15 Most Dangerous Airports With Worst Runways

Challenging, Life-Threatening & Heart Thumping Most Dangerous Airports That You Should Know today !!!

Traveling is the amazing things that we can experience in our life. But no doubt, travelling by plane is the most convenient way and fastest means of travel for many people. Conversely it is also challenging for many people who take it considered as a most dangerous way to reach any destination.

Now imagine, if these people will have to land at any of the airports that you will going to see below.

The skill of the pilots counts a lot, but the truth is that the list does not mean that it is sufficient to land a plane in some extreme runways.  For someone who has spent hours in the air and just want to put the foot on the ground, have to look at these runways is far from the most attractive things you would dream in your life.

Let’s begin with some of the beautiful but most dangerous airports with extreme runways. While some may have the worst climatic conditions.

1 Wellington Airport – New Zealand

most dangerous airports with worst runways

The landing at Wellington airport can be very dangerous, because there is only one – and short – runway, which also ends up in the sea. Though, it is an eye captivating place, but also it is one of the most dangerous airports.

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2 Agatti Airport, Lakshadweep, India

most dangerous airports with worst runways

The airport is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. This is why, the question arises: what would happen if something goes wrong during landing. The pilot simply does not have enough space to brake. The track with a length of 1.219 m is so small that most of the area seems to be just a piece of a bigger sea.  There are too much chances the plane to be swallowed by the sea.

Due to the danger, a project was prepared to stretch the runway over a few meters, just ahead of the track.

But meanwhile, the flights are operating as normal airports. Lakshadweep is the only airport in the Indian territory, which consists of 36 exotic islands which in turn, supposed as the luxury destination for some blessed tourists.

3 Savannah International Airport / Hilton Head Island, United States

most dangerous airports with worst runways

This airport is not exactly as termed as “dangerous.” However, there is something unusual, and perhaps scary, in the middle of the track.

There are graves of the former owners of the land where the airport was built. His last wish was to be buried right on the site itself.

4 Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland

most dangerous airports with worst runways

Greenland is one of the most remotest places in the world. Landing in Narsarsuaq airport, Greenland may be a great but terrible experience. For many, it might be a most memorable trip to landing in the place.

Till date, this airport served undoubtedly a nightmare to almost all the pilots.

It’s not as easy as to land in an usual runway because your airplane has to face the heaviest turbulence. It happens even on windless days.

5 Kansai International Airport, Japan

most dangerous airports with worst runways

Built on the artificial island, Kansai airport is 4 km long and 2.5 km wide. Still, it is said to be visible from the space.

It is one of the most impressive airport in the world from an engineering point of view, Unfortunately it is located in an area of frequent earthquakes, cyclones, and fixed to an unstable atmosphere. Such circumstances turn this masterpiece of engineering as one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

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6 Don Muang International Airport, Thailand

most dangerous airports with worst runways

At first glance, the airport doesn’t show anything unusual. However, if you look closely, you will notice a very strange thing.  In the midst of two lanes is nothing less than an 18-hole golf course. This airport not only seems to be the one of the most dangerous, but also one of the strangest one in the world.

7  Airport Paro, Bhutan

most dangerous airports with worst runways

Paro airport has a lot to say, as only eight pilots in the world are qualified to land here. It was not enough, you probably should also know that; Paro Airport is situated 2.4 km above the sea level and is surrounded by sharp peaks of up to five thousand meters and a runway of only 1,980 meters long.

It is said that passengers who dare to land at this small airport in the Himalayas are under accustomed calming in general.

8  Airport Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong

most dangerous airports with worst runways

According to the most of the pilot, it is the worst airport in the world. Strong winds and the surrounding mountains keep the strong contribution to the complexity of landing in this place. There was also always a nuisance for residents.

This airport has been considered as the “the father of all the most terrible airports.” However, it is closed since 1998.

9 International Airport Barra, Scotland

most dangerous airports with worst runways

This is truly a unique airport in the world because this land is built on an asphalt or concrete runway. The landing is done on the beach.

10 Congonhas Airport, Sao Paulo, Brazil

most dangerous airports with worst runways

This airport is dangerous and practical at the same time. Due to the fact of being located only 8 km away from the city center. If you travel frequently, you should know that the world’s largest and most populous cities usually build their airports in the suburbs, or even a few kilometers from the borders of the city for security reasons. As a result, each landing of an aircraft at the airport is a real challenge in terms of security.

11 Gisborne Airport, New Zealand

most dangerous airports with worst runways

This may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s probably one of the craziest airports in the world. This is because during takeoff, the plane can simply facing an intersection of a railway track! Yes – there is a road of railway track across the runway! The controllers have to coordinate with the takeoff and landing with the arrival of trains. And despite that, recently, it has also suffered damage caused by a hurricane. The airport is still operating, though it is used only for cargo flights.

12 Tenzing-Hillary Airport

most dangerous airports with worst runways

In 2010, the History Channel quoted this airport as the most dangerous in the world. It is located at an altitude of 2,900 meters, and its track is surrounded by a mountain on one side and the deepest abyss on the other. Do you think it is Ideal place for landing, right?

13 Madeira Airport, Portugal

most dangerous airports with worst runways

This small international airport on the beautiful island of Madeira has a very short runway. Even in 2003, its length has been doubled. In addition, the ocean that surrounds it keeps track of his “suspended” on the water, on an artificial platform, which gives way to a car on the track. The airport is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

14 Ice Airport, Antarctica

most dangerous airports with worst runways

This is one of the three main tracks that are used for the delivery of equipment and supplies to the researchers at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. It is designed to land even a Boeing 757 and heavy cargo planes. But the main risk is not the location or the track, but time.

15 The Airport On The Island Of Saba

most dangerous airports with worst runways

The trip to this beautiful Caribbean island can become a nightmare at the sight of the track, which is only 396 m long. The airport is surrounded by the high cliffs, the end of the runway is so steep that looks more like a skateboard ramp. It is clear that large aircraft are simply not able to land here, yet even the smallest aircraft has to face the extreme difficulty.