14 Of The Greatest Movie Blunders You Missed

Errors in Hollywood movies are always funny and everyone loves seeing it. The Devil Wears Prada, Harry Potter and twilight saga is just a few to name.

But as it never hurts to see where Hollywood was wrong, a number of other errors of films and famous animations stand out unrealized. Even the classics like Titanic, Gladiator, Matrix and even Forest Gump cannot escape the list. The worst is that you may have seen these many times without ever having stopped for thought That’s because they are in famous scenes, such as the handle of the scene in the house of the oracle in Matrix; and even the scene where one leg appears floating in the panoramic roof of the car, which is submerged in Jurassic Park.

Well, enough of hints and spoilers!! Follow the list of greatest blunders many times that the film industry was wrong and you and many more people did not even notice.

Here’s a list of greatest movie blunders that you might missed while watching.

1 Pirates of the Caribbean: Cowboy Spotted In The Last Scene

Greatest Movie Blunders

When Captain Jack Sparrow shouts “the deck, his lewd dogs,” a cowboy is seen behind him, looking at the sea. Presumably he is one of the team member who should not appear in the scene, but it is inexplicable how this error went through edition and entered in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

2 Star Wars: The Stormtrooper Hitting His Head

Greatest Movie Blunders

This header of the first Star Wars is a classic movie mistake. George Lucas tried to refer to the scene in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones when Jango Fett hits his head. Lucas has hinted that the stormtrooper is a Jango clone. Stormtroopers tend to give headbutts.

As the film unfolds, there are several funny scenes, like Jango hitting his head, because in one of the Star Wars, stormtrooper hits his head on the anvil when coming out of the Death Star control room.

3 Gladiator: The Gas Cylinder In The Carriage

Greatest Movie Blunders

This error occurs in the staging of the Battle of Carthage at the Coliseum. A carriage gets overturned and after the dust settles, a gas tank is visible in the rear which is supposedly the reason for the accident.

Gladiator has other errors too, such as members of the crew seen wandering in a pair of jeans. This happens post the battle with Germanians.

4  Bambi: The Raccoon Cub Inexplicably Teleports

This error occurred in all the VHS tapes. A raccoon cub disappeared and reappeared and then mysteriously left. This was apparently corrected in the DVD version.

5 10 Things I Hate About You: Still out running for help to find you are out of the scene & turn to the camera

In this movie Bianca hits the physical education teacher accidentally with an arrow. A student runs for help but gives up. The audience was left to hope the teacher’s good.

6 Pulp Fiction: The bullet holes that were already on the wall before the shooting

Video Credit: Ali Kebab

This is yet another classic and iconic scene from an epic movie. The mistake here got worse with the interference of the plot.

Immediately after the Jules speech, a person wonders Vince and Jules with gunfire. Miraculously, she errs, and they kill the character. The experience takes Jules to consider leaving the crime because the bullets did not hit him by divine intervention.

Looking at the bullet holes in the wall, Jules says: “We should be dead” and “God came down from Heaven and stopped these fucking these bullets.” Too bad the holes were already there.

7 North by Northwest: The boy stops his ears before the gun shot

Video Credit: mikissi

In another famous gaffe, this boy who is visiting Mount Rushmore, seems to predict the future and know that a gun is about to be fired.

9 Braveheart: The number of white cars

Video credit: Danish Mohammad Syed

This error seems to happen twice. The first and the clearly visible one occurs during a battle scene.

The second time it is much difficult to realize, but still spoils the illusion that we are in the past. After William Wallace bends to kiss the body, Murron straightens, and a moving car is seen in the distance.

10 Mad Max Fury: Blood Pipes Missed From The Chain

Video Creadit: MovieMistakes

Certainly one of the biggest mistakes of all time! The blunders are clearly seen in many scenes, and for very long. You might seen various movie mistakes in this video that turn you to think about it.

11 Back to the Future 3: Boy Is Doing Something Wrong With His Crotch

Greatest movie blunders

GIF credit: 4GIFs.com

Verne Brown’s character is interpreted by Dannel Evans. What Evans is doing in the scene has been highly speculated, but the consensus is that he just wanted to go to the bathroom.

In the animated series Back to the Future, Verne’s character is a troublemaker. Perhaps, this error is only the invention of fans. But the boy’s desperate and lecherous face, we doubt.

12 Batman The Dark Knight: Camera is visible in the bus

10 Things I Hate About You

In a scene when Joker blows up the General Hospital of Gotham, a camera is clearly visible inside the bus, filming the entire scene.

13 Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark: Unwanted guy is seen

10 Things I Hate About You

Someone walking where he should not in a movie is stupidest thing to see. In the background, a white shirt and jeans man is seen, completely shifting everything.

14 Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets: Cameraman is spotted in a scene

10 Things I Hate About You

Left unnoticed, but in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, there is a cameraman featured in the scene.