21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

Some people have already lucky to escape justice for committing some kind of crime. Thinking of the most classic methods of executions and punishments and it can be already found, we separate a list for you, of the 21 worst and cruel methods of execution and punishment in history. Some of them are famous and known for its refinements of cruelty. Check out here:

1 Beheading

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

One of the methods that were most used in Europe as a form of punishment, it was execution with a single blow to the neck to behead the victim. Previously, this process was done by the executioner wielding a sword, but during the Middle Ages, began using the ax and the block (famous hollowed trunk).

In addition, they have implemented support for the head of the convict and thus facilitate the beheading. Later with time, this event had an “upgrade”, so to speak, in the late 1700s, gaining popularity because of the French Revolution.

2 Crucifixion

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

Another punishment method widely used by the Romans. It’s a slow, painful and considered very humiliating form of death. After the case of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the method has become quite popular in some places.

Before His crucifixion, the condemned man was beaten and had an obligation to carry his own cross to the place of execution. Then it was placed on top of the cross, where he was tied or nailed.

Death only occurred because of suffocation caused the stop position and beyond the factor of exposure to sun and rain for days.

3 Hanging Compound

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This punishment method is considered one of the worst forms of execution. In addition to hang, it is about to drag the body and dismember parts. The country that used this mode of punishment and execution was England.

The convict was dragged in the open streets, to reach the place of his execution receiving garbage and dead animals thrown by people. So what was hanged, the executioner took a knife and was opening the abdomen of the victim, pulling all your organs out. And all had been done while convict was still alive.

4 Cooking of human being

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

Yes, cooking of a live human being! The victim was placed in a huge cauldron and was cooked alive. A punishment method widely used in past decades in Madagascar. They were in the habit of hanging people by their feet and submerge it to the waist in boiling water.

Another preference was condemned to put the victim into a hole and then two pipes were poured in hot water filling the hole. The body was exposed from the waist up and the victim died boiled alive.

5 Scaphism

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

The scaphism is considered a horrible method of punishment. The person had to drink obligatorily milk and honey to get diarrhea. Then the body was smeared with honey and thrown into a wooden boat, getting feet, hands and head exposed.

The intention is to attract insects like bees, mosquitoes, wasps to devour the still living person. As the days passed, the person was fueled further with milk and honey that had more diarrhea.

Gradually the method caused the meat to rot slowly, taking a slow and painful death. This process is described in the biography of Artaxes II, Plutarch. In the episode, Mitríades had a death that lasted almost 20 days for killing Cyrus.

6 Dismemberment

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

Another widely used method is considered common in Europe. The condemned had the upper and lower body parts tied to four horses, aligned in four different directions.

A man gave the signal for them to run and the convict had its members to forcibly uprooted the race. And it was enough not only plucking members, riders leave the horses dragging parts for kilometers to show to the public by way of the example, if they did not follow the laws imposed.

7 Bestiarii

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This punishment method is to make the convicted person fight to the death against a chosen animal, can be a cow, a lion, a tiger etc. The Bestiaria was widely used in Ancient Rome.

Manytimes, the convict was sent naked and without any kind of weapon into the arena and had to defend the chosen beast and try to save his life. A practice similar to the gladiators, the difference is that they could use weapons like shields, spears, swords and received money for such activity.

8 Saw

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

A painful method of punishment and execution. The saw was regarded as one of the bloodiest of the Middle Ages. The punishment consisted of tying the victim upside down on two wooden poles.

Soon after, the individual had the sawed body in half with a large mountain range, which was beginning to divide the body from the genitals. The objective of this punishment method is to let the victim upside down so that the brain continues to be irrigated with blood and condemned to remain in full consciousness, further increasing the pain of punishment.

9 Garrote Vil

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

The garrote punishment method is widely used in Spain and its colonies, apart from Italy in the Middle Ages and the early modern age. The tourniquet is a chair which has a pole behind which functions as an abutment. There is a strap attached to a large lever that, when rotated, strangling the victim by the neck until dead.

10 Hanging

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This is considered one of the most popular and present in most of the different countries. The hanging has been done in three modes. The first is one of the most used, where the hanging is practiced with a long rope.

The convict is thrown from a high place and the body is hung, then there is the breaking of the spine and death is brought about immediately. The second uses a shorter rope. The victim is strangled and thrown into an open trap door. The third came in the United States, A force that ties the rope around the neck of the convict and raises using a crane.

11 Walking On Boat Plank

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This was a custom that has become very popular in the imagination of people because of pirated films such as Peter Pan, among others. The punishment on the Plank was practiced by pirates, privateers and sailors in the XV, XVI and XVII. They were a person walking on it to fall and be eaten by sharks around the boat.

12 Crushing by Elephant

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This is a weight penalty. The punishment elephant-trodden has been employed frequently in Southeast Asia, and also in greater frequency in Persia. The punishment was to lay the person down and make an elephant crush it with his paw. As they were well trained, they were not enough to hesitate when the owner gave the command to which the person was trampled.

13 Cutting The Blood Eagle

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This punishment method is very curious. The Eagle Wing method was widely used in Northern Europe and was to make two large side of the spine to the courts, on the back of the victim.

After cutting, they pulled the ribs out and meant that resembled wings. To make matters worse, they pulled the lung out and threw salt in the wounds. The punishment was painful and caused the victim to suffer for hours. The Norwegians or Scandinavians were renowned for such type of extremely painful punishment.

14 Crushing Manually

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This is a mode similar to the punishment of the elephant. The manual crushing was a technique that last long in humanity. The punishment was made using a lot of weights that were placed on the body of the convict under a large board.

The manual crushing was widely used in America, Europe and was used to take the confession of a victim. Many heavy stones were placed on the body of the condemned until death by asphyxiation.

15 Punishment By Tire

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This method is very toxic and hot. Another cruel method of punishment used with the tires. Burning with the object was widely used in Africa and even in Brazil. The method involves wrapping the victim in tire, spilling some kind of flammable liquid and fire. The goal is to die being consumed by the flames.

16 Ling Chi

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This method has been widely used in China and is known as Ling Chi or “Slow Death” or “Death by a Thousand Cuts”. This method terrified many people and consisted of tying the victim to a wooden pole, cut a piece of his flesh and eyes were hollow to increase the pain.

In the end, victim get his body dismembered with a thousand cuts in painful and humiliating way.

17 Bronze Bull

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

The Bronze Bull was created to delight the executioners and was made in order of  tyrant Akgragas in Sicily. The bronze animal was made to fit a person inside.

The convict was placed inside and then was fired under the bronze animal. They were made holes in the head of the metal beast to produce the screams of the victim just as looked like the bellowing of a bull. The smoke from burning went out through the nose.

18 Colombian Necktie

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This punishment method was very popular among drug cartels in Latin America, Colombia. In places like Mexico, the Colombian Necktie serves as execution and psychological warfare.

The method consists of cutting a person’s throat and pull his tongue through the open hole with the body exposed in the open for others to see.

19 Wheel Shredding

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This method was considered one of the worst already employed during the Middle Ages. The shattering wheel is popularly known as Catherine Wheel. They lay on a wheel and the executioner struck body parts of the victim to break bones.

The goal was to reach the more parts without showing blood, more praise were assigned. After the torture, the convicted members had rolled the wheel rims, getting exposed for days.

The absence of bleeding was intended to prevent the convict died of bleeding. The body was exposed to the sunrays  that consumed to the eyes.

20 Bonfire

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

This punishment method was widely used by the tribunal inquisition and was historically famous. The fire was used as humiliation of bias that was firing on convict in public.

The burnings were held together where they used 3 or 4 people at a time. The convicts were required to wear a wet sweater with sulfur to prevent death from smoke inhalation. This mode guarantees that the person died burnt.

21 Flaying

21 Most Cruel Punishment Methods In History

The skinning was considered a painful method and feared the naked eye. The convict was caught and tied up lying on the ground, and then he was forced to remove skin gradually. They were very careful not to tear the skin, because the goal was to put the skinned material public place so that the people could see.