11 Legendary Facts About Kumari Kandam (Rama Empire)

Of the annals of those lost civilizations that have not been made known, this civilization was one of the greatest that existed and we are discussing about civilization Kumari Kandam with a technological level beyond the current technologies and even more powerful than the Legendary Atlantean, and why?

The answer is simple, because of that civilization if functional artifacts and technologies have been found that, of course, were confiscated by the USA.


Like, the objects with the most advanced technology including Vimanas (flying objects) that were found in Iraq-Iran, were the remnants of this civilization.

kumari kandam lost civilization


Kumari Kandam, Kumarikhandam or Kumari Nadaam were the names given to the great island or submerged legendary continent to the south of Kanyakumari of India.


In the southern tip of India, Kumari Kandam has been modernly assimilated to the mythical civilization Lemuria too, but it is totally skeptical.

kumari kandam lost civilization


It is believed, that it is sunken under the Indian Ocean, in Sanskrit Ku-mari means “how easy it dies” and kandam as “Continent” that leads to the tragic collapse of that civilization during the Atlantean Rama war, which could imply the origin of that civilization.


According to the Tamil writings we have studied, the Dravidians (natives of South India) would come from Kumarikhandam, a continent submerged thousands of years from the south of India. The epics such as the Silappadikaram and the Manimekalai describe the submerged city of Puhar, according to existing writings there were two main rivers in Kumari Kandam: the Pagliyaru and the Kumari. It is considered located in Kumari Kandam.


Plato referred to characteristic of the commodities in Sumatra region such as coconuts, bananas, precious woods, spices, perfumes, gems, minerals and metals. He also mentioned Athena (or Pallas Athena) – is an alias of the local goddess known as Kanya Kumari (“the virgin princess”). Patron of the region with the same name believed that this goddess is associated with the continent that the Dravidians locate in the beginning of time, Kumari Kandam.


It is believed that the Atlanteans had fallen into the arrogance of technology and the death of the Lemurians took place by the collapse of their civilization.

There was no one to stop them in their goals of conquest but the Rama empire also possessed the technology and the mental abilities of control, it is necessary to see that the Rama were a civilization that had developed the cerebral capacity of telekinesis and mental control that were used by them for the benefit of their population. Nevertheless, it was not enough to contain a highly technological civilization that had millennia of technological advances that were misused.

Proof of those wars were the explosions (now nuclear) and the evidences can be found as their last vestiges in Mohenjo-Daro, main area of the war between those nations.


The war was so bloody that caused the imbalance of the planet, the energies were unbalanced and so much external and internal destruction for the planet had an imbalance of energies. It detonated a change in their tectonic plates or in their magnetic and geographical poles, resulting in the sinking of both continents since both were in the tectonic fractures of the Atlantic ridge.


The technologies of both civilizations sank in the oceans, the changes happened one after another. Only those continents that were firm in their continental bases were left, the others disappeared from the face of the earth. They were left alone to be the memories of two great civilizations and that only their remnants of technologies were left, some disappeared and that until now these secrets are obscure that have been discovered and recovered by governments.

So then, who does not learn from this past and humanity is condemned to repeat it and do not doubt it as we will see in the next few years that the human did not learn from this mistakes.


The evidence of an ancient civilization destroyed at the end of the last Ice Age, a catastrophe that Indian mythology calls Pralaya and that the epic sagas attribute to the wrath of the gods against humanity, is not only the heritage of Indian culture, but also we observed in more than 650 “myths” of the Flood present all over the world.


Some authors argue that one of the best evidences supporting the existence of the lost continent of Kumari Kandam and it is an artificial 1.7-million-year-old bridge located in the Strait of Palk in the Indian Ocean called the Rama Bridge.