and performed by several dogs over the years.

6. Keiko, The Orca That Gave Life To Free Willy

Most Famous Animals

Keiko (1976-2003) was a male orca (a killer whale) known worldwide for his participation in the saga of films “Free Willy (1993)”.

The whale was captured near Iceland by a fisherman in 1979 when it was about just two years old and was released almost 20 years after a campaign, backed by millionaire Craig McCaw.

He spent his last days in Taknes Bay, near Trondheim, on the northwest side of the Norwegian coast.

7. Snowflake, Symbol Of Barcelona

Most Famous Animals

Snowflake is the only albino gorilla in the world that is known, the only primate of its type who born without color pigment.

With a great fanfare, Snowflake is an unforgettable creature of the Barcelona zoo. Under awful circumstances, a farmer killed all gorillas of Snowflake’s group in order to capture Snowflake in Equatorial Guinea. He was captured while he was clinged with his parent’s fur.

The hunters sold it to Professor Jordi Sabater Pi, then curator of the Ikunde Zoological Experimentation Center in Barcelona under the umbrella of the Barcelona Zoo. The professor took him to Spain in 1966 and starred in the cover of the National Geographic magazine in 1967, which gave him worldwide fame, becoming a symbol of the Barcelona Zoo and the city itself. Here, he became

Here, he became father of twenty two babies but unfortunately none of them found albino.
His fan disappointed after knowing an announcement of the Barcelona Zoo in 2003 that soon he was going to die due to a rarest form of skin cancer (probably caused due to his albinism).

8. Punxsutawney Phil, Legendary Groundhog & A Weather Prognosticator

Most Famous Animals

For 130 years, Groundhog Day has been celebrated, an American festival known worldwide and Groundhog Day is also a comedy movie trapped in time, starring Bill Murray. The centuries-old and folkloric tradition dictates that if the rodent comes out of its hibernation and lethargy and he fails to see its shadow projected on the ground, the end of winter is near and spring is approaching.

On the contrary, if the day is clear and the groundhog is able to watch its shadow, the prediction will be another: the winter will last, in particular, six more weeks.

Punxsutawney Phil – a popular rodent has only hit 39% of the time This February 2, the world famous Phil Whistler, which annually congregates about 40,000 Americans in the state of Punxsutawney (Pennsylvania)
Each year, up to 40,000 people flock to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania come to witness the brief performance of Phil that begins with the legendary celebration of Groundhog day.

For his fans, there is only and there has always been a Phil, the only one able to predict the winter time with a hundred percent of hits.

9. Octopus Paul, The Oracle Of The Sea

Most Famous Animals

Paul was an octopus used as an oracle to predict the results of the German soccer team in international tournaments, specifically in Eurocopa 2008 and in the World Cup 2010. He was also used to predict other results as well.
According to Quora user – Jackson Davis, Paul was trained to pick 8 options represented on the box where each option contains an option/answer of a certain question.

Due to the remarkable mediatic importance, supposed divinatory faculties and his mind blowing ability, some names were denominated such as: das Krakenorakel, the psychic octopus, octopus oracle, etc.
After the soccer world championship, his caretakers reported that he would not make any more predictions. After his death, on October 26, 2010, they announced that a monument would be erected in his memory in the aquarium he had lived in i.e. the Sea Life Center in Oberhausen.

10. Excalibur, A Tragic Story Of A Dog

Most Famous Animals

After a busy and tense day in Alcorcón, the dog Excalibur has been sacrificed as a precaution against the risk of being a carrier of Ebola despite the powerful campaign that have mounted their owners, particularly the husband Of the infected nursing assistant , to avoid it.

A van from the Complutense University has moved the dog among the protests of the many people who have concentrated in front of the nursing home supported by animal groups to demand that the animal’s life not be finished.

The dog has had the fervor and defense of hundreds of people who shouted arrogantly “murderers! Murderers! “Who took the poor dog on his way to death. So important is the life and death of a dog suspected of being a carrier of the African virus!

11. The Chimpanzees That Killed The Greek King

Most Famous Animals

Shortly after the end of World War I, Greece began the occupation of Turkish territory. It was 1919 and little by little the success was more but King Alexander has been walking in his garden, was assaulted and bitten by the hand of some primates. An injury that ended with his life in the end.

This circumstance propitiated the return to the throne of its father, the ex-deposed monarch Constantino I, and with him the heleno country lost the favor of France and Great Britain by his Germanophile desire. The misfortunes did not come alone and Greece was defeated in several battles and even saw as the city of Smyrna was burned, dying in this lance about 15,000 citizens.

12. Belka And Strelka, The Astronaut Dogs

Most Famous Animals

Many will remember the female dog Laika, but few mention Belka and Strelka, two pups who made a space trip orbiting 24 hours around the Earth. They were television stars, because their flight was retransmitted to all the homes of the former Soviet Union. Even Belka performed a series of acrobatics in zero gravity. They were the first living beings who came back from space unharmed.

13. Cairo, The Dog That Helped To Capture Bin Laden

Most Famous Animals

Dogs have always been part of army units, either as detectors of explosive materials or as searchers for caches where the enemy might be hiding. This is the case of Cairo, a Belgian Malinois that was crucial in the capture of Osama Bin Laden, being in charge of securing the perimeter of the house in which he was hidden.

14. Balto, The Husky Who Saved A City

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Only one dog in the history who is known for saving the entire city: Balto, a Siberian Husky that was the hero of Nome in 1925.

In 1925 there was an epidemic of diphtheria spread among the city’s children. Because of the blizzards, which blocked all means of communication, it was impossible to get drugs. Only Balto could rescue the children; And the only solution to get the remedies would be the use of a sled pulled by a pack of 150 dogs led by Balto and between dogs and drivers, some figures stand out, such as driver Gunnar Kaasen and Balto.

They traversed the final 87 kilometers of the route between the towns of Bluff to Nome, the dog being glorified and recognized by all the United States as a hero.

Thanks to him and his companions, the city of Alaska was able to receive an antitoxin that would save the town from an outbreak of diphtheria. The route they travelled was inhumane: 127 hours, almost 87 kilometers where temperatures always stay below 45º. Balto is memorized by a statue in Central Park and starred in an animated film released in 1995.

15 David Greybeard, The Chimpanzee Who Used Tools

Most Famous Animals

British anthropologist Jane Goodall found a chimpanzee using a tool in the autumn of 1960 in Gombe National Park, on the east coast of Lake Tanganyika, now Tanzania.

This ape, dubbed David Greybeard, took the leaves off a few branches to design a tool to hunt a termite nest.

Scientists until then defined man as a creator of tools, so following this finding, Dr. Louis Leakey stated that we should redefine the term tool, the term man must accept chimpanzees as humans.