20 Facts About The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion

Holographic Universe: We are divine products eternally present in infinity. All that we observe is our mental creation. Time and space are illusory concepts that we create, forming a prison which we call ‘Matrix’. The only truth is Infinite Love – all else is illusion. In the delusional and illusion filed world we live in today, there is hardly a part left which doesn’t expose itself to deceptions.

One such thing we have all seen as we grew is the Hologram, or holograph, which is nothing but an illusion to show complete object in a film but in reality is layered of smaller versions. When we were kids, it used to serve an entertainment purpose but now is a great deal of science attached and believe me, it has a lot to do with our daily lives and the universe we are in.

Let’s get the details on Holographic Universe and some facts on universe in illusion.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
A hologram can be generated from a beam of light emitted by a laser. Out of the two beams- one goes directly to the photographic plate while the other goes to the same photographic plate after being reflected by the object being photographed. To reproduce the object’s photo in 3 dimensions, the same laser is used to illuminate the hologram generated.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion

Holograms are energy or light projections that appear to the observer as 3-dimensional. In reality they are no projection but a series of codes and wave patterns that only generate the illusion of 3D when a laser emits its light on these holograms. The 3D world exists the way we look at it else it is all a mass of vibratory fields and codes.

In the Matrix, it is represented from the outside by a series of green numbers and codes, as the interior is experienced as the kind of world we think we live in – mountains, streets, people etc. This is a good analogy.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
Believing that we see with our eyes is just a myth. It’s the brain that plays the part. I don’t think this fails for the way we look things. Our brain works more than our eyes to give us the look, the view and the idea we want to perceive out of an image. In the pathway from the eyes to the visual cortex, the brain region acts responsible for the making of vision (visual gnosis), whereas temporal lobes edit and reconstruct up to 50% or more of the original information that enters through the retina.

We only see what the brain, with all its conditioned realities, decides to see and show.

Michael Talbot of “The Holographic Universe” fame told that in the 1970s his father hired a professional hypnotist to entertain a group of friends. One of those chosen to be hypnotized was a man named Tom and it was the first time he met a hypnotist. Hypnotists’ program people to believe that they are seeing something or doing something that are really nothing more than pure invention.

The hypnotist made Tom believe that there was a giraffe in the room and later made him eat a raw potato believing it to be an apple. These incidents confirm that the brain sees and experiences what it is programmed to believe. What is more interesting in Tom’s case was when he got back into the awakened state of consciousness. Just before the hypnotist was to finish, he told Tom that when he woke he would not be able to see his daughter, Laura.

The hypnotist asked Laura to stand upright and close to her father so that when he opened his eyes he would be staring into her stomach. When they asked Tom if he could see his daughter, he said no. Laura stirred a lot, but it did not work. The hypnotist stepped behind Laura and held something against Laura’s back. To see this object, Tom would have to see through his daughter. The hypnotist asked Tom to say what he was holding in his hand and, leaning forward to his daughter’s stomach, he said, a clock.

He was then asked to read the inscription on the clock and he read it. The hypnotist confirmed that he was actually holding a watch with the inscription described by Tom. Tom’s mind was programmed to believe that he could not see his daughter and so he did not see her. Besides, he could see what was behind her. How is this possible? We build our reality “in here” and not “out there”.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” is a perfectly correct statement. In practice, a large part of what we know is lie. There are entities (such as /reptilian manipulators, draconian, grays and their puppets, and the Matrix we create ourselves) that are deceptive, and give us wrong information to enslave us (withdraw our freedom) and withdraw Power. The most deep rooted lies in us are our illusory concept of spatial separation and time.

The meridian of time crosses the Pacific Ocean exactly opposite the Greenwich meridian. Just cross the meridian from west to east. A time difference of almost 12 hours would be noticed.

Absurd! Our concept of Time is nothing but an illusion. Even the spoon-fed talks of past, present and future: illusion! One may wonder how the theory of time works. Truth is that time doesn’t exist. There is only the infinite and eternal Present. It is because of this that seers are able to see and feel events of the past and future: they are present in the Now. It wouldn’t be illogical to say that reincarnation, therefore, is not a process of coming and going out of this world over time, but just checking in and out of different reality zones, simultaneously.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion

An illusion can only control you when you think it is real. We are looking in a mirror of ourselves when we observe our everyday experiences. We need to change ourselves when we want to change the world. Do not blame others, for this is accepting that others have power over your life and the reality you create.

There is nothing that cannot be explained once we understand that the Infinite Love (Oneness) is the only truth and all the rest is illusion and that we are creating the illusion or having the illusion programmed into us by believing it to be real. Lyall Watson, a biologist and author of Supernature, says he witnessed an Indonesian woman named Auntie, a shaman, talking to a little girl in a small grove of trees.

He looked at the scene from a short distance and she did not know he was there watching. She seemed to explain something to the girl and a certain dance and gesture ritual began. To Watson’s amazement, the small grove of trees disappeared, and after a few seconds he returned again. “At one moment Auntie danced in the shady grove, the next she stood in a scorching sun,” he said. She managed to turn on and hang up the grove several times, with Watson looking unbelieving. That’s impossible? No, it’s not.

The forest is a holographic illusion and those who understand how the process works can disconnect from this reality, or the consensus dream that agrees that the forest exists. With Lyall Watson watching this scene intensely, it was easy for him to become part of Aunt’s reality field and also to see the woods appear and disappear. Other people might have observed this from an illusion of consensus reality and the forest would not have disappeared for them. This explains why some people can walk through walls – they believe they can and that makes their experience.

They disconnect their minds and bodies from the laws of consensus reality that insists that this is impossible. There is an old saying that we can move mountains. Why not? If a forest can disappear, why not a mountain? The mountain is a holographic illusion and our mind controls the illusion. Why do not we move mountains? We can, but we do not, because we do not know we can. The reality of consensus, programmed, says that the idea itself is ridiculous and if we accept that reality, it is. But if we create another reality that says the opposite, we will move mountains!


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
The laws of the world of the 5 senses can only be what we think they are, and as long as we accept them as real we will be subject to their limitations. Almost everyone has read about unexplained deeds like walking on fire without getting burned, having swords crossed through the body without getting hurt or leaving scar, levitation and many other things. By conventional materialistic science, none of the phenomenon stands possible.

In 1905, the paranormal Indridi Indridason was part of a project of eminent scientists of Iceland in the field of the “paranormal”. When he went into deep trance the scientists saw different parts of his body disappear and reappear. Everything is possible, literally everything, because we are infinite possibilities. David Icke also tells of a woman in Texas telling him that one day in the morning she woke up next to her husband and I find him floating about six feet above the bed, still asleep …

Dr. William Tufts Brigham, the curator of the Bishop Museum of Honolulu, was an insightful investigator of the paranormal and his studies involved the miracles made by Hawaiian shamans, or kahunas. He witnessed one of them heal a man who had broken his leg so hard that pieces of bone were piercing the skin. The Kahuna woman prayed and meditated beside the man and stretched his leg, pushing the broken bones. After a few minutes she said the cure was complete and the man stood up and walked away with no sign of his severe bruise minutes ago. This is possible because, in reality, there is no bone – this is also an illusion.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
A little about karma: belief in solid materialistic reality is fundamental in official science, as well as the need for everything to be proved through experiments. The laws of science only apply because scientists believe they are. But everything is an illusion.

Take the basic law of Science known as Law of Cause and Effect, the foundation of the so-called Law of Karma- For every action there has to be a reaction. This is true – but only if you believe it is. If you believe it is not true then it is not! People have karma only because they believe they have it in their individual and collective minds. William Tiller, a Stanford University physicist, writes: There are no laws, only infinite possibilities.

Mystics have reportedly gone to Rooms of Knowledge in their non-physical worlds and reported that Earth is a spiritual university where people come to learn some hard lessons and work their karma. This is a total illusion. Why would the Infinite have to experience what he himself had experienced? The idea of ​​karma is a manipulation – it is my karma from a past life or I am generating karma for my future – and to keep people in a state of guilt and self -conviction.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
I believe everyone has heard of Count Dracula. It is mere fiction, but based on real facts occurring in our aristocracy.

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a mind control technique. It occurs when the mind is fractured through trauma and programming into a series of apparent personalities or characters, each with different attitudes, beliefs and even different age or sex.

David Icke witnessed a case of a 30-year-old woman who manifested seven distinct personalities in a half-hour session, including one as a baby. Each personality had its own name, background, and characteristics, and each was brought up in sequence by the therapist through the use of correct trigger words and codes.

During personality switches, the woman’s face changed, including eye color and skin characteristics. One can be sick, one way, and perfectly healthy in the other. Women with MPD may have different menstrual rhythms with each personality, and may appear to be older or younger. Now, how is the other term for this instantaneous transformation of face and body features? Shape-shifting, one of the characteristics of Dracula: change of form, as well as reptilian humans.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion

When mystics meditate before performing a miracle, they disconnect themselves from the reality of consensus, the collective mind, which says that miracle is impossible.

Many try to make these apparent miracles with the so-called enlightenment or spiritual advancement, which may prove to be a trap. These skills can be used (and are) by those who wish to expose the illusion and help people awaken from it. But it does not have to be this way: this is just knowledge and you can use it any way you want.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion

We invent what we do not see. Blind spot is where the optic nerve connects to the eye, in the middle of the retina. Whatever we look at, we see what the brain constructs. Reality is just what we have been programmed to believe it to be. Everything else is eliminated.

Albert Einstein said: “We need to remember that we do not observe nature as it really exists, but nature exposed to our methods of perception. Theories determine what we can or cannot observe.”

What we think we see as building, people, forests and lakes are, in fact, three-dimensional holographic illusions conjured up in this reality by our own minds. Hypnosis sessions exemplify this situation well.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
Unusual things can happen when people have different illusions and different dreams. It happens rarely that we have dreams in which we participate, but it does happen. How can an illusion affect an illusion, unless we believe it can and manifest it. We feel pain in the brain and not in the thumb that kicked the leg of the table. The brain transmits the pain by the message it receives and the feels because it thinks it should feel.

Miracles are just exits from the reality. How can your body burn when you know it is just a holographic illusion of your mind? Only when you believe this is possible! The man who lost half of his body when he meditated was to such a state of consciousness (his reality) that his holographic body began to follow him. In doing so, he began to disappear, withdrawing from this reality.

As for levitation and other so-called paranormal phenomena (paranormal for the reality of consensus), the principle is the same. “When you levitate, it is not you who goes ‘up’, it is your ‘world’ that goes ‘down.'” But is not levitation the art of overcoming gravity? Only if you think you are, because gravity is another illusion. If we do not believe in it, we will not be subject to its laws. There are no laws unless we believe they exist. Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion. People have raised cars to save their children: their minds in highly concentrated emotional state change the realities and are no longer subject to the “laws” of this reality that we know. Everyone knows facts similar to this.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
One of the amazing features of the hologram is that each part contains the whole: if you cut the holographic film into four parts and focus the laser on each of those pieces, they will not reveal four parts of the photographed scene, but each piece will show a version smaller of the whole scene. It is precisely because the human body is a hologram in a way that every cell contains all the information necessary to grow an entire body.

Paul Bach-y-Rita, a neuroscientist and physician at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, United States, says: “You do not see with your eyes. You see with the brain. When an image hits the retina of the eye, it becomes nervous pulses without difference from those that come from the big toe.” Information enters the eyes as a pattern of frequencies and the brain turns it into a 3D image.

As each part of the hologram contains the whole, each part of the body – the hand, the foot, the knee – has the ability to pass patterns of frequencies to the brain, which makes them into holograms that we can. This means that people actually have “eyes in the back”, as they say. All are perfectly explicable from a holographic perspective. Life magazine reported that a Russian named Rosa Kuleshova could read with her fingertips and others could do the same with other parts of their bodies, such as nose and ear. David Eisenberg of Harvard Medical School comments that two little Chinese sisters could read with their armpits.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
The Matrix of manipulators seeks to construct a reality of consensus in which the collective human mind, the collective unconscious of Jung, accepts the prevalent “truth” it is programmed to believe. The more this happens, the more powerful the thought patterns that hold reality handled together and the denser the holograms will look. We are hypnotizing each other through the acceptance and enforcement of norms, which leads us to share the same basic illusions. The goal is to solidify the illusion of consensus even further by removing the challengers and the alternatives to it.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
The reality of the Matrix is ​​constructed with highly unbalanced illusory thoughts (fears) that produce low frequency vibration patterns. Those trapped in the illusion of the Matrix resonate in these patterns, and experience slower vibrations. It creates a vicious circle with both the prison and the prisoners, contributing to the survival of the Matrix.

Until these patterns of frequency are challenged by those who vibrate on Oneness and harmony, the Matrix will prevail, since fear and disharmony is the Matrix. The mechanical analogy of this phenomenon can be observed, for example, when we place two violins next to each other: by firing a string on one of the violins, the same string of the other violin will begin to vibrate, in what is called a sympathetic resonance.

When we have a thought, we are sending sound waves into frequencies that the 5 senses cannot hear, and this sound resonates as a spatial pattern of frequency. Change the sound – the thought, the reality – and the world changes. It seems that these fields of thought form vortices, like swirls in a sink, which can become fixed and rigid, corresponding to fixed opinions, unchanging views, and a rigid sense of reality, which resist change.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion
What happens when a person challenges the system and offers another reality? He is ridiculed, condemned, dismissed, marginalized, attacked, imprisoned or even dead. What is really happening on the vibration level? It is the expression of the 5 senses of the matrix energy pattern that is forcing the mismatched vibrating string to enter the line. We can see the consequences on such rebels being attacked in various ways, for to the Matrix they represent a different pitch frequency that needs to be thrown back to the prevailing Matrix vibrational line.

The solution lies in here, changing our own patterns of vibration and connecting us with Oneness, harmony and love. If we change ourselves, we change our world, our reality. The Matrix is ​​a vibrational construction and to remove its control we have to break the vibrational power it has over us. In fact, most of this power is simply our ignorance that such control exists.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion

It is damn exciting to be in this illusion of the 5 senses. Coming home, even though one never left! Laughter is very important in all this. There are no tears in the sky; nor suffering in the One. What can we do, except to laugh? Here we are running around a loop in time, like a mouse in its rotating wheel, believing in a time that does not exist.

The faster we move forward, the faster we go back, when, in fact, we’re never going anywhere. Our bodies just die because we think they die. We just feel pain and we get sick because we think this occurs. We got old because we thought we stayed. We hit our head against a solid wall that cannot be solid; we kicked our thumb on the table leg, even though the table was an illusion, just like the big toe.

We are afraid of the future, although there is no future. We regret the past when there is no past. We are afraid of the unknown even though we have the knowledge of all that exists. A Chinese sage said, “Finally, at the end when everything is finished and all the questions have been answered, there is nothing left to do but sit and have a great laugh.”Is the moon real? It is not. Is the sun? Is not it? Am I walking on Earth? No, you’re standing on your mind. Okay, see you tomorrow? There is no tomorrow. It’s happening now, just like yesterday. What time is? The one you think you are. You’re joking, right? Are you making fun of me? No, it’s true, honestly. Is this really true? Yes, if you think you are! We are an Infinite Oneness. We cannot die and we are what we choose to be for all eternity. What happens, we make happen, and we have the infinite power to change.


The Holographic Universe: A Universe In Illusion

The brain is a computer used by the mind and therefore scientists have never been able to locate where the soul lies in the brain. They will never actually find it because it isn’t there.

The hologram has an enormous capacity to store information: you can store many scenes in a single holographic film, and by changing the angle of incidence of the laser light, choose which scene you want to see. The holograms of our body store the memory of all our senses. When, for example, we smell something that can trigger a memory as powerful as when we see or hear something that reminds us of a certain experience. Holographic memory extends beyond the brain to the entire holographic body.

The Matrix cannot divide the whole into parts because Oneness is always Oneness, but the Matrix can give the illusion of division and polarity, and that is what it does, manipulating our sense of reality. Division and polarity are illusions, because everything is one.


Holographic Universe: A Universe in Illusion

We create for us our own unique universe. The more you redefine your reality, with respect to consensus, the more you will stand out from the crowd and be a nail above the rest. The reason the manipulators seek to hammer these people back into the set of other nails well embedded in a wooden base is that they threaten to sabotage the very reality of consensus on which the Matrix depends. These people show that there is more than one possible reality. Visionaries are dangerous people to the manipulators and they want to get rid of them. An independent person is a demon for a consensus reality manipulator.

When you are told to do or believe something, ask, “Who decided this?”, “Why should I do or believe it?”I am the Infinite One, I do not have to do or believe in anything I do not want. Better not even ask these questions.


Holographic Universe: A Universe in Illusion

All of our 5 senses are holographic and are located throughout the body-hologram, even the vision. Of course we do not need eyes to see when we analyze the countless accounts of those who have gone through the phenomena of out-of-body experience and near-death. They detach themselves from their bodies and their physical eyes, but they continue to see. This is possible because the mind does not see, it just decodes frequency patterns into holographic illusions that it thinks it sees (visual gnosis).

Experiments have shown that mice continue to see perfectly with 90% of the visual cortex of the brain removed and cats continue to see after 98% of their optic nerves cease to function. Many experiments have shown that certain people can see and read through their hands, with their eyes blindfolded. The hands and all other parts of the body can send messages to the visual cortex in the brain, from where we see. In fact, we do not even need the brain to see, this is another level of illusion.


Holographic Universe: A Universe in Illusion

Paul Bach-y-Rita discovered that we can see through the language. She along with other developed a a device to stimulate the ability of the tongue to perceive images. This has allowed blind people to regain vision.

According to a report: “The tongue, an organ of taste and touch, may seem unlikely a substitute for the eyes. After all, it is usually hidden inside the mouth, insensitive to light, and not connected to the optic nerves. However, a growing volume of research indicates that language may be the body’s second best place to receive visual information from the world and transmit it to the brain.”

Previous research has used the skin as a route to the images that reach the nervous system. People can decode nervous pulses as visual information that come from sources other than the eyes, showing how adaptable and plastic the brain is. Most people do not access these innate abilities because they do not know they have them, and they do not believe they have them.

We are what we think we are and we succeed in doing what we believe we can do.
Each part of the hologram has sense and as a whole is conscious.