11 Facts About HAARP Conspiracy Theory That Government Can’t Deny

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, commonly known as HAARP program, is one of those conspiracy theories that seem so absurd that the conspirators did not try very hard to hide. The very official version of the facts itself is frightening.

The HAARP facilities started erecting in 1993 in Alaska. It included numerous ionospheric heaters and diagnostic instruments. They were a set of 360 emitting antennas with the power of 10 thousand watts each, thus making a total emission of 3.6 million watts. It is notable that the legal limit for AM stations in The United States is only 50,000 watts. If the violation of emission norms weren’t enough, read on for more facts of the HAARP conspiracy theories that followed HAARP.

1 The Truth Of Funding

HAARP Conspiracy Theory

According to the United States Government, this mega structure for research was funded by the United States Air Force, the Navy and the University of Alaska. It was supposed to serve the general purpose of “understanding, simulating and controlling the ionospheric processes that could change the functioning of communications and surveillance systems “.

The problem with understanding and controlling of the ionosphere is that it can give you much more power than interfering with communication and surveillance systems. It is not that it was not bad anymore.

2 Undeclared Military Use

HAARP Conspiracy Theory

The scariest fact of the HAARP Project is that the conspiracy charges do not look like madmen with aluminium foil helmets on their heads, but from government bodies in other countries. In 1999, the European Union Parliament issued a resolution accusing the HAARP Project of having very objective war aims and requiring an evaluation of the Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA).

3 Threat To Research And Communication

Ionospheric heaters are known to send radio waves from the earth to a region between 100 and 350 kilometers in altitude. This serves to heat the ionosphere and thus create irregularities in the electrical density of this region. It may create noise or even neutralize radio transmissions and artificial satellites used for research, communication and, of military purposes.

4 Strategic Dominance

HAARP Conspiracy Theory

The waves generated by the HAARP Project’s collective antennas coupled with the diagnosis of the interference patterns they generate, would give the United States a powerful apparatus to probe virtually anywhere on Earth. It is as if they have giant radar capable of sweeping the entire planet.

The American military could thus find you (and theoretically get in touch via radio) even if you were in a bunker inside a mountain, or a submarine deep in the ocean. The fear of the European Union Parliament is justified because this ‘eye’ would allow the United States to locate military installations from other countries, as well as detect missiles and submarines.

5 Blockages Of Electronic Devices

The electromagnetic waves generated by HAARP could still block radio-frequency transmissions of all kinds. It could also block or permanently damage any electronic device, depending on the intensity. The scenario could not be worse for the political enemies of the United States.

6 Geophysical Weapon

HAARP Conspiracy Theory

In 2002 it was Russia’s turn to worry when parliament gave Vladimir Putin a report from the International Relations and Defence committees. The report stated that the HAARP project could be used as a “geophysical weapon” capable of manipulating the Earth’s atmosphere, and the climate of the whole world.

This was a justified concern. The generated radio waves could generate rains, storms, and disrupt the molecular composition of a certain region in the atmosphere by artificially increasing concentrations of ozone, nitrogen or other gases in specific regions from the sky. It is not known what level of control the HAARP Project actually has to provoke storms and even tornadoes and hurricanes. But the mere possibility was enough to scare the Russians. After all, drought generates hunger; famine weakens nations, which create economic dependencies and social convulsions.

7 Climatic Implications

HAARP Conspiracy Theory

The worst part of tampering with the climate is that we do not know exactly how the ionosphere will react when it is violated with energy rays of this magnitude. Remember the controversy behind the dangers of connecting the LHC in an attempt to create mini-black holes? The situation is exactly the same. The only difference is that the odds here are not 50 million against one for something very bad to happen. Consider that the ionosphere along with the ozone layer protects us from being fried by the sun.

Environmental advocates are scandalized by the year-to-year destruction of the ozone layer, but the HAARP Project can rip the entire ionosphere in a few seconds.

The American military is aware of this risk but refuses to acknowledge it on the grounds that defending and winning wars is far more important than environmental complications. They simply assume that nothing bad will happen. Despite protests inside and outside the United States, the project received about $ 30 million from the government to ensure its operation.

A few years after the start of the operation, the speech changed. The government went on to claim that the HAARP Project is used for climate research to help fight global warming. The project was started in 1993 when no one gave a damn about the environment. And, by the way, what government does that call for today?

8 Our Earth For Granted

HAARP Conspiracy Theory

One of the most controversial accusations about the HAARP Project is it could manipulate seismic activities on plate tectonics, causing earthquakes, tsunamis and even volcanic eruptions. The scientific basis existed and this was a concern that was included in the Russian report cited above. It won the world when the Venezuelan newspaper “Live” made a complaint. It also presented the documents that would prove the use of HAARP in the Caribbean region, causing the earthquake in Haiti which killed more than 100,000 people.

The then-President Hugo Chávez issued an official statement shortly before his death. It stated that “the earthquake in Haiti is clearly the result of a US Navy test.” He further stated that this was not the first time. The United States Army had already tested these weapons in the Pacific, causing a 6.5-point earthquake on the Richter scale, but no casualties.

It required a test in inhabited earth to know the destructive potential of the weapon. Haiti is neither politically nor militarily threatening to anyone and would still provide the opportunity to be well internationally with the “humanitarian aid” that would follow.

There are also several indications of HAARP’s targeted activities before several other recent earthquakes. The earthquakes were followed by Indonesian tsunamis in 2004 and Japan in 2011. The particular case of the Chilean earthquake in 2010 has stated reports of “sky shining and blinking” before and during seismic activity.

9 Reasons For Lining The Head With Foil

HAARP Conspiracy Theory

The electromagnetic waves with which ionospheric heaters bombard the heavens can theoretically be reflected back to Earth in the form of low frequency waves (ELF). These are the same waves used to burst popcorn in a microwave, but can be used to burst anything, including our brain.

If used in low intensity, they can influence brain activity. It can cause the overheating of brain to put a sleeping crowd or, according to some theorists, influence their mood, and thus their behaviour.

The discourse may seem distant from reality to the more sceptical. Unfortunately there is already evidence that HAARP was used for warlike purposes. There is evidence that in the first Iraq War HAARP was used to radiate electromagnetic waves on the battlefield before the invasion of Kuwait. When the tanks entered the area the enemy troops left their staggering pits, not wanting to fight.

This was one of the largest and poorly understood mass surrenders in the history of modern warfare. And how did HAARP do it? It is well known that the bombardment of electromagnetic waves can cause sleep, anxiety and even make you angry.

If it is used right, at the right intensity the HAARP can even go so far as to make the receiver so paranoid that it begins to hallucinate. This has led the more pessimistic to postulate that ELFs can be used to induce more specific actions or simply drive people crazy. These waves, by the way, cross any metal or concrete wall.

10 HAARP Is Capable To Control Ancient Powers

HAARP Conspiracy Theory

If you found these theories strange, researcher Mike Hagan will make everything you’ve read so far seem trivial as the sports book. According to him, there is evidence that the minds behind the HAARP project are really capable of doing all that has been said, but with even more obscure and unbelievable goals.

Hagan guarantees that the HAARP project is being used in an attempt to activate and control ancient powers, now hidden in the great pyramids. An immense power could be used to free the world from any energy crisis or unfortunately subjugate the whole of humanity.

More than one researcher argues that some of the older pyramids were actually electromagnetic energy generators. The first of them was probably Christopher Dunn. Some of them like Adam Bull have built models that prove that the pyramidal structure is a natural reservoir of energy and can be used as an immense capacitor and generator of electricity.

For Mike Hagan it is clear that the HAARP Project is attempting to reconnect the pyramids scattered throughout the world (Currently only Oceania has no known ancient pyramids). According to him, they are part of an old energy distribution network developed to accumulate and supply energy to the whole world, much like the Wardenclyffe Towers, proposed by Nikola Tesla.

11 Further Consequences Of HAARP

The HAARP Project has several levels of depth. From a military project to interfere with radio communications, to a daring project to rescue a technology from an age that history forgot, things could not get any stranger.

Physicists like Dr. Fran de Aquino argue that a massive manipulation of the ionosphere can have dire consequences. They could affect climate, our minds, and the very texture of space-time. According to them, they would also affect time and gravity. No one knows what might happen if an energetic network whose pillars are the great pyramids, is reconnected after millennia in limbo. Could not the electromagnetic fields and the hyper-dimensional kinks generated by them also spark other aspects left behind by these lost super-civilizations? Who knows what kind of unimaginable portal or power, and what kind of uncontrollable forces will we be releasing?

The leaders behind the HAARP project will have a technology far ahead of their capacity, a technology that may have brought the civilization that created it to extinction. In the worst case, these minds behind the HAARP Project may ultimately unleash something far beyond their imagination and control. They may also find themselves victims of the forces that unleash and bring back to Earth something, or someone that should be left forgotten.

Suddenly, a mere artificial earthquake does not seem so bad.