21 Largest Water Parks of the World

There is hardly a heat that can breathe and we have realized it long back. The desire of ordinary mortals is to refresh themselves in all possible and imaginary ways.

A fan, a water spray, a pool, the beach, all options more than viable! Now, if you want to combine this with a strong component of fun, the perfect option can only be one: water parks.

And these we found are among the best in the world! The only problem is that some of them are not really right here … So, you’re either rich and you’re traveling, or you’re happy with the water parks. Let’s have a look at some of the largest water parks from around the world.

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1 Chime Long Water Park (China)

Largest Water Parks

Designed by two internationally renowned design companies from the Canadian theme parks – Whitewater and Forrec, Guangzhou Chime Long Water Park is dimensionally the largest water park in the world. It is spread in an area of about 1 million square meters. In addition, it has a record number of visitors and is recognized for its modern equipment.

It was inaugurated in 2007 and by 2012. It became the largest in the world with the largest number of new equipment. The main attraction of the park is “The Behemoth Bowl”- a giant funnel and to top it all there are rides which are among the highest and fastest in the world.

Chimelong Water Park has a wide variety of award-winning tours, such as the Boomerang, the longest tranquil river, the largest wave pool, and the first tour of Tornado in China.

2 Schlitterbahn (Texas)

Largest Water Parks

Schlitterbahn has constantly been in news for its giant fun rider called Massiv, with a height of 282 meters. As, if it were not enough long, it also has descents, ascents, high speed curves and several tunnels (the transparent one is called “the belly of the beast”). Visitors will face the route on buoys that can carry up to two people.

Schlitterbahn park with this ride promises to give a good cold in the belly of users. Visitors will need to have a great breath to play in the attraction; to get to the mouth of the water roller coaster, the public will have to climb a staircase with 123 steps carrying the buoys.

3 Noah’s Ark Water Park (Wisconsin)

Largest Water Parks

Noah’s Ark (Noah’s Ark Family Park Inc.) is America’s largest water park, with 49 water slides and dozens of other attractions. Wisconsin is famous as the Water Capital Park of the World with 18 indoor water parks. Noah’s Ark is a popular tourist attraction. The Travel Channel acclaimed Noah’s Ark as “the place of water in the Midwest”.

4 Las Cascadas (Puerto Rico)

Largest Water Parks

There are some tourist attractions that are a bit more on the wetter side in the Foz do Iguaçu region. The known water parks and the thermal baths provide recreational moments for tourists and locals, especially during the well known summer temperatures of Iguassu.

For those visiting Foz looking for fun, the parks are great options for a day trip to most of the trip, and family activities.

5 Sandcastle Water Park (United Kingdom)

Largest Water Parks

Sandcastle Water Park is the largest in the UK. This water park has a Master-blaster around the water mountain which is the longest water coaster in the world. Do not be surprised if you would meet with Bling and Balula in this water park.

6 Water World (Colorado)

Largest Water Parks

With more than 35 attractions including pools, children’s toys, creeks and water-roller coasters, Water World is the largest water park in Denver.

The ticket costs $ 43 + tax, which is no bad deal. With picnic points, adventure rides, and seven multi-cuisine restaurants, this place is a guaranteed fun spot.

7 SplashTown Water Park (Texas)

Largest Water Parks

Wet ‘N’ Wild SplashTown is the largest and most diverse water park in Houston. It is spread over 40 acres and consumes more than two million gallons of water per day. The park’s attractions include: Brain Drain, which is a slide of seven floors of high and fast turns. And to keep up with the fun, the park features the Stingray Racer. SplashTown also has a high-capacity slipper, 55-foot-high.

The thrilling five-story tower is visible from across the park by its bright shades of blue and orange, tempting visitors to take part in an adventurous ride. Tornado Ride in the Best of the Storms! Tornado is a huge, flipped funnel, 60 feet high, with yellow and blue squares design that rises above the park. The excitement begins on a platform that rises 75 feet high where daring participants walk a 132-foot-long tunnel to be thrown into the gigantic funnel. However, you do not have to be too brave to participate in this game; Tornado is designed with tubes where two people fit for family or friends to ride together.

8 Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe (North Carolina)

Largest Water Parks

North Carolina, including Charlotte, Wilmington and Greensboro has a family-oriented water park. It features speed slides and vortex slides for teens and adults while children have access to shallow pools and tranquil waters. Most of North Carolina’s water parks provide picnic tables and food vendors. Outdoor water parks in North Carolina are usually open from May to September.

9 Aqualand (France)

Largest Water Parks

It is the largest water park in France and is just over two hours from Basque which lies in the tourist bay of Arcachon, famous for its beautiful beaches and its delicious oysters. Its facilities offer the possibility of gliding by fast currents of water that mimic the great African rivers by defying the law of gravity on the crest of a giant wave. They have a mini park for babies to splash around. The town of Gujan Mestras on the west coast of the Gala is the liveliest and a biker’s heaven.

10 Splish Splash (New York)

Largest Water Parks

For anyone coming to New York in the scathing summer, a visit to the Splish Splash water park should be on the to-do list.

It is located on Long Island, around 100 miles from Manhattan. A Long Island Rail Road Express Bus takes about 90 minutes to get there.

The park, which was once voted by the Travel Channel as one of the top five water parks in the United States, has an area of over 364,000 square meters.

There are 19 slides, 2 wave pools, a 1,000-square-foot lazy river, and more. Each attraction has a different theme, for example there is the Alien Invasion, the Tunnel of Terror, Dragon’s Den and more.

11 Fasouri Watermania Waterpark (Cyprus)

Largest Water Parks

The Fasouri Watermania is an ideal hotspot for families, friends and children. This Polynesian themed water park has an impressive array of attractions, enough to get carried away, like the Kamikaze, Extreme Black Hole slides, the 6 Lane Mat Racer, the Black Cannons, the Lazy River and more.

An area of 25 hectares and 30 slides make it the largest in Cyprus. It has two restaurants and three bars. Several food outlets in the park with seating for 3,000 people satisfy the most refined palates.

12 Canevaworld (Italy)

Largest Water Parks

Located on the shores of Lake Garda in northern Italy, Caneva World – Aqua Paradise offers a wide variety of rides and shows based on popular rides in the park. Few of them are- The Kamika movies, Anaconda slides, and Typhoon, which allows up to five people to run down slides. The adjacent water park also boasts a quiet river and Shark Bay where guests can float in the water with large inflatable air dolphins. The family-friendly water park is located just off the A4 Milan-Venice main motorway and is also known as Movieland Aquastudios. It houses several restaurants and snack bars on site and is open from April to November.

13 Raging Waters (California)

Largest Water Parks

Inspired by the shipwrecks of the New Jersey coast, the Raging Waters combines fast water slides with perfect water playgrounds for smaller kids to snorkel.

This popular water park is run by the Morey Brothers, the real estate developers of the largest entertainment venue on Wildwood Beach (Jersey Shore). From the humble beginnings of the 1950s, the brothers created a thriving entertainment spot, and Raging Waters Park is right in the center.

It is advisable to arrive early in order to avoid long queues and start the day with an above-the-ocean breakfast aboard the Raging Waters Ferris wheel. One can savor scrambled eggs or a lobster omelet forty- seven feet above the Jersey Shore.

14 Sommarland (Sweden)

Largest Water Parks

Sommarland (Telemark) is the largest water park in Norway with one of the largest supertoboganes of the old continent. Bø Sommarland has an artificial surfing wave that is one of the largest in the world and Norway’s largest water coaster.

It’s a world of fun adventures and exciting challenges, with over 100 different activities and attractions. It is a place where kids, teens and adults can enjoy together.

One of the most desirable attractions is a gigantic waterfall: two people in a rubber boat. The slide is 100 meters long and has a vertical descent of 16.5 meters.
The rest would be very interesting to discover for yourself.

15 Sunway Lagoon (Malaysia)

Largest Water Parks

Sunway Lagoon is a theme park located in Petaling Jaya. Ever since its inception in 1993, it has attracted 20 million visitors. The theme Park encompasses numerous attractions in the form of a water park including cultural centers. One of the main attractions is the Sunway Surf Beach, with the real features of sand and palm trees and a recreation of a tropical beach, where the waves of the pool reach up to 2.4 meters in height.

16 World Water Park (Canada)

Largest Water Parks

World Water Park has the option to measure the children and put a bracelet that indicates the height, but it is not mandatory. There are information signs indicating the minimum height that the child needs to have to go on any toy. Many require a responsible person to go along if the child is very small. If at the time of play the employee has doubts as to the height of the child measures on the hour and already places a bracelet.

17 Blizzard Beach (Florida)

Largest Water Parks

Blizzard Beach opened in 1995, and is the newest water park in Disney World.

The legend of the park theme is this: In an unknown area of ​​Florida, there were recurrent blizzards that led to the construction of a ski park. By locating in a state where it is very hot for most of the year, the snow eventually melted leaving the ski slopes and a cable car abandoned. One day a group of people passing by saw a crocodile slipping into what used to be a ski slope, and they decided on a water park from there, giving rise to Blizzard Beach.

Supporting the Disney story-line, the park reveals a very different atmosphere from the Orlando landscape with snow capped mountains and the typical wooden chalets of the ski resorts.

18 Splashin Safari (Indiana)

Largest Water Parks

A safari-themed water park nestled on numerous acres in Santa Claus (Indiana), Splashin ‘Safari combines splash pools, water cup holders and a 10-story water slide. Patrons get free sodas and free admission to the Voyage, a traditional affiliated amusement park located next door.

19 Star Beach (Greece)

Largest Water Parks

Star Beach Water Park stands out, as a water park that offers fun for the whole family. Its nautical base practices all kinds of sports: water skiing, diving, parasailing, banana riding, and many others. Those who dare can experiment with the Bungee Jump, from June to September. For the little ones, the park has playgrounds, five swimming pools with children’s activities and miniature slides.

The water park also features a free gym, body piercing and manicure centers, tattoo centers, and an exclusive spa center that is perfect for a refreshing break.

In the immediate vicinity there are a variety of bars giving the best variety of wines from Greece.

20 Adaland (Turkey)

Largest Water Parks

Adaland is a water park located in Kusadasi on the west coast of Turkey. In the past it has been recognized as one of the best water parks in the world. The park has an incredible variety of slides for everyone. It also has a great fountain with water flowing from the ground in the rhythm of the music in an area called ‘Rain Dance’ where you can dance and cool off. The water park has an elliptical trail for rafting – being the only place in Kusadasi for this type of activity.

The Adaland Water Park has a jacuzzi with bubbling hot water, a lazy river, a wave pool and a children’s pool. And when you get tired and hungry, there are several restaurants and bars to serve your food buds.

22 Aquaventure Water Park (Bahamas)

Largest Water Parks of the World

When Atlantis, considered the largest resort on Paradise Island, began its expansion in 2007, it included one of the largest water parks in the world: Aquaventure. The park has more than 20 swimming areas scattered in 11 different pools.

Ideal for families, the park has pools for small children. However, with bars, games and presentations of DJs by the pool, the venue also attracts an adult audience. There are water slides all over the park. For families with small children, 81 lifeguard stations are been scattered around the park. Aquaventure offers an incredible range of water slides. On diving for about 18 meters, one can slide through a transparent tunnel in a pool full of sharks, on the almost vertical water-slide Leap of Faith.

Multi-level adult-only pool with the best DJs serves the perfect spot to relax and sunbathe. Beside the pool, experienced chefs and bartenders prepare their specialties for both guests and visitors.

The Aquaventure is just a few miles from the Nassau coastline and is well served by ferries. In addition, affordable taxi services are easy to find. The entrance to the Aquaventure water park is free for Atlantis guests. Other visitors can buy daily passes online. The resort is open every day.