10 Most Beautiful Lakes In The World – Amazing List

“A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.”
William Wordsworth

Nothing can bring more beauty into our lives than nature. Nature has a special power and knows how to capture our hearts and souls. We can see leaves budding on a tree, a beautiful flower grows through the frozen ground and it will bring new life forces to everyone. But what on the Earth can be comparable with beautiful lakes?

Lakes are magnificent, lakes were created during centuries by  Nature. When we look at this flat and smooth surface we can feel harmony inside as this crazy rhythm of life stopped for a moment and you can enjoy silence, find harmony and get a feeling of serenity.

Some beautiful lakes were also tightly connected with World mysteries. A lot of legends that came to us through the centuries tell about some mystical power of lakes. So, if you want to plunge into the new wonderful world full of secrets and mysteries we will help you to find  the right places. Open new world with us!

Here are top 10 the most beautiful lakes in the world:

10 # Lake Superior, the United States of America

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

It’s one of the greatest lakes in the world which contains 10% of all the fresh water on our planet. Lake Superior has a reputation of one of the most dangerous lakes in the world because about 400 shipwrecks took place there and thousands of lives have been lost here. Locals are afraid and admire at this place in the same time. It is the largest lake in the world by the surface area.

You can find more than 80 different species of fish and this lake contains about 300 flows. Its one of the greatest piece of nature and from the first glance you will be fascinated by this place. Lake Superior is really worthy to be visited because this place has an unforgettable atmosphere. It’s the place where danger and beauty creates one symphony. In the magic silence around you will hear this symphony. Just book a ticket and go to the meeting with this great piece of Nature!

# 9 Lake Caddo, the United States of America (Texas)

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

Do you think it’s a shot from the Harry Potter film which was done with computer help? No, it’s the lake Caddo, one of the most beautiful, romantic and mysterious places in the world. There are a lot of legends and myths around this lake, according to one Indian legend, the lake was created by a giant flood.

It’s the only natural lake in Texas. Also, Caddo is a part of the Caddo Lake State Park. Look at this bald cypress and aquatic plants that create a unique and special aura. If you are tired of the everyday routine and want to become a part of something magic, to visit a fairy-tale for a moment, then you have such opportunity because Caddo is something you are looking for. Couples won’t find more romantic place to spend a magnificent moment with someone you love!

# 8 Kerid Crater Lake, Iceland

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

It’s a mineral lake surrounded be the volcanic rock walls and diversity of plants that you can find around. You can be sure that this Volcanic zone is something you should see your own eyes. Travelers all over the world visit Iceland with one aim: to visit this special place, with this aim even special tourist route “Golden Circle” was created. Take your camera and start the journey to see this place of unbelievable beauty.

A little advice which I can give to travelers is to talk with locals while your trip. Locals have special stories about this lake creation. I won’t open you all the hidden sides because it won’t be interesting for you to wonder about all the secrets which are related to this place!

#7 Lake Konigsee, Germany

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

The place where you can see a sky in the water mirror. Konigsee lake during centuries was the most famous place for Bavarian royalty, it is also known as the favorite place of Eva Braun. You won’t find anywhere such a crystal-clean water. This picturesque place is one of the most wanted destinations for travelers.

Konigsee is a part of the Berchtesgaden National Park, so you will have an opportunity to see not only this great lake but also the church that was built in the 12th century and more other interesting objects. Even air here is special, after noisy city silence of Konigsee will tell you about all the secrets of the royalty reservation. This place will leave a deep trace in your heart and you will want to come back there again and again.

#6 Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

No picture can show how beautiful this place is. Plitvice consists of 16 lakes that arranged in cascades. Rivers that flow one into another form real mountain runoff. Unforgettable aura of this place creates water sound. One of the most magic features of this place is the ability of lakes to change colors: from light gray to even pale blue.

This natural wonderland is very large and you can walking around there even during two days! But I am sure that even a two days trip across the park you will have a strong feeling that there was left a lot to be discovered. Plitvice special location gave it a great diversity of flora and fauna. It is under the UNESCO protection since 1970. This untouched paradise will give you new life sources , so don’t forget about this place while next trip planning!

#5 Lake Sognefjord, Norway

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

A dream place for any traveler is Sognefjord which can be described as one of the most picturesque places of the world. It’s a real natural heritage and lists in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mountain surrounding creates a unique atmosphere which you makes you feel like you became a part of nature or a citizen of Wonderland.

Norway is well-known for its natural diversity but Sognefjord is a special diamond among all the Norway’s bio-diversity. Tourists are amazed by the diversity of flora and fauna. But actually, it’s unique by nature and attracts travelers from all corners of the world!

#4 Lake Garda, Italy

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

Lake Garda was a home for famous Italian poet Gabrielle D’Annunzi. It’s a place where history and present time meet because lake Garda has historical value. A lot of marine battles were here, so you will be able to hear a lot of stories and legends related to it.

The dazzling natural scenery will amaze you with its crystal water, deep green forests and picturesque town which are near. Travelers will also be able to see tremendous mountains which surround the lake.  If you are an experienced traveler and think that nothing can surprise, then Garda will take over your imagination and will stay in your heart for forever!

#3 Lake Wuhua Hai, China

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

Lake Wuhua Hai is also known as Five Flower lake is a real pride of China. Wuhua Hai is a part of Jiuzhaigou National Park. This turquoise lake looks really amazing in each season of the year. When the first time you visit this place, first of all, you will admit super clean, crystal, turquoise water with different shades.

The color of water is very special, even unique. Every year China attracts millions of visitors but this place is still untouched and not very popular, but if you want to see a pearl of Chinese nature then visit this place. You will meet there ancient trees with huge trunks, when you think about how old are these trees you start to understand all greatness and nobility of this place.

In general, China is a very attractive place with a lot of undiscovered but when we talk about lakes then without any doubts Wuhua Hai can be ranked as the greatest lake. So, don’t miss any opportunity to visit this unique place!

#2 Lake Baikal, Russia

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

Baikal… How many great and mysterious facts are hidden under this smooth surface which looks so calm but don’t trust this calm appearance. On the most beautiful lake Baikal were found about 100 gas volcanoes, so this lake has a very specific character.

The character of lake sounds strange or even silly but when we talk about Baikal it isn’t empty words. According to locals, spirits live there and if they won’t like you, you should never visit this place. This place is very mysterious and when photo shoots from the space were taken scientists saw huge rings on the ice of Baikal and these rings appear in the same place practically every year.

But lake Baikal has the right to be the most mysterious because it is the oldest and the deepest lake in the world. Be ready for more exciting facts! Can you imagine that mountains that surround Baikal are always in movement: they go up and down. I  hope you are interested and excited enough to meet Baikal and to see its power!

# 1 Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Most Beautiful Lakes In The World

And now time is coming for our today’s winner and without any doubts its lake Bunyonyi. You will never find such scenery in any other corner of the world. Also, we can mention that lake Bunyonyi is in the list ”Places to see before die”. When you will come to this place don’t forget to talk with locals because they will tell you long and interesting stories about this place.

You will know a lot of legends and you will hear about spirits that protect this place. I really don’t know which powers give to this place such magic aura but when you come there you feel like you born again. Here you can see how perfect is life and let all problems go away. This place will help you to find harmony inside. Maybe there are really spirits near but you feel like you can fly, you feel as you are part of nature. So if you want to see how paradise looks like just visit Bunyonyi Lake!

Thanks for attention! We hope our ranking helped you in your trip planning. Please wait for our another reviews!