16 of The Funniest Patents Are More Interesting Than You Think

We can’t say the exact number of patents registered on daily basis but they are more than the patents that serve the ideas approaching the most diverse areas of our lives, be it window latches, machines for product manufacture or technological devices for bathrooms.

The fact is, most of the time many inventors believe that they have reinvented the wheel; the general public ends up considering their funniest, crazy, bizarre, and totally senseless ideas. Here’s a compilation or list with some of the most funniest patents with bizarre ideas that have been already registered worldwide.

16 Vibrating Tattoo

Funniest Patents

The Finnish manufacturer Nokia tried to register a patent in the United States patent department. This tattoo starts to vibrate whenever your phone is ringing.

As the information described in the patent application, the technology of vibrating tattoo works on the magnetic waves emitted by the cell phones.

The waves cause tattoos to emit a particular perceptible stimuli to alert the wearers about calls, messages, or insufficient power in their batteries.

15 Portable Nuclear Shield

Funniest Patents

When we discus about the cold war, the first thing that comes in our mind is the threat to nuclear weapons. Even, the US citizens don’t talking about this deadliest weapon.

Keeping the same in the mind, an inventor has created a kind of portable nuclear shelter. With the device, it is possible to dig a hole and covering the pit with a protection shield. Finally, you will get a nuclear-explosion proof place.

The patent also details how the oxygen supply would be. In contrast, there are no studies telling you how long you could stay in the shield device or how you could carry the device around.

Besides, it is too funny, would it be that in the event of a nuclear explosion you would have time to find a suitable place, dig a hole and arm your protection?

14 Baldness Protecting Device

Funniest Patents

Registered with the code 4,022,227 in the United States Patent Office, this invention promises to make the joy of those who are bald, but they must have still some hair.

Being one of the most funniest patents, it is actually the patent for a hairstyle that would use three different parts of the person’s hair to cover the remaining part of the scalp or that is already bare.

To what we can perceive by the image, it should be awesome !!!

13 Method Of Exercising A Cat

Funniest Patents

One of the biggest amusements of a cat is to point the laser pens on the floor (or the walls, too!). You might have seen the a running pussy behind the little red dot.

But it should be pointed that a simple and casual game was just a patent.

An American asserted the idea smartly, so that anyone who toyed with his animal should pay the owner of the invention. Dates back to 1995 and, to our liking, the claimant did not pay the maintenance fees for the patent. That is, as per the documents, the process ended up expiring. So you can rest easy and keep playing (torturing your cat) at will!

12 Floating Furniture

Funniest Patents

You can not even have a light bulb in the ceiling!

Cleaning up the bed is one of the most annoying tasks. The goal  was to create a system that avoid such a daunting mission. An inventor expressed and recorded the Idea about the floating furniture. According to the patent, the major furniture of the house (specially bed) would have reservoirs of helium that would make it fly.

Your bed would rise to the ceiling whenever the device in operation, hiding the entire mess, which in turn end up in making another room in your existing one.

However,the problem with the idea would be to use the process with the dining table, for example, just imagine the cutlery falling on your head!

11 Mirrors In The Glasses

Funniest Patents

The glasses were invented to help those who have vision problems. However, who said that the object needs to be limited to only one task? This patent shows that they can also help you to keep an eye on who comes after you.

This is a pair of glasses with mirrors built into their sides. With them, you will always keep an eye if someone is following you. The problem is whether the person is not doing it, just but their weirdos are drawing attention. Perhaps, it is the most senseless and strange patent in the world.

10 Brain Buzzer

Funniest Patents

When you’re falling asleep, but you’re also full of chores, what do you usually do? Have a sip of coffee? Do you wash your face?

According to this patent, the idea was not enough to solve anything but found a way to literally shake the brain.

The patent deals with a device that is very reminiscent of electric toothbrushes. However, it has a differentiated engine. The design causes waves of vibrations to reach the brain through your mouth. That way, if you are sleepy, just use the device to shake everything on your head and thus, be stay wide-awake.

9 The Imaginary Friend

Funniest Patents

If you watched the movie “MIB 2,” you surely remember the autopilot inserted in the “J” car (a character played by Will Smith). This is the character who looked more like a store mannequin than a person.

Well, know that someone had a very similar idea – and recorded the patent/invention.

The so-called “Imaginary Friend” would be a device with a kind of cabinet at its base, something that could be put in the hitchhiker’s seat.

Above this little bookcase, there would be a doll representing a human. It would help people to drive away thieves. It would give the impression that the driver would not be alone. Besides, the imaginary friend would also have a lie phone. So whoever is scared of the bad guys can simulate a call to the police

8 Kissing Shield

Funniest Patents

Nowadays, practically everyone knows that condoms are mandatory and fundamental when desiring to have sex with someone. However, for some people, protection has to start long before you go to bed with your loved one.

This patent features a kind of giant lollipop made of latex, and you can use the invention to be able to kiss whoever you want – all without having to be afraid to swap saliva with your partner or catch any kind of disease.

7 Extremely Safe Sex

Funniest Patents

Pointing to the warm human relationships, an American inventor does not seem to believe in the protection brought by condoms. His patent features a garment that can protect every inch of the body during sex.

The device that looks more like a diving suit, would be made of flexible materials, preferably thin and transparent. He would also have all the resources needed to fit certain parts of your body, if you know what I mean. Every part of the body which is vulnerable to any sexual threat is being automatically protect against any sexually transmitted disease.

6 Santa’s Detector

Funniest Patents

Catching Santa Claus on the go!

In some countries, there is a tradition of leaving socks hanging by the fireplace, so that Santa can stuff them with gifts. An inventor, thought about catching the Good Old Man in the act, and thus developed a Christmas stocking equipped with a small presence detector.

The idea is that as soon as Santa approach the device, the equipment would turn on some lights outside of the house.

The entire place will then lightened and maybe, alert the people to the fact that somebody stirred that sock.

5 Electronic Snore Depressor

Funniest Patents

Snoring Never Again!

There are several treatments are developed to decrease the snoring during sleep. However, among so many different ways of trying to solve the problem, it is difficult for you to have seen something as a radical solution. This device is registered in the United States.

The Electronic Snore Depressor would be an electronic device used on the neck. The device appears as a kind of necklace. It would be enough for you to use it during sleep to get it into action.

Whenever the invention detects the vibrations of a snore, it would shock the person and thus waking you instantly.

Hard to imagine how that would make someone’s sleep better. After all, one who sleeps near the snorers, how would he/she want such torture?

4 Patent With Latch

Funniest Patents

All Locked

There are people who do not like sharing anything, not even what they do in the bathroom!

This patent figure outs a privacy that you do not need to share with anyone. The project shows a kind of lock, which prevents anyone other than you from using your favorite place. This lock can be opened by the custom crossword puzzles.

3 Collar For Snakes

Funniest Patents

Taking the Snake for a Ride (Image Source: Reproduction / Buzzfeed)

If you have a pet snake, you sure like different things. You might want to get away from the traditional bugs created by humans, cats or dogs. However, who said that the relationship with snakes also needs to be different?

This patent features a guide and collar system developed for snakes. With this device, you can take your rattlesnake to walk in the park and have all controls over your bug, not letting the snake go play with any child or passerby.

2 Portable Bath Capsule

Funniest Patents

People who are hospitalized also need to take showers daily. The problem is that it usually requires the help of other people including nurses and family members. They need to wash the patient, since he/she is not able to handle himself.

Keeping the same in mind, the developer of this patent had a brilliant idea: why not adapt the concept of the rapids to humans?

The invention consist of a strap something like a climbing chair. The patients would be hung by the nurses so that an automatic system would then lead them to the washing process except the head. There would be several sessions such as lathering, rinsing and drying. Certainly, it would be very comfortable for patients.

1 MacBook Pro With Solar Power

Funniest Patents

Of course Apple would not be off this list! Joking aside, the company recorded in 2010 a patent describing a very interesting technology. According to the project, the idea is to create an external power system that would power the backlight of your device’s screen, such as a MacBook Pro.

According to the invention, a folding panel would be open at the back of the notebook that captures sunlight. This would save battery life and make the range of the device much better. Will it ever come out of the paper?

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